: I don't think it's Warwick
It is, the scars give it away (even if they are mirrored) https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Rro20bR4jnQ/maxresdefault.jpg
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Thresh
Given the comments on the skin I logged in game and checked Thresh's model, and I can totally see what's off: To me what seems to be the biggest issue is that, while it's true not every skin does it, this one doesn't respect enough the shape of Thresh's skull. The lack of the lower mandible and the way the lower part of the skull it's too narrow shaped seems the issue. I'm usually on the train of not changing much once it hits PBE, and I know this is already at the late stage process, but I'm faitly sure the skull of Thresh can be edited even at this later stage. There's still roughly 7 days for the patch to come and it shouldn't be impossible. TL;DR: Issue here is the lack of the round/wider shape Thresh's lower mandible provides in his other skins.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Aatrox
A lot of people will leave a lot of negative feedback so I want to make a change here. First of all I understand the militaristic approach taken in the design, so while it's true some past Victorious skins looked more armored not all of them were. Cue in Maokai with his toga. Anyways, colors are on point with the royal purple (or the best aproximation given the sRGB limitations) and blues. Profile wise love the skin (especially shape of the helmet). Mask is pure love for me, and the laurels on the helmet are an interesting take at making an inverse "Ceasar crown". I mainly dislike a bit the particles: I understand the silver, but I would dare say take a look at Championship Ryze (Q, W, R) to see how to bettter do them so they show more contrast. This is especially true for his wings/banners as they're mostly transparent. The rest is absolutely fine to me and I can't wait to get him in a couple weeks, first time I've reached gold all by myself and I did so mainly due Aatrox getting the skin :3 EDIT: Forgot to state though! The Chroma: Not really my cup of tea, it's so reddish its name could easily be Autumn and I'd totally believe it. I know making chromas can be hard for certain thematics, but I would have personally gone somehwere else in the direction. Hopefully it appeases others though! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: System error
Same issue here, it's literally instantaneous. Tried disabling Discord in case it was something of it, but to no avail.
: Aatrox Bug Thread
Found a new bug yesterday (maybe it will be fixed in today's outoging update) where Aatrox's Ult doesn't play the final part of his login theme. There's no music at all, not even SR one. Hopefully someone already caught wind though!
: Hey Nightmare, just a heads up that we will be adding the unique recall to Justicar - I think that should be there today. We are actively working on the other 2 issues you mentioned. Thanks for the report!
Awesome to hear! And thanks for the putting back the Justicar recall, it's much appreciated :D
: Aatrox Bug Thread
Hi there! I've noticed a couple art bugs, with one reported through the PBE tool. 1. When base/Justicar Aatrox recalls (btw, I think Justicar should get back its unique recall!), the particles/blood doesn't always come up and thus Aatrox wings don't always appear. At first i thought it was tied to the passive, but it actually seems like if you trigger it once, next time it won't, next time it will. 2. When you're ulting and the wings are out, doing Ctrl+1-4 can... mess them up a bit. Seems pretty consistyant and you should have no issue reproducing that :P Thanks in advance! :)
: Toggle-able wings
I agree, and posted it earlier on reddit! While I like the new default look more, I know a lot of people would like wings back, so I am fairly certain they could work out in a toggle, with off as default state. Also, maybe his "E" dash should summon the wings for the duration of the cast, so he propels forward with them!
: Cursor Update on PBE
I'll admit I have not tried this out yet, however seeing this from S@20 vids/gifs I can surely say that the whole cursor should change color instead of just the little square. By that I mean that design wise it should be like right now, where the bottom half of the cursor is a darker shade. So when selecting an enemy it's brighter red on top and a bit darker on bottom, on allies the same with light blue, etc. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement :)
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
Hey, would be good to note too on the OP that the skin is currently sometimes failing to display the emissives on PBE as Katey has confirmed via Twitter :P I guess it'll be fixed in a couple of days. So far I can't think of a single downside with the skin. It's perfect. The music, the aesthetics, the colors, everything is just too good. Just as a note: Can I ask if the Jhin theme remix can be uploaded to the Soundcloud page closer to release? It's just too good jeez :D
: I have to agree with your edit: the idea of a victorious token would be really nice. Myself, I don't like the white chroma because of the teal tip of the gun. It just looks out of place and makes the gun look like it's a toy. The non-chroma version doesn't match the previous victorious skins, it's like they mixed them up when deciding which color scheme to go for. I'd much rather have the Flex version or the 3v3 version. But since I only went for gold in Solo/Duo, I'm limited to the ugly "teal tipped toy gun" version. TL;DR 1. The idea of a victorious token is great. 2. Maybe swap the non-chroma version with the 3v3 version. 3. Solo/Duo version just looks like it has a toy gun because of the teal on the tip of the gun.
