: I think Riot is specifically trying to get away from the damage stacking mechanic. I get the feeling that they've decided it isn't worth it. A passive that makes you heal off of on-hit effects is a good idea, though.
When you notice that the post is 3 years old pre Devourer or Feral Flare.
: So to clear away the primary request of this post 1. AI is fine, they're not wandering off somewhere stupid and they actually attack the champions I hit with E 2. With the future update listed that you can see Last Rites cooldown while Awakening is active, that is the only clarity issue. 3. I have not encountered any bugs, although landing that wall is always a struggle 4. 1v1, he works great, he's a juggernaut. Although there was a rather sad moment that I went oom and a Riven 70-0 me with 5% of her health remaining (though I admit I was building Trinity Force first and she was fed). I don't feel very limited in team fights like other juggernauts, where it's somewhat mandatory they're in the front to be useful, the E and W feel pretty nice for team fights. The maiden definitely is more useful with you than split apart. I mean if you put it into the other lane, it's like a banner minion with a poorer trade off. As you know it's going to push and die, except you now have lost a powerful combat tool for 2 minutes. Also, even though I am able to get big damage with it with me, you don't really feel it's impact. I mean it's like a dementor, it does that rather slow soul sucking, that you know, it's sucking out your soul, but it's not very spectacular about it. Overall he feels nice, his kit and attack animation flows smoothly, and he no longer has a binary no retaliation kit. A minor gripe people have pointed out though, is his Q is very much like Nasus. Maybe change that overhead swing into a digging motion? Seems reasonable if you're making graves.
You never combined Zz'Rot Portal with Maiden for a splitpush, did you?
: so I guess the changes aren't on PBE yet? Q cooldown is still the same and Maiden is still as derpy as she was... also the changes to Maiden are nice small step but it's still not what people would like to see I'd say. > Maiden will now only advance in a lane if Yorick or lane minions are in front of her how Maiden (and HER ghouls) will react when * there will be lane minions in front of her + * Yorick will be behind her OR Yorick will be in front of her but at certain point he will go to jungle/to river (suddenly team fight started near baron/dragon and he wants to join but together with maiden and ghouls)? will she (and her ghouls) follow him or just say "lol cya later fatso, me and my pets are staying on lane. Beside I want enemy turret to kill me" my suggestion I came up recently: option A. allow player to control Maiden (and her ghouls) just like Annie/Morde/Shaco can do with their summons option B. when Maiden is summoned, pressing R will change/swap her AI modes: * defender (basic) mode: She and her ghouls will follow Yorick all the time and attack enemy champions and minions (BUT NOT JUNGLE MONSTERS unless Yorick attack them) in certain radius near Yorick + Maiden will always prioritize Yorick target. If Yorick recalls then Maiden and her ghouls will try to return to Yorick * split push mode: Maiden and her ghouls will stick to lane and push it even if Yorick goes to jungle, river or recall to base. Ofc Maiden and ghouls will be able to chase enemy champions to river/jungle if they will be marked with E. also please make towers focus Maiden as last target or at least make Maiden move away from turret range when she is attack by it. It's so disappointing to see Maiden dies in seconds when there is no cannon minions that would soak few tower hits ------ > Q cd lowered to 7~5 from 8~6 it still would be nice to get some Q coldown indicator when Awakening is available. also why does Q bonus damage&heal don't work on towers? If Yorick role is suppose to be splitpusher then it should work on buildings to... splitpush faster (well duh) ----- do you guys plan to give Yorick some form of passive graves generation just like Zyra flowers/Iillaoi tentacles? it would really help jungle yorick and overall for Yorick during&before teamfights when his ultimate is on cooldown and there are no enemy minions around to last hit (**implying that your ADC will let you last hit something in mid/late game lmao**) OR Give W ability passive that spawn graves when wall is created. 2/2/3/3/4 graves based on W rank. It would allow Yorick to spawn ghouls in urge situation when he wasn't able to/can't anymore casually last hit minions. Like during sudden team fights specially near objectives or when getting ganked/tower dived during lane phase + Make jungle monster spawn graves after death and maybe also make ghouls made from jungle graves stick to Yorick all time instead of suddenly rushing lane when he go across jungle (from wolf camp->raptor camp and vice versa) * small monsters (aka sidekicks) would leave 1 grave * big monsters (blue/red buff, big Krug, big Raptor, big Wolf, Gromp) 2 graves * scuttle crab 3 graves * dragon/baron/rift herald 4 graves.
