: Mid Season Mages Bug thread!
While you are tinkering with mages, can I please petition for a QoL change to {{champion:50}} Swain? Please fix the RNG effectiveness of his ult and give him a little more control over who it hits. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/lGfLntRB-swain-quality-of-life-changes
: i think, if what I have heard is true about him not being AP-oriented, that the new build will be something like {{item:3146}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3022}} {{item:1315}} {{item:3078}} (? maybe {{item:3071}} , but i don't really think so){{item:3065}} I like current morde
Why should you ever get {{item:3116}} AND {{item:3022}}? They don't stack. Yes, it gives a nice bit of hp and some offensive stats, but you're wasting gold on the double slows. And no champion EVER should be told "your movement speed is okay, cause you can buy nothing bot movement speed affecting items." That's lazy design. And its equivalent to saying an ADC doesn't need base attack speed progression, cause they're already buying {{item:3046}}. Its a bandaid to bad set up.
: Needs wayyy more upvotes. You worded a lot of my concerns well.
: Hey Euryk, The question of _thematics _is an interesting one. It came up a lot during Thresh's development as well. Then as now I hold firm that being evil does not mean a champion is a loner. The most dastardly of villains have frequently used those around them to help them achieve their objectives. Challenging players' notions of how their constructed world should work is an important counterpoint in games of fantasy to the more standard act of meeting their expectations. The latter invites them to imagine deeply; the former encourages them to imagine freshly. As to the particulars of Mordekaiser as a champion who enjoys an ally presence: He is the quintessential "heavy" unit, a devastating war machine whose only weakness is how lumbering his own massive weapon makes him. He would either seek to exploit those slower than him or find means of holding faster opponents in place. I think there is a lot of merit to the David and Goliath drama of pitting him against a a more slight but elusive opponent.
So what I'm hearing is that you refuse to accept community feedback not because of a notion that the game play is FITTING of Mordekaiser and guaranteed healthier, but because you have a romanticized notion of shaking up the LoL world with a David-vs-Goliath monster who'll make everyone rethink lore and meta. I'm sorry, but really??
: We tried this! Controlling a pet for the entire game turns out to be taxing. Simplifying pet controls left many Morde players sad that they no longer had access to the old level of micro. More fundamentally, players felt that Mordekaiser's ghost was not about having a persistent pet, but sometimes having a tremendously powerful effect. Further they felt that getting such a powerful ghost was a reward for proper play. Being given pets all the time felt like a very different champion in a way that seemed to break from what I saw as the healthy and fun parts of Mrode's identity/challenge.
So is he then intended to take the role of Necromancer lore wise? I thought that was supposed to be Yorick!?
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I'm sorry to have to start out with this, but "What were you thinking?!" This is such a huge change from Mordekaiser that it's kind of insulting for him. Instead of emphasizing the fact that he is meant to be a bulky AP solo fighter, you've decided to force a position on him (even giving him a random passive just to allow him to duo-lane). From what you've been saying in this chat, your testers no longer even think of building him the same way. Wasn't the point to maintain his identity? Sorry for the hyperbolic reaction, but I had to at least illustrate emotional reaction. But things I'm noticing about his changes that are outstanding to me. 1: Mordekaiser has always been a champion meant to excel at one-on-one fights, given his ult. In the current iteration you have he has to at least have a minion nearby to use one of his damage spells, when all he has is damage. 2: Allowing Mordekaiser's Q to affect multiple auto-attacks is a wonderful idea, allowing you to spread out some of his burst damage and giving players more extended potency while playing him. However, his Q was his MOST underwhelming and least engaging spell. I don't feel it should have been focused on, rather it should have been scrapped or redesigned to a more skill oriented spell. 3: The added dragon effect is absolutely COOL! However, I feel you gave him a shiny new toy, because you couldn't figure out how to flesh him out better. Do you want to make him the minion master necromancer champion? Is that the lore you're going for him? Because I feel it's just a second prize for not finishing him and an underhanded attempt to encourage him bot lane further (which again, exactly where he doesn't want to be). 4: Movement speed nerf (others have covered this, but your reaction was "but people build him with MS items!"). 5: Thank you for the HPper5 buff. 6: Is it just me, or does it feel like AP on him is far more underwhelming than it previously was? 7: I keep seeing a focus on making Mord's shield build off of his defensive stats. Is it already an agreed upon stance that he is meant to be a more defensive fighter than an aggressive one? I thought he was meant to be similar to Riven or Jax where he's allowed to get tankier by being aggressive and building offensively. But with the shield now being % max health, he's encouraged to stack more and more defenses than are allowed for a mage.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Zilean
I am sorry, but Zilean is literally the LAST champion I think of when it comes to a Blood Moon skin. I just does not fit him at all...