One of the reasons I came up with this was because I actually wouldn't want the non-chroma swapped for anything else, as my understanding is that it's what the artist went for (and besides taking all details into consideration is absolutely obvious it's still the base. Gem color and all being in line with the rest of Victorious skins), but at the same time I understand why a lot of people would rather use the blue one. Since this announcement came into play two weeks before Ranked season ends, it'd be unfair to anyone liking the already presented result too. Also I personally like the default one better, so if someone told me one week to get the rewards that they'd change it for the other one, I'd be pretty bummed :c So much for my first year in gold TT_TT
: Just leaving some opinions on what bothers me with this skin, So I'm leaving my feedback beneath. I'd just like to swap the 3vs3 Chroma and the Normal chroma around a little. It feels like they got messed up in the process? - The Purple doesn't really match-up the colorscheme of the previous skins in a cohesive way. (E.g. Victorious Morgana, Elise and Maokai all got this key-elements in blue - and here comes graves with purple?). The Blue version would fit the VFX better as well. - Swap the 3v3 and ''non-chroma'' version around. Purple for me relates to Twisted Treeline's colorscheme in a better way, which in my opinion is more related to darkness and therefor the mystique elements of purple. The Blue colorway would be better to make the skinline more cohesive, as mentioned above. Maybe I'm a little bit biased due to living in a nordic monarchy myself, and therefore feel like red and blue is a better way to represent ''royality'' and ''victoriousness'' the skins are supposed to envision. - The Purple tint of the skin is kinda strong, I'd tint it down a little. - The Blue one I'd up the contrast a little, more sapphire-like than this darker marine.
What about letting people choose the one they want, with one chroma per queue? If we can redeem tokens for various things, which is a system already present in the game, it can't be that difficult to code right? That way no one gets screwed and we can choose which one we like the best.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Graves!
~~I want to disagree with most people here. The whole theme for this very skin seems to pursue a regal look, hence why they chose Royal Purple for the defaults instead of the usual blue. If they had to change they'd need to change some elements as well (the little gem, the blue tone, etc) so it looked perfectly matching.~~ ~~Basically, if ANYTHING, just swap the capes around. Not the whole chroma, just the capes. Or else, we're going to get a black and blue skin instead of the usual darkblue + white thingie.~~ ~~Then, it would need proper color touch ups on the cape color as well because the blue is too dark.~~ ~~TL;DR: Swapping Chromas around is a lazy and bad solution. What should be done:~~ * ~~Take the default color, make the cape blue like Maokai's. The lower part is then darker, which is the main color on the Twisted Treeline chroma.~~ * ~~Keep the rest of the default color as is. This is VERY IMPORTANT.~~ * ~~On the Twisted Treeline Chroma, change the cape color so it's purple. Look at Azir's default stripe clothes for a proper value of what Royal Purple seems to look like in sRGB.~~ * ~~Try to make golds a tad darker, just a tad, so it looks like proper, solid gold.~~ ~~Just don't swap the Chromas around mindlessly or it's going to be out of place completely for various reasons (the suit color itself vs other Victorious versions, the contrast with details, etc).~~ IMPORTANT EDIT: Alternatively, instead of forcing a Chroma per queue give people the choice of which one they want somehow? Maybe with a Victorious token? It's pretty clear everyone here has different ideas about what looks best, so why not allow people to choose them by themselves? To clarify: Yopu give the current base skin to everyone. Then you give a Victorious Token per queue where Gold+ has been achieved. Subsequently, in the Loot menu, you can exchange ONE token per ONE chroma. That way everyone keeps the number of Chromas they'd need but people with fewer have a say into which one they prefer best. You can use the Lion from the Ward as an UI icon -- I don't think anyone is going to really mind it. That way you guys don't need to swap stuff around and everyone is happy :3 I mean, it's pretty clear that you guys wanted to try something different, but it seems the result was largely unexpected by both, community and staff.
: Everyone is hating the base skin's purple cape So, I thought you might like [A more redish cape.](https://imgur.com/a/2I7AJ) https://imgur.com/a/2I7AJ hope you like it
Actually, that would feel pretty good with the lion theme he has going on?
