: [Chat] Chat cuts of on the sides.
bump. happens usually on shut downs and pings. and it is really annoying
: I confirm, the bots are not doing anything. Tried velkoz out, his spells look fun, but there were no targets to play with QQ.
you can ult the bots in their fountain at level 6 for an easy penta after getting few AP items
: Hi all, Thanks for the report. We have a potential fix we're exploring and we're working to get bots up and running ASAP.
if the bots level up (turret exp, you suicide the enemy fountain), the game will freeze and will refuse to close which makes you need to restart your PC
: But that's what veigar is all about. If you can get his hands on the AP carry, they're dead. But typically if he gets his hands on the ADC, they're dead too. Veigar is a burst champ but also an anti mage, thus his ult scaling. Another thing, in a team fight, Veigar shouldn't get close to the ap and ad carries if they position themselves right. (P.S. Very early on you shouldn't farm the q on the cs, but rather use it as poke. It is far better and won't get you oom. You only get +1 ap early on for using all that mana)
Well i can understand why the scaling is like that because yesterday i had 2 great games where i got really ahead of the enemy team and could instagib a really feed Sion. The only real problem is that it doesn't feel rewarding to farm huge amounts of AP early, before level 11 you can't really kill anyone without help. Also i don't think it's fun for the enemy AP mid to get insta gibbed by a 0/5 Veigar just because they are building glass cannon (which champs like Malz or Brand should). Reducing enemy AP scaling by like 10%-20% i think would solve that problem. Early it's better to farm, it's really easy to get as high as 50 AP farm 10 min into the game, you should only use it to poke after level 9 and only if you really want to kill the enemy mid
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: He's not overpowered. He does in fact have a slightly weaker early game than most melee champions, no one starts off the game with crit chance, you're only hurting yourself if you do. His Q is basically a basic attack and does less crit damage by percentage than your autoattack (if I remember correctly). His shield is easily bypassed by the ranged laners that play mid; it lasts for two seconds, takes a while to recharge, and can be brought down by one autoattack. His tornadoes are easy to dodge, and unless you're not paying attention/are too close, they should not hit you. You mean make his low range wannabe "poke" weaker than his autoattack. Decreasing his critical passive would be a massive nerf that would send him into oblivion. If such a trade off were to take place, you'd have to increase the damage he did per critical strike.
i start the game with Brawlers Gloves on Yasuo so i can rush Avarice Blade and keep it for 30 min and it works pretty well
: We Need a Change Log
Surrender at 20 already catches almost all changes PBE makes, but i see your point and i support this
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: tristana burst
: I think that the enemy bots also have vision on you when they shouldn't. I was hiding in the brush and the enemy bot {{champion:31}} and {{champion:21}} started attacking me from outside of the brush although there was no way they could have had vision on me.
that's kinda an old bug, it happens with almost every bot if they have something like an Ashe W and they hit you but it never really mattered that much
: Repost: Pause Feature
i think it's already possible to pause custom games from few PBE patches ago
: Quick question: has anyone had this bug occur without having FRIENDLY bots as well as enemy bots? Just trying to find possible causes. :)
it happened to me in a 1v5 bots without have any bots on my team. it seems to usually happen after recall and respawn but sometimes happens totally randomly
: A screen or a video ?
gonna try to get a screenshoot and post it
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: Because there are people with alot of ip. They could just gift friends all the time.
what's the problem with that? people with tons of RP can also gift people all the time right now, making it unfair for people with not many freinds
: You'll never be able to gift anything with IP because that can be abused by players in bad ways.
: I can create new discussions... You sure you are unable to make new discussions?
can seem to be able to make one now. couldn't few minutes ago, must have been a problem with my internet connection
: Legacy skins will be available on pbe?