I am sorry, but you are complelty overbuffing Yorick. The splitpush mechanic of Maiden is already kinda OP and you want to further buff it?
: Ya currently the 25 MAX Hps means your spell has to cost 170 mana to get that. What mage can cast a spell like that more then once in less then 30s? NONE As {{champion:143}} I have 3 spells that cost mana (Q,E,R) I CAN cast Q and E once every 5-8s. No Zyra does this because with out a seed it is a waste. Both cost 90 mana so she heals 13.5 hps each cast. I heal more from stacking HPS This passive is worthless on her yet she is so squishy you want items like the ones that this passive is on.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
I would like it if her Q would deal damage 1 Teemo around her, while still keeping the actual direction. It would fit the name "Poppy" and it would feel waaaay less clunky to use, where you suddenly do not hit someone because he moved through you.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
As I see Poppy, items like Sterak's Gage would fit awesome in her kit. Why she doesn't have total AD ratios to support those items?
: No, I'm pretty positive it changes it to 33% effectiveness. Not 33% of 12%. Go try it out and tell me then, cuz I did and thats what happened. It was the only item I had that had some sort of lifesteal at all.
I think the reason why the lifesteal is so high is because of it counts for all physical damage. Normal lifesteal only works with the first bullet hitting an enemy, Death's Dance takes all bullets hitting with the full value. If I would translate the lifesteal value corresponding to the AD-ratio of a normal attack where you hit all 4 on 1 target, 256.4% AD ratio, which translates to: 256.4/100*12=30.7 So, you will have like 30.7 lifesteal for every attack (that doesn't crit, if it crits it is even higher, you can also hit multiple enemies for more healing)
: Nice research. Current live values: Armor/lvl: 3.5 HP/lvl: 80 HP5/lvl: 0.55 AS/lvl: 3 Kinda funny that the reworker doesn't even know anything about the stats of the champion he reworks.
Moobeat checked the Air client and found these values: HP/level - 73 Regen per level - 0.6 Armor per level is 3.5 http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#comment-2198408804
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Nice research. Current live values: Armor/lvl: 3.5 HP/lvl: 80 HP5/lvl: 0.55 AS/lvl: 3 Kinda funny that the reworker doesn't even know anything about the stats of the champion he reworks.
: Is it possible to get a different mini-game for Garen's W? Farming for resistances is really boring and encourages a super passive farm-heavy playstyle if you want to get ahead which doesn't reflect how Garen feels to me at all Maybe he could gain resistances stacking based on the damage absorbed by his W from enemy champions/minions? So the play pattern would be to be aggressive and attempt to swallow as much abuse while the W is on to stack your resistances
So you call 120 cs farm heavy when you normally in a game get around 300? And it is not like Garen's earlygame is very weak with it. It is weaker than before, Riven can now easily crush him, but the lategame power compared to that is huge.