: Ravager Nocturne is too bright after Texture Update
They also need to fix his tail particle, cause its still bugged.
: This skin is going to be 1350. :D
With the information about it being a 1350 RP skin, would we be able to request a change to his VO? It'd be great if you applied the audio filter that's used in Soulreaver Draven, because right now, Vlad's base voice and puns don't seem to fit with the skin at all. Also, after having seen the skin's animations, I have to say that pool of blood is REALLY noisy, and doesnt' feel right. It doesn't feel like its liquid laying on the ground, it looks like a weird glowy mist similar to Viktor's ult. And then when you see unit's reflected in it, its gets even noisier, visually. Sorry, I'm sure you guys worked hard on it. :(
: Fiddle bug
For one, you have no bonus magic resistance, so when you're in range of abyssal scepter you will have 10 magic resistance. That's really low, since Ziggs probably had MPen runes, as most mages do. So you're effectively having 0 (if not less) magic resistance against him. The damage said it's over 4 seconds, so I'm guessing Ziggs probably hit you with 2 bombs. That means he'd have to have 712 AP to kill you with that much damage. But that's only if he hit you with 2 bombs, if he got you to exactly 0 magic resistance, and he didn't have consumables or baron buff (which on your screenshot, baron is dead). So It's actually very likely he did 1400+ damage to you with 2 shots, solely because when you go to negative magic resistance, his damage actually gets increased. If you were even at -25 Magic Resistance, he gets 20% bonus damage against you.
: [Important Feedback] Rammus Nerf
It might be better for them to leave the taunt where it is, allowing more counter play around him... but improve his other stats. He needs the taunt to survive, which isn't that reasonable. His strength comes from dragging someone into a fight and lock them down. Maybe instead give the taunt the 2 second effect, but have a slow associated with it afterwards. Or give spike ball a flat armor/magic resistance bonus even when he doesn't have it on. That way he's a little safer without having to taunt to survive.
: [Bug major] Yasuos wind wall
I can report the same thing. I was able to block turret shots with all levels.
: Hm, we can look into this.
So whatever happened to darkening Dreadknight Nasus? He's going live as his very bright colored self.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
- (Utility) Runic Affinity is improperly named Greed, and Greed is improperly named Runic Affinity - (Defense) Swiftness seems to need 3 ranks in hardiness to be chosen. Overall: Offensive masteries feel like they should have one more option in tier two, for people who don't want Feast, Butcher, or Double-edge sword. As well, there are so many good options in Defense, I don't have enough points to choose enough of them :(
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
So, recently Ironstylus hand-waved away all commenting we made on here about the dance and voice not being up to par or fitting our desired fantasy about Nasus. Does anyone else feel annoyed that even after a positive outcry happened, there's no visible reaction from Riot? We haven't had a Rioter comment in here yet, nor has our comments apparently made any difference in their "feedback" data.
: I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but his Q no longer resets his auto attack. Was this intentional? It also seems a lot less responsive than before.
Are you sure it no longer resets his auto attack timer?
: First I would like to say well done with the VU, he looks really great and I think you guys nailed his character. I personally enjoy the new voice overs and think the voice actor did a good job getting the intellectual supreme being from another plane thing down. I do have a few recommendations though. 1) I think his death animation is a bit lacking and needs to be tuned up a bit, taking down Nasus should have an epic look/feel too it! 2) I think you all should tweak the sound effect when he ults so it sounds more dangerous and life threatening, maybe add a small boom effect. Also there is a bug where Nasus gets these blue particles in-place of the flames when you buy sun-fire cape. How to reproduce 1 Play Nasus 2 Buy a Sunfire Cape 3 Watch as cool blue light emits from his body
Isn't his death animation he just kinda jumps to the side REALLY REALLY quickly? He doesn't even fall down or anything... he just kinda darts to the ground. But hey, the death animation is still better than the horrible new dance.
