Back for more Kat skins! Her chest looks weird because of how...outward it goes (really noticeable on 1 & 2 in the first picture, though I guess that's a model problem that can't be changed). Changing the color there or making her jacket larger to cover it would help there. Her lower body could also use brighter colors like her top, more flairs of white/pink. Her right arm, as said by Stoned Puppy, just looks ridiculous when you look at it with the pivot, and the fins on it jut out really weird at some angles. Her arms themselves just feel a bit frail, the fins do help but the placement makes the areas without them look even thinner. Particle wise though, amazing! I think darkening the Q and W + sharpening the audio would help it a bunch too. The recall is to die for and amazing {{item:3070}} Thanks so much for making the new skin! Sorry for the long list...I want one of my favs to be fully fleshed out and pretty in her new skin :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Katarina!
Putting something in her hair sounds cool, the flowers look a little childish? Or just a bit boring :/ The colors on the body are a bit dull (pants specifically), but overall its really nice concept. Recall is soo niceee


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