: The things I like on this rework: - Power shifted from early to mid/late, the faster E spin really feals good - the mini leap on Q - Flat-resistances on W, encourageing hpstacking and more agressive builts - finally no more self-slow on E What i don't like however: - reduced lategame tankiness, which somehow goes against his overall powershift from early to late - shorter Q silence, who mostly compensated by the leap, especially if the leap would get slightly buffed(like 75 distance, 25 aditional range on Q) - no Tenacity on W, this is actually the thing is dislike the most and prettymuch the entire reason why i'd prefer this rework getting cancled. As a champ with neither range, hard-cc nor gapcloser while beeing more dps focused, Garren is really prone to kiteing and especially peeling(like most dps-based melees). However, thanks to his slow remove and his tenacity, he canmitigate that weakness by beeing somewhat resistant to cc, makeing his performance difference vs ranged/melee not as binary as it would otherwise be. it's also something that mostly helps in teamfights(together with the fact that his E deals damage even if he is CCed) Beeing able to resist CC one way or another seems to me like the perfect compensation for beeing a slow, low cc melee. It fits the juggernaut role pretty well, slow but hard to stop and mitigates an inherent weakness that otherwise would lead to a very binary experience. Removeing it increases the dispearity between melee and ranged matchups as garen even further while worsening his teamfights, so the powershift into lategame ends as a flat nerf, as his lategame utillity is massivly reduced, so he ends with a smilar powerfull late and weaker early... - E deals reduced damage to multiple targets. While i understand the reasoning for the laneingphase, it just transitions horrible into teamfights. Tanky dps champs always have the problem that they work rather poorly in teamfights compared to a 1v1, as they have to soak much more damage and deal with far more cc in a teamfight, which is a pretty big deal for some one who needs to stick to a target for a extendet duration... You should change the damage fall off for multiple targets to 30/20/10/0 based on ult rank and adjust the basedamage/scaleing, so he has the intented counterplay in lane but transitions into a teamfighter later on. So lowering his aoe(teamfight) dmage while buffing his singletarget(1v1) damage voids the atempts of shifting power into his mit/late, as his damge in teamfights will be barly high than berfor. He will probably be mostly a splitpusher that way, which honestly doesn't fit his theme, the noble might of demacia should lead his team in a glorious charge rather than avoiding bigger confrontations while covardly butchering helpless minions. also: ''The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him.'' -- Garen, on front line strategy - I neither like the vilian concept nor the boni it gives. Haveing a mechanic that tells you to target a **specific **enemie on a champ which beiggest weakness is to reach a **specific **enemie simply is a bad idea, as it is highly unreliable. The fact that %-truedamage hurts frontliners far more than the squishy out of reach backline doesn't help(a mechanic that cicumvents tankiness obviously hurts those who rely on tankiness comparably more, as one of their core stregths is beeing durable, which gets heavily diminished) This means that if the enemie vilian is a frontliner, you not only have a easy time reaching him, but also are massivly empowered against him, but if your vilian sits in the backline, you have poor means to ever reach him, and if you do, the bonus is rather shallow compared to the impact it has vs a frontliner. This adds to thea already binary nature of garen and juggernauts in gegnerall, beeing opressivly strong vs anyone that has to ciome and stay in reach, but utterly weak vs everyone that effectivly can stay out of reach. - crit - it's nice that you did put back the crit scaleing, but there are a couple of problems tied to crit on garren. He has very few item choices, prettymuch only ghostblade and maybe IE if you are fed and want to go ham... But moastly, crit is simply to unreliable, especially combined with the poor item pool. Garren will get 35% crit at max. On his E, thats fine as with up to 10 ticks it will rather reliably delvier that average damage it should, but his Q is to luck based. Haveing a crit on your initial Q often will be the difference from beeing able to finfish off the target with your ult befor it gets out of range or not. I'd really appreciate it if his Qs critscaleing would work like Ashe's passive, so it always deals the same damage and thus is reliable.
For crit, just take that 1% crit rune and win with a lucky crit on judgment the lane :D.
: Morde buff concepts.
1. Is already changed to 200, why would you want to nerf this? Other than that, no, he is already strong enough.
Rioter Comments
: I think he's referring to people abusing the bugs. :]
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
The combination of Sterak's Gage and Runeglaive should lead to some funny results.
: I think you should add that Titanic Hydra applies Lifesteal to it's cone like Ravenous does. But don't give it Lifesteal. Because when I look at Titanic vs Ravenous it looks like it has a slightly less power budget for it's price. I've always been fond of the idea of "Lifestealing" from multiple targets at once. Just make Lifesteal apply to it's passives and actives, they just have to buy actual Lifesteal in other items. Because Juggernauts DO have Lifesteal builds.
The HP kinda makes up for the lifesteal.
Rioter Comments
: The big thing I'm scared of is that Skarner will become useless if he misses his E. Skarner has historically been a champion that outputs a constant stream of medium-intensity CC, and that's why I've always liked him. The removal of any CC application by his Q pretty much throws that idea down the drain. I always loved the reliability of Skarner's CC, now with putting it on a skillshot it removes that.