: I appreciate the honest post! I've mentioned this in this thread already, but I'm gathering feedback around the idea of Loot--exclusive skins to share with the team, and this feedback that you've given is wonderfully written, so thanks! I wish I hope this and similar replies don't come off as simply 'pacifying a complaint'. ;_; I really do see where you guys are coming from in your feedback, and think it's important that you're heard. While I don't make the calls, I am able to share feedback! Would you mind elaborating on what, in terms of animation, would make the R feel a bit better? A new animation overall, changes to the way the chainsaw animates?
Hey Katey, not the poster you replied to but I just saw this post and wanted to see what this was about. Checked right now the animation myself. I don't think the R is bad per se, it lights up the rocket and triggers the chainsaw, and uses if I'm not mistaken the same idea (if animation is different) as base Darius: jump up then dunk down. And there I think lies the issue -- the animation is really short, so you can mostly see the rocket effects and barely appreciate the chainsaw. And because it's so short the chainsaw sounds are not as impressive neither, as it sounds more like motorcycle single roar, as to speak.
: For some reason, he looks a lot like Brand. It's too bright in my opinion. You can't see any of the finer details. Everything is yellow. That's all you really see.
I've been taking a good look at it... And it's not an emissive -- the issue is the skin is light and then there's light effects, so your eyes kind of blend both. I think base Lee is a bit more tanned/darker skin-wise, the splash seems to be too, so I think that'd do the trick.
: the new god fist skin - its brand, but lee sin.
Q seems pretty clear to me, blueish+yellow gold effects. They seems quite high contrasting to me. Then again I don't have your monitor in front of me :P
: The whole brightness/colour scheme is awesome but it feels like the rest of the skin aside from his left (?) fist should be "dimmed" slightly so as to better reflect [the splash art](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-cCmO6rQUgeQ/WNGDHhlSujI/AAAAAAABCgE/_vb8YEHTwnUg7zSO5Fr9jt7gC3dHA8WaQCLcB/s1600/LeeSin_Splash_11.jpg). From the splash, it looks like only one of his fists should be golden, though the model suggests his whole body including both fists are golden and bathed in this light - which one is it supposed to be? If it's supposed to be more like the splash then it'd seem suitable to keep his left fist at the same brightness it is now, but bring everything else down a little bit. Regardless of how it's intended to be, right now it looks a lot like a Brand skin and less like a Lee Sin skin, so maybe bringing the overall brightness down a tad could help. If it's supposed to be more like the in-game model then maybe brightening things up a bit in the splash art would work - I don't know. ________________________ And I know we say this every thread, but again - this is Lee Sin's 7th skin while we've got champs like Illaoi (1), Yorick (2), Viktor (2), Rek'Sai (2) and Zac (2) in real need of some love. Are we gonna start seeing a concerted effort to balance things out skins-wise?
On defense of Lee I'll say that it's a 1820 skin that's going to give his mains some real love animation, VFX, VO and overall feel wise. Champs like Lee, Shen (even though Shen had not too long ago a VU, it wasn't big), LeBlanc... All of them, even if they have a good number of skins, can always use one like this to not feel so old. Helps till Riot has the bandwith to tackle those champs that simply need VU/VO love without kit changes.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Fist Lee Sin!
EDIT: Since I’ve given it a much calm look, I’ll post the final feedback thoughts below 😝 Sorry for the possible hassle! -Model: * The eyes do seem too bright (might be because the eye glow is joining the corporal glow of the head). I think there's a champion/skin in game with bright blue eyes that does it a bit better, can't remember who though (I'll need to recheck some of those, too long without playing). * Gold details seem to be blending too much with the skin (as in flesh). I think it's because the gold is quite clear, and the skin is too light too. Maybe his skin could be a bit darker? :) * The pants thingie seem nice. The color on the back part of the pants (the one that's more dilluded purple instead of royal/pink) could perhaps be a tiny, TINY tad stronger? IDK what the artist wanted to go for here though, so maybe it should just be left as it is. * The gold on the lower part should match better the body one. That much I know. Right now the gold has a nice color but looks a tad duller... * Boots are okay, for they're pretty basic, which I feel they should be given the enlighted monk theme. Shin guards metalics need to match the body (same idea as pants) TL;DR: Skin could be a tiny bit darker (will make it look less bright), metallics need to match between body and clothes :) -VFX/Abilities: At least on max settings, abilities effects seem all fine and super cool :) * Passive: The effect on the fists should be more defined. The splash gives it a more material look than energy, so I’d try to go for it. * Q: Loving the projectile! :D Moving to target with the fist is super cool! But on short distances it's hard to appreciate though. * W: The shield is pretty much alright. Maybe it could use some more “oomph”, but it seems good enough. * E: No problem animation wise. * R: On Practice Tool I have no issues distinguishing the animation. Great emphasis on the fist here 😝 The problem seems to be that on such a quick cast a lot of people won’t notice it. -VO: Approved! :P Looking forward to the SkinSpotlights vid with Interactions and such. -Animation quality: Approved! :P Man these new super smooth animations that started with Poppy are surely nice! That was a long post, now :P
: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
Just tested the updated Grey Warwick and Feral Warwick skins. First things first: I caught the tank on Feral Warwick's back has half block more of goo other half (the left one in screen is higher than the right one). Pretty minor. I'm also not sure if I'm mistaken but I'd swear you guys said you'd add the other half of the sword through Grey Warwick's chest? Other than that, much appreciating the new VFX guys. Colors and skin coherence are much better now :) Maybe Feral could use some more scars or something, but ehhh.
