: See, the thing is, those sites use programs that scan the files from the patch before and produce a logs of what has changed. Sometimes, they miss files or don't have access to files that are changed and thus, can't accurately depict every single change. Most of the time, the editors, they don't have time to play the testing environment for 2-3 days trying to figure out what they have changed. And in the Case of Riot's Patch Notes, they aren't perfect, it just goes to show how hard it would be to compile a complete list of changes. Mostly, if Riot has something they want you to test specifically, it will be posted on the front page of the PBE forums at the top of all other threads. Also, comparing every major beta environment to the PBE is like comparing night and day. Things change, everyday, with the amount of content, code and, conflict between many producers of said content, you will get bugs, or mishaps. Notice how thresh didn't get touched but, yet his W is bugged? It happens, everything is linked together, so if one thing changes, it could break something completely different from what was changed, regardless if the change was a fix for something else or just a minor edit. You aren't going to get a list of things to test, because most bugs have to be discovered first, and with a dynamic game like League, you will find bugs somewhere, and that is your purpose. While I do agree that Riot could do better with update logs, they do do alot of work and, I wouldn't force them to work harder to make it more convenient. Just play the game and find what you can as you go. Also, even if they posted logs, that doesn't mean bugs would be found quicker, because sometime bugs will be completely unrelevent to everything on that list.
All I've seen thus far on this thread are reasons why it's mildly halfway kind of acceptable how the actual testing portion of the PBE is ran. I'm not saying that the PBE is crippled or anything like that, but Riot has clearly expressed that they want to turn the PBE into a polished well oiled machine for the sole purpose of pumping out high quality bug free content quickly. Having patch notes && || testing goals directly from the horse's mouth will dramatically help them in this endeavor. If they want to keep the PBE as my personal fun zone with limitless resources to play with that's fine and I'll surely report bugs if one stumbles into my face; outside of that there isn't much I nor any other tester can do.
: Just a quick question, how would you know if you had an XP boost if you are level 30? Doesnt Riot boost your account to lvl 30? **Edit: I am referring to PBE, not live servers lol**
Look at your XP bar on the top right of your client. It will show an xp boost if you have one. Additionally, you can check your profile page on the client to see active boosts.
: Riven Disbaled on PBE?
She was considered too overpowered by Riot and therefore removed. In all seriousness check out the cool new PBE ticker telling you "Summoners, we've disabled Riven temporarily due to a bug." Not sure what the bug is, but she's disabled for now.
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: [Bug area] Lux's combo?!
So Khazix dodges some projectiles, but not all projectiles? Inconsistencies are not any good. I will see if I can reproduce this the next time I face a Khazix.
: [RP/IP Shop Bug] Bug or Feature? 20 Win IP boost gives 10 Win XP boost
Update: The XP boost has returned after winning an ARAM. The IP boost used up one of its "charges' while the XP boost did not.
: believe it not half the bugs occur on champions who get no changes, so listing patch notes really isn't much use for bug testing. Thresh hasn't received changes for a while but his Q has bugged before and his W is currently bugged. As far as balance goes, there isn't much to go on. The skill gaps on teams, afks, d/cs, etc all make it hard to get any balance data compared to putting it on live servers.
Those are all just different to say "meh no big deal" when to me it is a bit of a big deal. Not every change is put into the RoG posts. Take 3.15 for instance: http://www.reignofgaming.net/news/26766-patch-3-15-notes No mention of the Dragon/Baron health bar changes. If this had been in the PBE patch notes we could've given feedback and suggestions for even better health bars while the development team already had their hands in that bit of code. If Riot would send out one memo to all team leads telling them they need to catalogue and send information on their changes each patch to one of the community representatives that would then make a post with each patch we'd be able to improve those minor details even more. You may think the Dragon/Baron health bar change is silly, but if they can miss that then what else have they missed? Thresh may not have been changed to RoG's knowledge, but maybe if Riot dev teams were submitting their iteration information we'd see they DID make a change to some minor detail of Thresh causing this bug. We'd have been able to spot the issue and get it fixed quicker. There's a reason every major beta environment does this type of thing. It isn't just for grins.