Skarner was already before that a champion that was useless if he misses E. If you miss E and you have no flash, guess what, you shouldn't play Skarner in the first place.
: After playing Garen a bit more I feel I'm better equipped to give feedback than I was initially. His kit feels like it's coming together in a fantastic way, and so I honestly don't have much to say about it. However itemization seems like a big issue. Garen has always run off of resistances. Back in the day his free resistances allowed him to heavily focus on damage, and after that his focus was on high late game resistances. This push to introduce more health items into his typical build feels like a bad move, and will mostly be ignored. Yes, his passive scales well with health, but his passive is also an out of combat effect. This push for health items is essentially a push for building non-combat stats on Garen. His W does not provide the late game power it did, and definitely doesn't match up against the old one, so building more than a single health item will leave Garen lacking in resistances against any team with a proper damage type spread. And on top of this the only new item Garen can really make use of is Dreadnaught's Plate. The old Hydra only worked in fringe cases, and only because of the added sustain. The new Hydra does not have the sustain needed to make it even somewhat viable as anything but a situational purchase in the super late game. Sterak's Gage, on the other hand does not even feel like an offensive item. Garen's base damage just isn't good enough to make it a replacement to any of his staple items. Quite honestly it's better to buy a Sunfire Cape for it's damage than Sterak's Gage, as it has armor, typically better damage, gives Garen access to AoE magic damage, and only has 50 less health for 50g more. Now don't get me wrong, I do like the new items, however as a long time player of bruiser Garen (not fighter Garen, which might actually do better due to the ratio changes) it doesn't feel as if Garen should be recieving balance changes based on these items. They put him in a place where his tank falls off of a cliff late game, and these are supposed to be tanky items! Maybe my words will move you to rethink a few things, but maybe they won't. At the very least it would make me happy to see Sterak's Gage removed from the recommended items page. No one who requires the recommended items page should be building that item.
Garen's base AD got increased and is now in the top 5 league with Cho and the 4 other Juggernauts. An item that can give a 30% of max HP shield, ~70 AD and 500 HP should be bad? If you do not utilize the new items, no wonder your damage is falling off. Also, try out armor/lvl and mr/lvl runes all over your runeset with armor marks and armor/lvl quints, enough resistances.
: I did the math, well, programmed something to do it for me. Here's what it shows: The reduced damage on E with only base AD and AD per level factored in is weaker until level 16. The unreduced damage is stronger at level 7 It evens out earlier with more AD http://i.imgur.com/GSVqXbn.png [](http://i.imgur.com/GSVqXbn.png)
I don't think you did respect the increased AD/lvl. Or compare how more AD (Black Cleaver Rush early, you will have Phage by then) works for him.
: I actually don't expect it to be common, and I'm unlikely to include it in things like recommended items. However, it didn't seem to be doing much harm in being there, and some passionate Garen players seemed to really want it, so why not?
Because you had to reduce his power if he doesn't build crit, balancing it onto not critting at all could be easier.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
I really like the E change, but the CDR could be a bit too strong, might have to be removed later if it grants him too much mobility then. Gets Skarner double his passive if he does that inside the zone?
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
I don't think crit is a healthy system to balance Garen, especially if you think about the new items. Unless, you want him to use Trinity Force + Ghostblade or something weird like that. Can you explain how crit should work in a new Garen's build? Especially as it reduces his power without crit in terms of balance.
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
What would be really cool is if you could choose the Villain, but afterwards, you have to choose who will be the next Villian and 1 minute afterwards it changes. Obviously, you can't select the same Villian twice in a row and there should be some other limitations as well. Like you have to choose the Villian in the first 15 second and your choice will be already shown to the enemy, which allows counterplay. If you don't choose a Villian in time, you will have none for the next minute. Also, when will be a champion released with a quest system that gains bonuses if he fullfills those quests?
