: One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!
So hello, as someone may told, but IP boost didn't working properly if you loose a game, I don't know if it works when you win a game, but over a hour game lost didn't brought a boosted ip, all skins was unlocked by me for 150 rp, also the boost as it says. :)
: [bots] -custom game bots do not move-
Same for me as well, they just stuck, and thats all.
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: Blue vs Purple team side.
Good to hear that you have same opinion as mine as well, let's wait for more people to watch this, hopefully riot will see this, that my main goal. :)
: [Suggestion] PBE Skins Kit
Well actually I don't really know, because with all champion kit's we have some lag until the shop loads, or profile page champions, or something else, so imagine what lag all skins could bring? Since they all are tested earlier, I don't think so that they need to give us all skins kit, It is test server and we have to test new things, not the old one's which are fine, and also new things costs 1 ip, so well, my opinion - no.
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: [Feb 28] OS Compatibility Test
So hello, as my first post comes out to here. I have pretty good computer, but from this patch, I started feeling lags in game itself, not like connection lags or something, but fps drops, I've never feel this thing before, but on pbe I feeling it very hardly. I've tried to go on EUW, played one match and didn't had any problems about that, but on pbe, it is something about it, also the free moving of mouse are really strange(never was like that before) Maybe it's fine and Its only for me, but just wanted you to know this, goodevening. =)


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