: reignofgaming and such sites will usually put changes up within an hour after patch release usually.
Seems a bit silly for a third party to give us this sort of news. I mean this is Riot's beta environment. They should let us know what they want tested if they are looking for higher quality testing. It'd take them no time at all to compile a list of changes from each team and post them for us with some comments on what they'd like tested most in-depthly, but it would give a big boost to the quality of feedback we, the testers, give.
: *Are you all so desperate to remove something that's already been around since beta? and how many kassadin's even get spellvamp?* straight from the wiki page: Nether Blade :passively grants Kassadin an on-hit effect, causing Kassadin to gain a set amount of mana on each autoattack. When activated, Nether Blade is a self-target ability that causes Kassadin's autoattacks to deal bonus magic damage for a short duration. Nether Blade **procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all single target spells and abilities with full effect**. Nether Blade does not pop spell shield. Nether Blade will damage Black Shield.
That is all fine and dandy for the LIVE version of Kassadin. That wiki page is NOT updated for the PBE version of Kassadin. Read the whole thread.
: Just a question...did you say his PASSIVE W DAMAGE [PBE] applies Spellvamp or his Active ?
His passive attacks once his W is leveled gives spellvamp on every autoattack. Essentially with for the low cost of a simple WoTA you get 20% life steal AND spell vamp when you play Kassadin today! I mean frankly I think it's awesome and a lot of fun. I'll never get to play it in ranked, but it'll be nice when the ARAM gods smile upon me I suppose. I do wish Kassadin would get to a state where he'd stop being permabanned in ranked though.
: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kassadin/Ability_Details Here says that his W applies Spellvamp. And why should his W apply lifesteal...wat
That page also says his W does something completely different than his current W. Check the in game ability information. Kassadin had some changes this patch.
: [Kassasin] Upon death, his W isn't applying the passive damage, nor is the active working.
Irrelevant bug since it's impossible to die as Kassadin. :P Confirmed though.
: [Bug] Kassadin can spell vamp. off of the new W passive and active
Confirmed. Was just coming here to report this actually. The W active is a basic attack modifier that applies on hit effects such as Nashor's hit effect and lich bane. Therefore the ability should ONLY proc life steal. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Spell_vamp
: [RP/IP Shop Bug] Bug or Feature? 20 Win IP boost gives 10 Win XP boost
Today when I logged in the XP boost had disappeared. Was this bug fixed or is this just a continuation of the bug?
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: Bug: About ARAM. Howling Abyss
I was just coming here to report this bug now. Not sure if trading is broken like this for all game types or not though. Could be very detrimental to ranked 5's play since trading down contested picks is often very vital to victory.
: [In-Game Shop ~ Dropped Frames] Purchasing Elixirs Stutter Frames
Edited original post! I forgot to mention that this only happens when your inventory is full!
: Difficulty Settings on Bots
So many times there have been suggestions for bots/practice improvements. With the added Turret Range Indicators I'm willing to bet 3 Teemos that Riot is working on a complete overhaul of the bots/practice system.
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: New Position based games
Team Builder? That queue will make a return soon (tm) for more testing. It seems the Team Builder team is working on another iteration. Source: I asked about this earlier and this was the riot response.
: Ahem, as the person who designed Thresh's kit, I never intended to him to be able to Flash mid-cast. It never even occurred to me that the spell would fire from his end position, not his start position. But with all that said, the change wasn't made because we didn't intend for it -- unintended cool plays are things we as designers love to see players come up with. We removed the Q+flash interaction on Thresh because that combo was not consistent with the gameplay of the ability -- it has a long cast time to make enemy dodging more possible than with typical skillshots. Q+Flash broke that.