: Short question. What the fuck do you want with those hybrid changes? You nerfed his E base damage for an ad ratio what only benefits if he builds ad, that would be a good change for someone like eve with a spamable ability. You can't buy a rylais and liandrys for only your 2 high cooldown spells and your ult which isn't much percentage for that. And the Q is kinda bullshit cause it's so rare that you can hit all even with a supporter. Also he is supposed to get a supporter to deal damage. WTF imagine that in solo q bronze to platin, who the fuck actually engage for a morde and got so much cc that he can hit all his 3 q auto attacks? His W radius is so damn short and weird. Your E dmg is lower even if you build hybrid it dosn't really compensate the base damage nerf. So you took his most important aoe e spell (the only spell with range without ult) to buff his melee q who you can eventually land if your supporter eventually can't hit cc on an important target like an adc who's in the backline of their whole team? Eventually you can get 3 auto attacks up? Imagine you wanna kill that squishy carry because that's your damn job as Mordekaiser. At the moment you can flash r q e him to dead if you got enough items, now you can hit most of the time 1 or 2 q + 1 low damage e and ult who can at least deal half life to the squishys. And what are you doing then? getting cc -ed by the enemy team? And the only source of damage is your melee attack, cause your e is gonna do nothing? Much fun Riot. The Meta is something made by the players and not by the development team that force a champion into one role that they can call this "gameplay diversity"
Mordekaisers playstyle changes by 180% compared to live, respect that. If you didn't play it, you can't comment on it.
: I really like a lot of the changes you made to Darius, but taking the bonus ms from his passive hurts him a lot. It makes kiting him even easier, which is (and has always been) his biggest problem. I can see how scaling it down IS necessary due to his increased burst potential in his Bloodrage state, but removing it all together demotes him to a pure tank killer, where other teammates bring the tools for him to succeed. However, with a balanced build, you probably wont go too far over 1000 true damage, which to a 5000hp tank wont really mean that much, because you have to get through the other 4000hp first. This wont be that easy when you consider that you are going to need your frontline from another possition than the top lane (or if you go with darius mid you are lacking an ap carry, which this meta - and most metas - heavily favors). And that was the point of changing his Q to heal, right? To make sure that he wont suffer as much in a teamfight (which again is his problem)? That combined with his potato state of a laning phase means you wont even be able to start off with a pure damage item. This will NOT bring Darius to be a valued pick and therefore also go against your vision of making every champion in the game a truly viable pick.
You factored in taht you get 200 AD for free? That alone puts you already at 900 damage.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
An interesting mechanic with W could be that the slow strength increases with Passive stacks on your enemy.
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
Is it a problem that is increased attack range makes it easier for enemies to run out of his Judgment? Shouldn't it be preferable to change the Q leap range to 100 but decrease his range to 125 again? Garen doesn't AA that much anyway.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Summing up Skarner with 1 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuvcNGud-hE
: noone would you because you remove everything! half damage ok but half heal too...and speed full
The heal is too strong against a melee solo laner, it only exists to counter ranged harass. Same goes for speed, it is for getting close to ranged laners, not to melee's.
: 1) Shield goes down too fast now 2) Why nerf MS to a champion that has no escape?? making him more top laner than mid laner he needs more speed since top lane is longer than mid 3) W cast also on minions please,he's not a support. In a solo lane that skill is useless now
Maybe you could make W castable on minions, but only if you remove the MS Boost, halve the damage of it and remove the healing - a skill that noone would use anyway.
: Id be willing to try your new champ just don't do this to Mordekaiser
The problem is, old Mordekaiser was a burst champ which was unbalanceable and should have never happened in the first place. You can see this as a Sion-level rework because his old kit was just unbalanceable and unfitting.
: Can Morde control both a champion's ghost and the specter of the dragon at the same time?
No, dragon replaces the champion's ghost.
: CertainlyT's post above: (Nerf) MS 340 >>> 325 (Nerf) AS/lvl 2.6 >>> 2.2 Live version Q cooldown go from 8 to 4 seconds. PBE version Q cooldown go from 10 to 4 seconds. As i said waiting between hits will increase the overall cooldown,decreasing DPS. i won't even argue with you because you didn't even bother look up his stats exactly.Fuck you and ppl like you.You don't have anymore credibility whatever you write.
