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: Another skin for kaisa? What's the matter with the other champions? There is only kaisa player in lol now? {{sticker:sg-janna}} But since it was done, the jaw of the kai'sa is very strange, it does not look like her
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Kai'Sa!
This skin was very... Unsolicited. 5 skins in ONE year, huh? Look, I get that only the most popular champions get skins and everything but... Aren't you guys going a little too far? Besides, there are a lot of things that look out of place in this skin. Her bright yellow legs really don't match the rest of the body palette, and splashart-wise, there's something really wrong with her face and posture. I really don't want to be the Mr. Complains-a-Lot, but isn't she just a bit oversexualized? I 'almost' feel like the artist was trying to highlight her boobs and her, errm, well... Vagina. Her face is also a bit too square-shaped. It doesn't even look like Kai'Sa. I know there's a really low chance you guys'll do that, but I really think her splashart needs some re-thinking and re-working.

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