Thanks for clearing that up, Madlife's dad. :)
: No. I thought it was fairly obvious. Camera is positioned so that Frozen Abyss is significantly more zoomed out.
Hmm... I haven't noticed that before. I'd have to check for myself those screenshots seem sort of off. If that's true though I'm going to have to disagree. Having the camera zoomed out like that is great for Howling Abyss actually. Let's you get a good view of teamfights and lets less skilled players (ME) have enough vision with a locked camera to be effective in fights.
: Problem with Snowdown Showdown (and Frozen Abyss in general)
Specificity isn't your defining attribute is it? :P Are you trying to say the white background makes xerath op? The same could be said for rammus's ult blending into the ground on SR. Anivia's spells blend into the floor of TT. Unfortunately spells have to be a color and the ground has to be a color as well. Not a big deal really.
: Summoner spell reset after Showdown
Chances are it is grabbing your last used ARAM summoners each time. Possible workaround: Try playing an ARAM game with the summoners you want to use 99% of the time in 1v1 and see if 1v1 now picks up the right summoners. Note: Just an educated guess.
: There's one more problem in Showdown though, which is mostly in the matchups. On a single-lane map like Howling Abyss range already reigns supreme. But in Showdown it really can just come down to whoever has the better poke. For example, one match I did was Hecarim vs Annie, and the results should be pretty obvious. With the champs starting at level 1, it's very easy for the game to ultimately come down to whoever has the better poke, and if you're a melee champ you're screwed because if you try to close the gap, the enemy can just run back to their tower and keep poking. I've only done 1v1 myself, but I ultimately didn't find it very fun.
With 1v1 I would say the winner is decided by 75% countering and 25% outplaying, but it's still a fun way to practice laning nonetheless. Unfortunately Hecarim just doesn't do too well early against Annie, but if they did start everyone at level 3 he may have a chance using his sustain from W+Qspam. If I saw I was going to be against Annie as Hecarim I probably would have went for a 3xlifesteal or 2xlifesteal + 1xspellvamp quint setup to let me sustain through most of her poke. Maybe start flask +pots and get the 9 utility points to get biscuits instead of pots.
: Hmm, you would only see that message if your account didn't have a summoner name attached (like if you freshly signed up with a new login, and didn't log into the client to create your summoner name yet). Thanks for the error message, that's super helpful to see where the time gap occurred.
Weird... I suppose there is a champ my memory is failing me and I hadn't yet logged in. I do recall the patch time being pretty lengthy, but I'm fairly sure I was logged in and tried to post unsuccessfully since I was stuck as a level 1 at the time and couldn't play ANY queue since SR/TT were both down and dominion required a level 5 account. Anyhow, it's not something that is urgent even if an issue does exist. If someone has this happen down the road to them maybe we can get to the bottom of it then. :)
: 12/6 PBE Update
That login screen is literally the best login screen I've ever seen greet me. Frankly I didn't login for awhile. I just kind of stared at it in awe.
: So given our current situation on PBE, it's pretty hard to give you a solid date. I can tell you for sure it won't be up this weekend or early next week. A certain other snowy queue will be back first. :) I've touched base with the team involved in the feature and they'll be sure provide as much notice as possible on the next test.
Thank you for checking on that. I'm pretty amped about the Team Builder queue and can't wait to test it out. :D
: Snowdown Showdown Suggestion
The rules pop up in the tips field on the right hand side of the screen when the game starts. It even encourages players to base for items.
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: Hey Ninja Ace, When you tried to log into the PVP.net bar above, what message did you receive?
The error would appear in all red text above the username field with the body: "You must first create a Summoner by logging into League of Legends before logging into our website." It seems that maybe the site isn't considering < level 30 summoners as active? Hope this helps.
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: 12/5 PBE Issues Update (Feature Rollback)
Will Team-Builder be back for testing? I joined the PBE yesterday and haven't gotten to dig into that or pretty much anything up until this point.

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