It got different released on PBE, Surrender @ 20 gives the actual numbers. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/08/84-pbe-update.html Fuck people like you that don't look up the actual stats from PBE. Oh, and why would you wait between hits, build attack speed and apply the 3 hits fast increases your DPS significantly, especially because the Q damage is waay higher, especially because you do no longer replace your auto attack with it. Base Stats Movement speed lowered to 330 from 340 HP lowered to 525 from 555 HP per level increased to 80 from 73 HP regen per 5 increased to 4 from 3.3 HP regen per 5 per level increased to .55 from .3 Armor per level increased to 3 from 2.7 AD per level increased to 5 from 3.5 Attack Speed per level increased to 3 from 2.6 Attack Range increased to 200 from 125 Attack Frame Improved Iron Man (Passive) Mordekaiser's abilities cost health, but he converts 25% of the magic damage they deal into a temporary shield. Maximum shield is 25% of maximum health. The shield decays by 2% of base health per second when above 25% shield. Shield conversion is halved against minions. Mace of Spades (Q) Costs: 20/23/26/29/32 Health 10/8.5/7/6.5/5 sec Cooldown Mordekaiser's next 3 hits are empowered. The first deals 3/6/9/12/15 (~+.23 total AD) (+.2 AP) bonus magic damage. Each extra strike deals 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 times the bonus damage of the last, up to X (+X total AD) (+X AP). [Max damage is 4 to 9 times the first hit damage based on rank. For example: rank 1 is (Attack 1 = x. Attack 2 = 2x, Attack 3 = 4x). rank 5 is (Attack 1 = X. Attack 2 = 3X. Attack 3= 9X)] Harvesters of Sorrow (W) No Cost 12/11/10/9/8 sec Cooldown Passive: Even with allies present, Mordekaiser gains full experience toward leveling up from minions he kills. Experience Earned: X. Active: Target an ally champion: Both gain 75 movement speed toward one another. When they touch, both deal 140/180/220/260/280 (+.6 AP) magic damage over 4 seconds. Reactivate to both instantly steal 50/70/90/110/130 (+.3 AP) health from nearby enemies (33% heal on minions, max 3 unites; deals magic damage). Siphon of Destruction (E) Costs 24/36/48/60/72 Health 6/5.75/5.5/5.25/5 sec Cooldown Mordekaiser deals 35/65/95/125/155 (+.6 total AD) (+.6 AP) magic damage in a cone. For each Champion hit, he gains 15% maximum shield. Children of the Grave (R) No Cost 120/105/90 Sec Cooldown Passive - Dragon Force: Damaging the Dragon will Curse it for 10 Seconds. Active: Curse target Champion and steal 20/25/30 (+.04)% of their maximum health (half initially, half over 10 seconds; deals magic damage). Curse Effect: When killed by Mordekaiser's team, the Cursed unit's soul will follow Mordekaiser for 45/60/75 seconds. Mordekaiser gains 30% of their ability power and 25% of their bonus health. The ghost gains 10/25/50 attack damage and 15% of Mordekaiser's maximum health. The ghost can be controlled by hitting the alt key and using the right mouse button ot by reactivating this ability.
: After playing a blind pick i must say he is absolutely awful at top lane with this new Q even though i maxed it first.Enemy garen simply walked away from me so i couldn't hit the 3rd lvl of Q. This is absolutely atrocious.He might work at bot lane though i am highly doubtful about it but at top he is dead with this new Q.Good fucking job.
Did you start boots? Did you have MS Quints?
: Dude, please. Just stop. We understand it does "OP DAMAGES LOLOLOL", but there's too many things to COUNTER a SLOW auto attacker. Mobility will completely counter this. Why are you trying to defend Morde solo, when it's gone.
Why not build to counter his weaknesses with items like Rylai's, Boots of Swifntess, Zephyr, Randuin's and Blade of the Ruined King? Easy to hit Q's with that build. Also, I got a good amount of solo lane experience with him at PBE. Oh, the Q AD ratio is actually 299% on PBE atm.
