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: The ammount of toxicity is terrifying
I have an idea. How about we look into their regular accounts and see if they have been reported for flaming or other abusive things and not let them join the PBE in the first place. That way the testing environment can be much safer and kinder to the people who want to test. Even if they want to see if some of these updates might even affect the meta like the double adc bot or Illaoi as a support to see if it would be more effective of a thing than was originally designed.
: Banning new champs, or champs with significant changes shouldn't be possible on PBE
I also agree it makes it very hard to test the new champ or other bugs with the new changes when these people get banned
: Illaoi
I just played against her she seems really fun to play but doesn't seem to have many counter play to her. Her abilities are long reaching not too high of cost fairly short cd and scale really well. I don't know if its ment to be like this but Nasus's q doesn't prock on her tenticals. I know that Nasus ability grows stacks on himer's turrets, Zyra's plants, and even Yorick's ghouls, so is it intended to not grow his stacks or is it just skipped over? Only thing i would recomend on this new champ is alil less scaling on stats or alil longer cooldown on her spells other than that she seems great.
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: Disconnected after lag spike then could not not log back into game
I was encountering a freeze and crash every game right after lock in and log in would just keep rebuffering while saying authorizing. I dont know if its related or not but i thought safe rather than sorry
: If someone dodges and you get put back to queue again, your chat will scroll up
Happens to me too although clicking scrolling or anything does it beside chatting yourself in it again to get it to hop back down to the bottom.


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