: Does Nasus not have an alternate run animation? For things like {{summoner:6}} and {{item:3069}} ?
Haven't seen one yet, and when I played him I used ghost... but didn't notice any change in animation.
: Ok I really love Nasus and was gonna ask about him getting a newer more particle filled skin right before you guys announced the VU. I really like the look and feel of his abilities but I do have a few slight issues. 1. His run animation (~400ms) feels like old sivir slow motion running 2. His lines and voice make him seem much more aggressive warrior instead of a calm intelligent scholar who happens to be on the battlefield 3. His splash makes him feel like an evil which I really don't like since he always felt more of a neutral 4. His in-game map icon doesnt look a nasus at all I looked at it a few times in a match wouldve swore it was renekton. Not saying it looks like renekton's icon though it just doesnt seem distinctly nasus. Maybe a little brightness would clear it up. I think you guys did an excellent job with his abilities and even his voice actor , but im not sure why he has such a dark feel to him now. I know you guys said you didnt like champs from other worlds in their lore so is he getting a lore change too and is that causing his new look? Also probably related to the other world thing why did you guys remove my favorite line? "Where angels fear to tread"? I'm guessing something to do with you guys not wanting to reference angels for when the eventual lore origin change of kayle and morgana comes?
Wait they removed "Where angels fear to tread"!?!?!? I didn't notice this... that's so sad!
: I appreciate the visual update a lot, all the skins I checked out (Classic, Galactic, Dreadknight) look awesome. I particularly like the new Siphoning Strike animation, and the Spirit Fire particles. The new Fury of the Sands animation/particles could use some more work, tho; though the AoE is clearer now, the effect looks like a slightly less cool version of the Spirit Fire, and the loss of the "sandstorm" animation around him kinda takes away from his Anubis theme. Perhaps some mix of the classic and the new would be in order? As for the new voiceover, I have to side with the people here who consider it excessively "aggressive". The original was awesome because it was the voice of the cool, collected, balanced sage-warrior, and this, while more "epic", kinda loses that vibe. Perhaps tone down the "echo" effect a bit? The "Who's a good boy?" Infernal Nasus joke is an instant classic, tho.
For his ult's particles, another issue is that the tooltip still does says something along the lines of "summons a sandstorm" which the new particle definitely does't reflect. Maybe make the ground particle rotate, and have a swirling sand effect around him? Also, "sage-warrior" is another wonderful way to describe Nasus's personality. Thank you. I'm trying to gather up some descriptors for him, since every seems to feel Nasus kinda got flattened personality wise.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Does anyone else not like the new skill icons?
: I got the same issue on Janna , wanted to go to blue from spawn ... and ended up crashing into the base wall , but then it recalculated and got me to blue.
Okay, so it's not only Nasus that is having issues finding his way through the jungle.
: The old voice was smooth and intelligent, fitting his title of Curator. The new voice feels more aggressive and otherworldly, almost more comparable to Renekton than Nasus. And with his prior voice actor being dead, removing the old voice entirely feels a bit disingenuous.
I feel a lot of his new quotes don't live up to the "intelligent" part of Nasus. He only has two or three new quotes that are intellectual or poetic like his old quotes were.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Is anyone else having pathing issues as Nasus? Where you click somewhere, and it only paths half way? Also, I understand a lot of the dances have been cut back to allow for other animations, but why was Nasus given a really derpy version of Master Yi's dance? He already had a personalized (although silly) dance. Why make the lame change?
: New Nasus icon
I actually love his new splash art. Although I feel he's a little too purple, but that's just me. He feels scary, ferocious and blood thirsty. He's a jackal now, not an oddly shaped dog. Edit: Okay, I see what you mean about the in game map icon though. You can't see his face at all when looking at the map.
: New Sivir splash art looks horribly awkward
Like everyone else is saying, the pose is unbalanced. Her center of gravity is pushed so far to one side, she'd just topple over. But I'm fine with physically impossible poses if it's for the sake of art... But this splash hides a large portion of her silhouette, completely hides her weapon, and sends all focus off the right edge of the picture. Her portrait looks beautiful but the pose and directions of the total splash image just feel... distracting and un-Sivir.


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