: OH boy just noticed that his Q has significantly higher cooldown on top off the increased cd compared to the live Q. If you won't hit anything with activated Q it has a nice 3 second cooldown.Which further increases the more you wait out and trying to hit strategically.SASUGA RIOT Here is how it works: You activate Q you have 3 seconds to hit something.If you are trying to wait out to last the last second it will still refresh the cd to 10 seconds and so on. So you can have a maximum 19 second cooldown on a lvl1 Q compared to the 8 second live version.This means you can cast current Q 2 times while you can only cast PBE Q once if you try to not mindlessly hit things.This means a 50% DPS decrease.While the single target damage is not that great either compared to the current live values. Also NOTHING guarentees you can hit the some target 3 times so the damage will be spread.While the live Q will deal dmg ALWAYS in AoE if there are more targets around.Therefore it will deal more dmg. More things to mention is the heavily nerfed base attack speed and as/lvl nerf increase the cooldown no matter what you do.So the PBE q will have always bigger cooldown compared to the live one. Other things is even bots are able to run away from me hitting Q on them 2-3 times.I think it demonstrates rather nicely how much a nerf his Q got. So far: NERFS: base attack speed AND AS/lvl decrease (really big nerf) base movement speed nerf (again a really heavy nerf) Attack Frame improved, but no longer scales as well with Attack Speed <-- what the fuck Passive: Nerfed.No longer scales with Mordekaiser level + base amount.Instead it is based on max HP.Even with Targons's Brace current version will give more max shield at lvl6.So unless you don't go for HP early-mid game his shield amount is less in any circumstanse. It becomes better late game where you get enough HP but what about before that??? Generates less shield when dealing dmg by his abilities including against champions.Though thanks to E he gets bonus %max hp per hit champ. Buff: Shield won't decay to 0. Q: heavily nerfed.I can't even comprehend how is this any good. W: changed(nerfed).No more defensive steroid instead it heals for some.Completely fucking useless for solo laning. E: Slightly decreased cooldown which means slightly increased DPS.However base dmg gutted so if there are no AD items in the inventory it got nerfed. Will need around 160 AD to get the same base dmg as live E.So it's a nerf until you reach 160 AD. R: Range decreased. What??? Nerfed base dmg. come on... BUFFS: Some base stats. R:Buffed duration which is nice however good luck getting a ghost with this kit.Getting a dragon will be probably the way to go.And the ulti will be probably used as a sustain throughout a fight and if you get a ghost that's just icing on the cake making it again retardedly powerful... So which ever path you choose you are fucked. Max Q and be useless because you won't be able to land the 3 hits.Max E and deal way less damage until you get 160 total AD at least. Maybe maxing W is the way to go in not solo lane.
S@20: Attack Speed per level increased to 3 from 2.6 Attack Range increased to 200 from 125 -> Big Buff Attack Frame is definitly better now HP regen per 5 increased -> Big Buff Also his Movement Speed is 330 on PBE. Passive: Giantic buff, since you will most likely rush Rylai's for more lane sustain and because it scales best with him, together with the no longer decaying under 25% which is the biggest buff of it. Also, the Decay is less than before, especially early Q cooldown goes down to 5 seconds and you will max it first, so where is the problem? It is a giantic buff. W Change was neeed because of the drastic increase in Q power. E Your base AD is 150. Also E needed a nerf with the drastic increase in Q power and because of a Juggernaut playstyle.
: Feedback after first match with him against intermediate bots: Passive is definitely an improvement.Especially the no decay to 0 shield. Q: With the base attack speed nerf AND AS/lvl scaling this ability feels awful. I can barely reach 1.0 AS with Trinity... I will miss the old Q.It was a fantastic wave clearing ability. W: The live version is superior because of the defense steroid alone. E: The VFX is pure shit.Sorry if i sound rude but the old VFX for this spell was perfect.This new one is pretty bad.It might be tweaked with upcoming patches but the fact somebody thought the base VFX would look something like this saddens me. Suggestion: Mordekaiser steals x% movement speed from every hit target.Half amount from minions.Rapidly decays over x seconds. This would give him the needed ms he lacks and since E is on a fairly large cd it wouldn't be op. R: Keeping this ulti was probably not a good idea since you changed his kit.The chance of getting a ghost of an enemy ADC is reduced even further.Yeah you might get the ghost of the enemy tank,bruiser.MAYBE but even that is not guarenteed in coordinated plays. You basically killed his pushing ability when he is alone.This is not cool at all especially with the attack speed nerfs. His E hardly deals dmg.You still didn't adress his problem of needing every kind of stat at the same time.Tenacity might not be a must have but at the same it is since Mordekaiser's shield is generated via his abilities.If he could generate it somehow via on-hit effects that would be a nice change. Cooldown is still a must have imo along with MR,Armor,HP. Also i died to bots several times which has never happened before...
