: New Anivia splash first impressions/Suggestions
I can die in peace now haha FINALY! I agree with the more red on the eyes thing. but i wish she has a little less thin, she looks a little anorexic to me : I Still great job over all{{champion:34}}
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: Katarina's new splash art
have you guys ever notice that katarinas old splash art even has one eye higher than the other? not saying I hate it or anything but I think some of you might be a little rude to the new splash art. I think her face is based on the cinematics and it look quite accurate to me, my main problem is with her broken right leg but what ever those are my 2 cents :v
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: I just gotta say
just you wait... eventually you will find toxic people on pbe too =/ dont get me wrong thou, there are way less of those on the pbe lol
: Katarina's New Splash Art
I like the new art to be honest, the only problem I have with it is her right leg, it look kinda broken.
: Marauder Ashe: A Missed Opportunity?
Same for Warwick, i wish the had a recall animation too
: I personally don't like her at all now. I don't need to see her belly button to know she's a girl. One of the main things I liked about her was that she wasn't a "OMG! IT'S A GIRL. BOOBS!" champ. She was badass, but now she's just like any other female champ in this game. Riot please, for the love of all things good, give her back her full armor.
: wow i prefer original no offense
guess you are talking about the eyes. none taken its just a scale of the eyes on photo shop not much effort put into it.
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: Tristana jumps into action!
I like her a lot. i suck at playing her too... I think that the model would look better with sligthly smaller pupils to match the other yordles better, as it is she looks a little creepy in my opinion. I also think that a higher contrast on the splash art looks better over all, it gives more energy to the artwork, and we want energy on tristana right?. but over all i like her rework =) gj rito employes. here is my suggestion for the color correction on the splash art and the eyes. http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j152/mashirokami/tristanaCOlors_zpsa4105985-1.jpg?t=1421942918 http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j152/mashirokami/Eyes_zps31177245-1.jpg?t=1421942919 EDIT: I couldnt attach the files for some reason...
: Riven doesn't need Q buffs
I understad the skill argument but I think its not fair because skill is not the only factor here, ping is to. this change can make people with ping higher than 60 play riven for real for the first time. i like the change. I think that as a player u should worry more about the game that on how to execute a combo.
: Riven automatic animation cancelling
I wish this stayed the same. with out the cancel riven is really hard to play for players with ping higher than 60 wich is a big part of the comunity. I agreed on the fact that she would become more op and nerfs might hurt her on the pro level, but i dont think it would be that much.


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