: Blood Hunt is primarily a passive ability. The active is designed as a supplement. With careful use, it can fill in some of the gaps left by the not-fully-controllable nature of the passive. It does the following: 1) Lets Warwick control his own gank options on occasion, 2) Provides "nagative information" when the ability fails to find an enemy, letting you know noone is nearby, 3) Allows access to on-demand mobility in the team fight phase of the game, where you can't afford to be a pure opportunist, and 4) Ensures the player can have access to the ability in some form in games where their team is far behind and so does not get enemies low. This is unusual for League, where actives are king. I'm curious as you play Warwick more if this starts to make sense or if it just feels out of place for the game.
Talking on the passive, I made a couple of Bot games earlier. While I believe the whole idea is good, I think it works a bit... weirdly? I've been seeing trails sometimes take all the way to the enemy base, pretty sure it'd correspond to the Fountain. Not sure if it makes any sense to you from the developing side, but the impression and only logic explanation I could get myself was that one. Maybe I'm wrong though, but everytime I started to follow the "red paths" it'd conduct me into the base so... *shrug* On the other hand, I gotta say that you accomplished giving some better information to new people using a locked camera. I left it locked for a little while and it's pretty good to have what feels a bit like a GPS :P I fear what more experienced players may be able to use it for though!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Azir!
I have one single quirk with this skin. His eyes are red. They should be jade green, or even "jewelry" (sapphire?) blue. But red makes him look evil and a bit weird. Azir's eyes are clear and bright in either, his base form or all his skins (even in Galactic's red it's diffrent), so I do really think his eyes should be a more brighter color. In this case I believe it'd emphesize his royalty further too, which isn't bad for an emperor ;P Other than that, great job on the skin, can't wait to pick it up on live :)
: Feedback Wanted! - Changes to Base Yasuo's Attack Animations
I can't believe the issue was on the main main animations all along. That's new.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Zed!
After playing it, two only things on my end: -The helmet spikes (the ones from the side) look a little plain. Maybe adding some lines to make some depth? Or I should rather wait perhaps, as I guess the skin's going to be receiving a couple of shade tweaks throughout the cycle :) -The recall is godly, but I'm so used to have the recall always facing my character's direction, while this is 180 degrees inverted :P Take it into account for the next ones! (as I guess due the timing of the animation and progress of the skin it's almost impossible to make it match now) But great job here Riot! Now I gotta pay you more. QQ.
: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
On the art side of things: I'm surprised his recall doesn't have VFX like a portal with runes or something. The animation seriously feels lacking -- heck, he evens reads the book and then puts the hand in the ground like channeling magic :P Besides that, I'd dare advocate Zombie Ryze feels a bit meh compared to the rest of the Zombie cast and... Not much more. Well yes, I wish you guys can start adding unique recalls at some point for the 975 skins that are reworked. It just feels a bit unfair (I know, resource handling and all -- just like all those minor scale reworks that need fully new animations and VO). On the gameplay side, mark my words: You'll have to end up removing some power off that E+Q interaction. I shudder when thinking what it may do at the hands of really experienced and talented people. Can't wait for this to get to Live and play it under 100ms :P
: New "Nexus Siege" game mode coming soon to PBE for the RGM queue.
That's actually quite refreshing. Can't wait to test it out :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Thresh!