Did you read the maximum Q damage? First, it no longer replaces the basic attacks, so these you have to count in as well: 3 attacks + 195 (+260% TOTAL AD)(+260% AP) Yknow how much fking damage that is? If it would be easy to apply his Q it would be just painfully OP. But, of course, if you itemize attack speed, movement speed and slows with a good amount of tankyness, it can work.
: E, and Q don't make up for him being only 3/4'ths of a champ in solo, sorry. Also, W gave a good amount of wave clear, and dueling potential. This rework sucks, and shouldn't EVER be considered hitting live.
Yeah, you are completly stubborn and didn't even do the math that his damge even without W is just insane...
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Man, i hate all these comments with all people not even doing math. Of course, Morde's optimal build will change but you can still play him solo quite easily and benefit from jungle ganks even more. First, people claim his E damage got drastically nerfed. You notice the total AD ratio, means ALL your AD is in it, also the base? You notice the base AD increase? You notice that he really well now scales with AD? Adjust your build to it and it will be fine, especially with Gunblade and the new items. You also generate way more shield again, the reason Morde was OP back in the old days. For his W being nonexistant in a solo lane, his Q and E are very strong in it. You note his Passive got a huge buff as well? And that his R is a buff should be without a question as well.
: Abyssal Scepter Context
Attempt to fix this: Release this item as a new item. Then: {{item:3001}} Abyssal Scepter: {{item:1058}} Needlessly Large Rod (1250) {{item:1057}} Negatron Cloak (850) {{item:1052}} Amplifying Tome (450) (450) 3000 100 AP 50 MR Unique Passive: x% magic damage dealt to you gets stored up to x (scaling with level). After x seconds out of combat, you start loosing x% of stored. Upon triggering a spell-effect, this amount gets unloaded onto your enemy, dealing magic damage. Has an x seconds cooldown. This is kinda like the idea behind {{item:3180}} Odyn's Veil and would put the item in its own category to counter enemy magic damage. Also way less situational. And it is kinda a counterpart to {{item:3157}} Zhonya's Hourglass
: Sated Devourer
So why you do not finish the game pre that Shaco gets his Devourer finished?
: The difference is you have to work up and get a lackluster item that you might want something else over to start stacking like those 3 do from the very beginning of the game with still being able to focus on their build. All 3 of them even stack faster than this item does.
I just say every 5 seconds 1 ad, every 10 seconds 2 AD, every minute 12 AD, 30 minutes 360 AD. Together with infinite sustain.
: Nasus, Sion and Veigar all have infinite scaling as well...
There is a differnce between Champions and items in terms of infinite stacking. On items it can cause way easier problems than on fixed champions. Think about that item on Aatrox, for example.
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
Flesheater is definitly not a reference to Pudge, definitly. But i like the item concept, problematic tho that it has no cap.
: seems so. I hope thats not an intended try on nerfing runglive-ap-ezreal. Really would be sad if that little bugger causes nerfs to runglaive just like he did to Iceborn... The synergie with rylaise and spellvamp really was great on runeglaive, i'd really hate to see that go.
Not only Ezreal, also Gangplank. Gangplank could really abuse this as well and the AP item rework only makes him stronger at what he does.
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: [5.14] Zeke's Herald update coming to PBE
Did anyone actually mention that 50% Crit Chance is kinda one of the most op things in the game ever? If you have this item and fight while it is active, you singelhandedly instantly win everything.
: [5.14] Zeke's Herald update coming to PBE
Wouldn't it be better to let it build out of Aether Wisp and give it movement speed? This would help the passive interaction and would make overall more sense than 2 amplifying tomes. 40 AP, 5% or 6% Movement Speed.
: [5.14] Zeke's Herald update coming to PBE
I don't really like that it has Crit, I would rather like AD so it is usefull with someone like Ezreal or Kalista. You then also have more targets available.
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