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: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Alright, I'm a "rare" Quinn "main". (I say she's my main ADC cause she's currently my favourite, and generally I win lane with her. If I dont win lane, i generally win game.) I have some of my best games on her, both KDA and otherwise. **You are taking away everything I like about Quinn.** Q Changes: Her blind makes her competitive with her short range. Its a SKILLSHOT in human and a MELEE AoE as a bird. It's no worse than Teemos, in fact its better because unlike Teemos, he's is a SKILLSHOT and you might miss. Could Quinn use more clear? Maybe, but taking away one of the only things that made her strong and competitive is NOT the way to do it. E Changes: I like it how it is, but this Vault (E) has had its dash speed increased, and it should now more reliably return you along the vector you dashed in on. sounds like it would be nice to have on current Quinn. Passive Changes: I dont know if I read this wrong but it sounds weaker to me, especially against tanks. Quinn is one of the few adcs that can hold up against tanks and make a dent. Why take her strength and make her weak? R changes: Please don't. It sounds stupid, it looks stupid, it IS stupid. Having Quinn attack as a bird, gaining attackspeed, movement speed, and assassinating people was one of the things I looked forward to whenever I played her. Valor made Quinn strong against popular picks like Vayne and Jinx. (Not Kalista because Kalista's E still stack which is a complaint for another topic) her abilities changed and it is what made her (for me) FUN to play. These proposed changes are going to make me cringe. You are taking one of the things that makes a champion fun, different, and her ability to tear up towers and inhibitors and giving her... what? Nothing. I'm telling you know, if the servers ever allow me to play again and these proposed changes come through I am either NEVER playing ADC again or finding a new main. Quinn is my favourite, she may need a touch up - but for me, these changes are not the kind of touch up she needs. Thank you for your time. Edit: To add to this, Hypothetically, whenever Elise gets her rework, are you going to remove her spiderlings and spiderform? Would Jayce lose Canon form? Would Nidalee lose cougar? Because to me, this is what these proposed changes sound like. You're removing a core thing, part of a champions identity and just... no. Make this kit on a new ADC, but leave Quinn the way she is and touch up on the places she actually needs to be touched up on. Take a Q&A if you have to, take as long and as carfully as you are with Taric if you have to, but don't do this to Quinn. Quinn mains like myself don't want these changes.


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