Loving. Every. Detail. Of it. This is one of the very best skins of the game, and it's not only because it's 1820 tier. And even on its tier, there's not many of the newest skins that feel so "worth" in paying for them -- and I don't think anyone can say any of those are bad at all, so... I only have one single issue: The recall animation. I think it's on the "winddown" as you guys might call it? When you're back at base. The portal transition to the lantern star doesn't feel smooth -- it kind of just switches. Not sure if there's any effect you guys could add to it. Besides that, we're only halfway through the year. If we're at June and you're throwing this at us, I don't want to think what awaits us. Because money. *feels and cries*
: Right? More splashes tomorrow with PBE, but I didn't want to spoil everything. :)
Asking: Are you guys going to upload them in HD and beyond glory? I want wallpapers! :P
: ‘Ascension’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
I just wanted to say thank you guys for bringing back this game mode, and also for updating the textures. Just had a match and it's looking so, SO much better than last time (1.5 years ago now. Whew!) There is only Shurima, all else is but a mirage!{{champion:268}}
: Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/lM3ff5Zs-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-program-lissandra) instead. All new champions and skins have their own bug and/or feedback thread as a stickie in one of the subboards. Check 'em out =3
> [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=XmKKE04o,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-23T15:52:20.939+0000) > > Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/lM3ff5Zs-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-program-lissandra) instead. All new champions and skins have their own bug and/or feedback thread as a stickie in one of the subboards. Check 'em out =3 He's giving an actual kit suggestion though! I'm sure the Live Boards have a dedicated place for this: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Lissandra!
The skin is really, REALLY great. A few things that seem to fail in execution, though: -Her voice filter is too harsh! At times I had issues understanding her (and at times I just didn't understand anything at all). PROJECT accomplishes this way better. -The light that indicates the passive is ON, it's emmited from the inside of the model. In other words, you see a sphere of light that clips through it, I'm not sure if you guys can make it a bit less rough? ~~-The textures when you zoom it seem a bit lower resolution than the rest of the newer skins released. Could be just the fact that white and red do contrast a lot each other and thus makes it look much more rough/noticeable than it really is.~~ my bad, they're actually like the rest :P -I need to recheck because I played her just until level 6 once, but I'm pretty sure the base digital triangles could use a pulsing energy to make it feel more... digital. Mainly the center looks green, which looks really cool, but the rest are so dark the poor thing. -Lastly: I noticed her dance still features the blade/ice SFX. On Blade Queen it sounds great because the difference is not much, but in this one she could use a digital sound! Dubstep sounds? *shrugs* It would be a nice detail if it could be updated! EDIT: It seems she uses new sounds, but the presence of the blade/ice sound is... weird. The rest though: Concept, abilities, general SFX (besides the mentioned ones) are great! I wonder if there's anything else planned for this line already, can't wait to see it :)
: u know his movement is a copy of eternum nocturnes right
> [{quoted}](name=511291152,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=sHxHj7W4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-09T05:16:09.020+0000) > > u know his movement is a copy of eternum nocturnes right And Bard when he takes a chime. I've noticed it. Yes, the movement seems off. Specially when recalling or doing one of his jokes I think it was, the arms all of a sudden break their animation and do not flow. And talking on the arms: Don't you think they should be a little tad higher in his body and a little tad bigger? Not that much. It's just that they seem so off-scale...
: I'm just wondering, does anyone know why this happens? Because it seems to happen with every single champion launch.
> [{quoted}](name=Ayres,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=R3va5RN9,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-03-08T22:57:06.781+0000) > > I'm just wondering, does anyone know why this happens? Because it seems to happen with every single champion launch. The server gets overloaded with requests, since everyone and their mom wants to try the new champ, so either you're lucky and after 5 mins you're into a game or you're unlucky and get error messages constantly. I think even normal queues have the issue. Anyways, it's another 14 day cycle of non custom games and Champ Select dodges I guess :P
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
Thanks for the heads-up. I hope this goes well enough so that a more extensive Alpha phase can begin soon enough (in turn meaning that a full release would also be closer). The vid that's been running around looks promising though, can't wait for the new client to be final.
: ​ ​PBE Bugs (heh.. bug.. Kha'Zix) & Feedback Thread: Death Blossom Kha'Zix​
First bug I find: Kha has no voice (I'm serious, no joke, no movement, no attack, nada). Oh boy, yet another one to the list. Told you Katey. :P On a more serious note, enjoying the blades. Effect looks too pinky for my taste but well. Not a fan of the face, though. Playing a bit now, so tomorrow, when I have more time to fully level him I'll give more feedback.
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: I seem to not be able to purchase champions in the shop (maybe other items).
