: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
So are there still runes that are yet to be added? (other than the third keystone in the Inspiration Path)
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
A new feature that should be implemented is the ability to level up the bot you added in your game to train against a bot that's also the same level with max items as you is pretty cool.
: You are dead wrong dude. Riot wants AP Shaco because AP actually uses his kit and they straight buffed AP Shaco and Nerfed AD Shaco (100/100% was the AP and Bonus AD ratio before on his E - its now 90/85, AD got nerfed, base AD applies to AP as well); Deceive got an AP ratio ADDED with base damage, both help AP Shaco, and the AP ratio can critically strike with Backstab bonus which with a cooldown that goes down with CDR all encourage an AP assassin playstyle of hit and run and not hit and stay like AD Shaco - need to think more of how you want to assassinate your target and do it properly --- the crit damage of AD went down A LOT --- for fuck sakes they fucking added an AP ratio to box duration, they obviously want AP shaco and they made clone explosion even strong and another AP ratio So like in what world is AD Shaco now strong than AP Shaco, its the complete opposite, AP is stronger than AD and Riot wants to encourage AP Shaco and going in the direction of AP Shaco route because its easier to control and balance AP Shaco, not to mention can make him play around with his entire kit and as that unique tactical tricky AP assassin
I'm 100% sure Riot isn't trying to make Shaco an AP champion.
: Fizz and his concept and design.
I wish they could add a unique interaction with W and E so he's able to get in there to apply W stacks onto ranged champions and champions that can easily kite him and then get out but also add some counter-play so it's not too strong.
: No, it is 100% exclusive to the new client, as is replays. This is part of Riot trying to push players to move to the new client ASAP upon full release.
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: Replays live on PBE!
Any insight on when practice mode will come to PBE?
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
He needs a darker skin colour, a bit more of a metallic feel, and change the particles of his active W into a different colour as right now it feels like his sword just turns into lava.
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: I was wondering what would happen if zyra's passive kills it as well.
: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
There is a bug in the game where if you play as Karthus and kill the Ascended Xerath in Karthus' passive form, you will come back to life as an Ascended.


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