i just gifted a friend 3 legacy skins in a row(by pure luck). so they can be still obtained that way, with a fair amount of luck
: level 1 restictions
i'm so far unable to post new threads and upvote/downvote. i also can't buy runes or edit masteries but the old pages seem to work fine(but they are glitched)
: **UPDATE 2: Due to issues, all players listed are leveled back up to 30, until testing on Summoner's Rift can resume.** UPDATE: Please reply directly to THIS POST (to me!) if you'd like your account leveled down. I've removed a bunch of the requests to try to clean up the thread a bit. The current list of level 1 testers I've taken care of already is below. Ctrl-F yourself to confirm whether you're on this list or not! *Deaf lee Sin, brunoais, Voilak, Sohleks, instinx1, Syta, Sundried Tomato, Combo Break, xSapphireRain, Flamesilocks, Miho Nishizumi , Rias Gremory Pls, Turrets Syndrome, Shufy, Jerry9, Nautìlus, warjacob, Dicath, MrPotatoMinhja, many otters, PBEpaine, A PositivePlayer, gaoler, SteveKB, Kuneho, Mega Farfetchd, choel, broslow, RIP Paul Walker, sutoyanosuki, JuniorFisherman, GonnaGetYou2, Eevolution, Specter7, Lollerskates, Pwnography, Arkadian, xLegitz, Wolf Akela, Simburgur, Outfox, xonu, inveidah, moobeatrules, xrelentless, jafar ironclad, flyskyhigh777, good afternoon, noexcuseallow, sharky8u2, 1kr0m0vt, I like beer * When your account is leveled down, you'll notice some weird stuff. Your runes won't display any more (since you only have 1 slot available) BUT you'll still get the full in-game benefit of the runes. However, I think your masteries will not work at all until you level up again. On the live server, we won't level people down, so no need to freak out about this type of issue :)
i'm not on this list, but my acc went down to level 1
: Rune Pages and Mystery Champion come to PBE
i think champion gifting should be seprated into categories, so you don't gift a a support to an assassin player
: I think Viking's and Hermit's voices should be disabled, they are maybe funny in ARAM but not suitable for "serious" 1x1/2x2. Actually, I turned off voices volume (and still raging, but shh) because of it.
they are actually more suitable for Showdown than for ARAM. their lines are not supposed to be funny, they are lore based and describe a war between the Watchers and Avarosa.
: You have to time when you go base: When you have to go b -> push. In 2v2 you can push and the other one have to hold! But the enemies won't fight under turret, so you can go base. Click [here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf6n6aXJ5EQ) for the magma chamber. There they also go base. It's just the same, but then another map.
there is no point in going back if your opponent is low and you can safely push in 1v1. if your opponent goes back you can just simply take half their turret down and cs their minions
: I see this mode getting more people banned for being disrespectful. So many people are going to get banned for winning and saying noob/gg nub/owned/baddy/etc. Took me 2 games to get disrespected.
i would say this is more the fault of the PBE community. there are still some toxic people out there that don't care about testing but it's gonna be real hard to clean them all up without riot spectating every game
: Hey Riot, i just tested the Showdown Mode and i found something: 1. When you are in your LoL/PvP.net-Client an click on Play -> PvP -> Showdown -> Howling Abyss 1v1 there are the texts "Match me with teammates" and "I will invite my own teammates". I think it would be better if there is "Match with ENEMY" and "I will invite my own ENEMY". 2. Why you can buy the sweeping lens {{item:3341}}on this map ?? I think it is useless on this map because you can´t buy wards. Ok, it is helpful again Teemo´s shrooms, but for them Temmo must be lvl. six and the most games end before. Thats all i found right now.
Shaco and Heimer get countered by them too, well not sure about Heimer but Shaco does
: The bug manifests most often on maps with inhibitors. In those maps, if you have the bug, you crash. On Dominion it looks like the game remains playable (or at least playable for longer), so we felt it was worth leaving open so that SOME testing could occur. And you'd be amazed how many people even here at Riot think this is just a conspiracy to get people into Dominion. :)
i feel like dominion is underplayed, maybe cycle it too so people will appreciate it more :)
: Showdown (Re-)Enabled on PBE!
i personally think there should be more gold at start for the sake of a better challenge. currently going back to base is absolutely pointless because if you do your turret will go down and you lose. the 100 CS also seems a bit high but that's my opinion
: I'd prefer if the enemy champion(s) were not revealed when you're picking runes and masteries. As is, to be most effective, I'd need to optimise these against the opposing champion(s), and that's a degree of fiddliness I don't want. Yes, you can do this in 5v5, but in 1v1 and 2v2 you can counterstat much more specifically. Minor thing: In selecting 1v1, neither "I will invite my own teammates" nor "Match me with teammates" makes sense.
