: Rito finds a new way to force me out - Need help
Files are probably corrupted. Try repairing from the menu, and if that doesn't work: full reinstall.
: Please implement at least a temporary auto-disconnect if afk for 15 minutes feature in pbe.
Here's the thing. I'm not sure if they throttle the number of game connections by creating a login queue, or if their login servers are being overloaded, causing the login queue. If it's the latter, this disconnect after x amount of time would backfire enormously as people would have to log in more frequently, backing up traffic and creating even longer login times.
: I just finished 10 games with 20 min queue for got 10 more now. So rip 200 minutes, ain't rippin 200 more.
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: nid is getting mostly buffs, aa resetting is a very minour nerf
You're retarded; Silver 5 i presume? Sure, she's getting flat damage buffs, but her mechanics are destroyed now. What once was her high skill cap is fucked with this clunky bullshit. So fucking livid about this shit
: [7/18] Do not double up on nerfs for Malzahar, just pick one or the other
THESE NIDALEE CHANGES ARE 2x as bad. FUCK this shit man
: Nidalee Changes
Nidalee main here obvi. I could care less about her traps. Im more butthurt than I've ever been about this fucking game because of the removal of her resets. Making Nidalee clunky and less fast paced is the worst thing I've seen Riot do to the balancing in this game.. I'm so passionate about Nidalee. It's such a shame and I will not be returning to a game with such a poor decision making dev team. RIP Nidalee. You had a great identity, and made this game SO FUN. Dumb decision Riot. Would rather have Nidalee not be playable in LCS cause who even watches that garbage anyways. Throwing shots because Im seriously baffled by this decision...........
: I think yes! All Tristana's skins were available in the store after the splash art update.
Thanks for the response! <3 It'd be awesome if they do, because I LOVE all of the ones they updated!
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