Okay guys, just do it once and wait. It takes a while, seems it's the servers being under a lot of stress. I just got Shen and Aatrox. So you're good to go.
: snowdown shop
I think it might be intended but it's not supposed to be there. I know the Snowdown shop feature was not deactivated from the PBE unlike the Live servers, but Riot might be reusing the tab for some Lunar Revel purposes. Since we can see it it's possible we're seeing some heavy WIP stuff.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Day Bard!
On the ult: Why not try to hook up the changed one on the PBE and see how much people are confused? And then decide whether or not keep it. (unless that's a lot of work, of course) Honestly, I don't think color's everything: It's more of the full animation sequence. If you see a skinned Bard, a blue circle below you and a light blue energy flowing through you when you're frozen in time should be telling me what has just happened -- heck, the Q effects are pretty clear and I'd say they're easier to miss! (On that note, great job btw. Loved how the snowflake and ice blocks match the slowed or stunned states). On other regards: Penguins. Hot chocolate. More penguins. A snowman. Did I mention penguins already? Also, one single con: He ain't Santa. *sigh* But I still love this skin for Bar--- Gunter.
: [Client/Game] Game Cancelling Bug After Loading Screen Starts
I once had this happen on a normal match after 6 mins. Everything stopped, "Attempting to Reconnect", exited the game in order to restart the loading process and... poof, main client page, match didn't even appear in the History.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Hecarim!
After seeing the Splash Art, I need to ask one single thing if possible: Is it possible to make the eyes a bit more prominent in the same red/orange hue as in the splash art? I know we're nearing the end of the cycle, with barely 2 days to go, but it would be awesome if that little detail could be adjusted. Anyways, I think the skin is absolutely one of the very best Riot has offered (at least in my eyes), and the splash art makes him look absolutely majestic.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gravelord Azir!
First of all, thanks for this! I haven't been able to try him out yet (y no teambuilder/newchamp select qq) but the thematic, aesthetic, and all I've been able to grasp off S@20/skin spotlights' vids looks terrific. He reminds me a lot off the Land of the Dead theme on Darksiders 2 -- actually, all the characters there use the same green hue on their bodies/eyes/powers. If I am able to try it out, I'll leave further feedback without a doubt!
: PBE Server in EU
Trust me when I say we EU players don't have it as bad as it seems. I usually get 200~ ping, which as annoying as it is, it's still bearable if it is constant. Players that are farther than us though, can't even imagine the pain.
: New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting
Well, this is very much welcome because earlier I was struggling with Kha on the jungle (and I still struggle with choosing what where honestly). So thanks a lot! Going to try these later today. As a note, I tried out Nasus just like you posted but: Instead of life on the "Defense" tree, I took extra armor/MR AND the last mastery I took for building HP. Since he's going to last hit minions, and a tank as well, it just would make sense that the Keystone mastery would be the perfect for my beloved Shuriman champion.
: If he did get a Visual update then I didn't see it cause no one plays Kass this days (Atleast as I see it)
> [{quoted}](name=lvl 69 Mudkip,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=LhLXUQEm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-10-15T08:24:11.944+0000) > > If he did get a Visual update then I didn't see it cause no one plays Kass this days (Atleast as I see it) That's because he's not in the best shape ever gameplay wise. There are other stronger picks, but he can work good enough.
: Kassadin Visual Update?
He has a visual update, and looks up to date. What he needs now, if anything, is a recall animation and new voiceover lines. But that's needed by a number of other champions that received similar smaller updates (Maokai, Singed, Renekton).
: Oki doki! I think by the time I post this the PBE update should have gone out and the eyes glow during his W. We've had a chat internally about the gold color inconsistently. No promises but we're looking into it :)
> [{quoted}](name=Nurse Flan,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=n875hMt2,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2015-10-02T00:59:22.768+0000) > > Oki doki! I think by the time I post this the PBE update should have gone out and the eyes glow during his W. > We've had a chat internally about the gold color inconsistently. No promises but we're looking into it :) I was actually hoping the eyes would be in there in a permanent way. Is there any chance this is going to happen?
: New turquoise level and money bar
TBH I didn't even notice that my name was on purple background on Live until you mentioned it here...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin!
I'm just going to ask this once: Why doesn't he have bright blue eyes in game? I was hoping he'd get them instead of a hollow Iron Man mask! Also, I was wondering, is there any chance his sword could get the blue part of it with some effects/animation/energy flow while it's not activated? So it doesn't look as much of a blue plastic glued to the gold handle.
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