i think you can invite your friend on the enemy team but not sure. and yeah it should be changed to be less missleading
: I just want to suggest, Riot, that you should make winning or losing the Showdown much more glorious. As it stands, the game freezes, centers on the victor...then game over gg. It has no flare. In other modes when you win or lose, it's epic as hell. The nexus explodes and your screen shakes dramatically...it's awesome! The showdown is cool and all but when it ends the game feels so stale...it's almost like, "you won/lost here's the continue button". **TL;DR** - Riot just please add some sort of animation, effects or flare to winning the showdown. Maybe the effect could be different based on the type of victory. Here are some suggestions.. **Kill** - The winning champion(s) shout their taunt globally. The death animation for the losing champion is glorified (example Trynd dies and maybe his death animation is centered on and goes in slow motion). The death sound for the losing champion is louder and global. Winning champion(s) dance. **Minions** - The 100th minion explodes on death, extra special for cannon minion. Champion that last hits the 100th minion has their weapon enhanced (example Ashe's bow glows brilliantly or maybe catches fire), something to make the winner feel like their victory is epic. **Tower** - Make the tower death animation more epic similar to a nexus explosion. Idk what else could be done for this but yeah. Passionately as always, ExjK
i think Riot said somewhere that their current victory animation is a placeholder. great ideas you have their, i especially like the kill one
: [Feedback] Landing page for new players & tutorials
i agree, the tutorial is really outdated. also you can finish it in around 8-10 min by just going ashe mid with a dagger(soraka will sustain you enough to push, just W nasus once or twice and ignore him)
: [Possible Bug?] Why is PBE so sparse?
i would say it was because of the minion bug, it took forever to find a game for me too possibly because many people are aware of it
: There is secretly no minion bug :P
there is, it's a gamebreaking bug that happens even on dominion. the other maps got disabled cause of inhibitors and not the minion bug
: New Player Features
i like the idea of early champion choices. i could offer for testing it if you already don't have enough people wanting to test it.
: Showdown Enabled on PBE! (Edit: Temporarily disabled)
why not fix the pbe bugs instead of releasing this?
: [Shaco] Box only fears and does not attack
happens with almost every minion in the game, heimer turrets only do the beam attack, other pets like voidlings or yoricks ghouls won't attack at all
: [Champion Pets] Champion pets are affected by the Minion AI bug and some details on the bug.
: Seems like the fixed it. I'm unable to reproduce it.
it happened to me like 5 games in a row then a random game didn't happened then happened every game after that
: [MINIONS] Minions totally ignoring enemies, both enemy minions and champions.
: [Bug Major] Yasuo's [Steel Tempest ] - [Sweeping Blade] Interaction
i screwed so many Q's cause of this bug, it's annyoing
: Error: turret block
this happens when Yasuo uses Wind Wall to block a turret shot, every turret shot blocked will spam that message
: Yasuo has a balance issue in being a 'Fighter' and a 'Utility Belt'
don't forget Wind Wall blocks turret shots and other targeting projectiles. blocking turret shots allows for really easy mid pushing with team, and even nexus pushing with no minions with ranged champions.
: You should make Yasuo's E CD against the same champion scale down with CDR
that would be kinda op,as his cd at max rank already reaches like 4 or 5, scaling with CD would make him be able to do a new E almost right after the first one and would make escaping from Yasuo impossible
: PBE Mentality...
i think PBE should only be allowed access to Plat+ players, they would give the best feedback duo to actually being good at the game, and i don't think they would flame that much because even after Gold flame get's kinda turned down
: He's perfect. You mean he's a high skill cap champion not a "press R to become untargetable and do tons of dmg" fiora type of champ? He's perfect the way he is... rewarding if you play him properly but not overpowerd as to get nerfs tomorrow. I was talking to some friends few weeks ago and i said i want a new melee AD but with mana OR if he's manaless, he should have a dash/blink that requires a target, not some free to cast escape like Zed. Reason Zed got 9k nerfs is his free to cast long rage vision granting blink and lack of mana which leads to 2 patterns of abuse: farm safely and run or all in then run (little risk high reward).
not overpowered? he can block turret shots and auto attacks, he has infinite dashes that he can use on your minions or jungle camps to escape. he did 2 1v5 pentas my last game.
: Yasuo feels broken (Not good/bad/OP/weak)
his early game is really weak, but his late game is really strong. the only problem i have with him is his ultimate, as a solo laner unless you get a gank from a jungler that can knockup, you can barely use him as his Q is a unreliable knockup. if Yasuo doesn't get feed he is useless, if he get's feed he will do 1v5 pentas twice per game(like the one on enemy team last game)
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: [STATUS] PBE Sign-ups
when will it open again because one of my friends want to try some champions


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