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: There's a problem with Bard
I was surprised of two abilities that seem similar to two of my own Custom Champions that I've made. One was that he could place heal-buffs that increase over time and the other was that he created a portal that allows both allies and enemies to use, but both skills weren't exactly like the ones from Bard.
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
Thanks for the proof that you guys don't keep a watch over those comments/reports. I've reported a bug that I've encountered one week ago, and yet you didn't wrote it in the thread - thus means I've wasted my time thinking that I could contribute as a PBE member. I miss the old times, when the PBE was closed and there was a system - now almost millions are flooding the pbe servers and not even you Riot keep watch. I'm testing since season 2 btw. I've felt you don't read anymore (or not every report) since Yasuo. I've reported a glitch with Lucian back then and it was solved, now nothing.
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
First a bug, then the feedback (If anyone appreciates at all..) #BUG: If you cast Q and yet no target gets damaged, it will be not counted as a basic attack and thus is open. This bug occured when the second basic attack should've dealt damage, but only the animation came - so the second and third basic attack were open. (Imagine you cast Q and attack a minion - that minion dies though in the process before the hit could be inflicted - the animation goes through, it seems like she did a third basic attack and thus the last one for Q - but Q is still ready and is over upon next basic attack (theoretically the fourth). #FEEDBACK: Overall I feel that Rek'sai is a very strong and dominant pick. For me as a main jungle and support, I will probably main her as Jungle and try her as a Support (Just imagine how I'm at bot helping my marksman and if any other lane is in danger, I'll use Ultimate to help and return then with teleport). And there's another point. When I play Rek'Sai, teleport/smite (Jungle) or teleport/flash (For top lane) would be the best and greatest combination. I can appear with Ultimate and appear again with teleport - to have a increased ganking potential and increased map control, as the Ultimate has a very high, but reasonable Cooldown; I can use teleport instead. I feel Rek'Sai is overall a strong Champion. She can burrow very fast and appear very fast, feeling that her whole kit is fast-paced, perhaps too fast-paced for a tanky jungler. She can outfarm and push a solo lane extremely hard due to her resourceless, yet strong AD kit. Good thing is, that her Q and E are not working together (E a single target ability, though dealing basic attack, but not proccing Q or vica versa). Though, she's a extremely strong split pusher and can, if played well, always escape. In my opinion, Rek'Sai's kit feels rushed. Did you guys play her on the alpha server for long? I mean, I get the feeling that Rek'Sai was pushed and not considerably tested out, because I feel extremely powerful with her. She can put up to 8 tunnels, and only needs 7 tunnels to go from blue to red buff with very ease. She has a strong clear farm and she's devastating with Trinity + Ghostblade + Blade of the Ruined King (And yet feels so tanky. At lvl 15, with Trinity, BotrK, Ghostblade, Infinite Edge, I could chunk Baron Nashor's health below 50% before I was dead. This means something, right?) #MY SUGGESTION: * Lower Rek'Sai's E(Burrowed) cooldown about 20% and make it able that monsters (if attacked) and minions can attack the tunnels. * Make it able that when Rek'Sai uses E when burrowed or uses a tunnel, that upon use of W in the middle of the animation, she can appear immediately where she is - it creates more diversity and more chances of some great plays. * Halve Rek'Sai's Q damage. Add that when Q is active and E is used, Rek'Sai performs her Q (on primary target), but enemies (secondary targets) receive Q's damage plus half of E's damage as true damage.
: I mostly made this post to clarify that it isn't Infinite and mostly as a joke, If you were to upgrade it however me and my friends would once again go to extreme heights to get the Highest Possible Dmg with 600 Armor and Without any Armor {{summoner:13}} OP BRB, I plan to become a programmer and such and whats with the number being 254? Not 999 or 245?
You can't give a value like that infinite capacity, nor can you give a high capacity. It's basics of programming. If you create the stacks with 999 max value, then the 999 will take a great bite in your systems. No matter if those 999 are used or not, they will be taken for reservation. If it goes above 100 (Or like CertainlyT meant that 254 is max in this case), then it can crash the system or bug the game like hell. About 254 - I guess it has nothing to do with the programming itself. At max attackspeed (2.5) multiplied by 90 seconds of constant attacking, is 225. Plus 29 that can be inflicted by Kalista's Q - theoretically 254 stacks can be put on a enemy in a real match.
: You caught me. I'm upping the max stacks to 254. Going beyond that... is difficult. Can we agree that this is functionally infinite or does even the 254 limit (90 seconds of constant attacking at max attack speed) undermine the feeling of "infinite"?
CertainlyT, please don't change the stacks. You're right about the stacks being infinite for a normal player, 100 is enough and should not be changed. The idea itself is absurd, or even mentioning that there's no infinite stack amount.
: This sounds more as a joke fellow summoner ^^
The guy here claims that he tested out that the max stacks are 100 and not infinite.
: They could use an "int" variable for the value to go way higher. Also you're bad at reading jokes.
The guy here claims that he tested out that the max stacks are 100 and not infinite. Are you bad at reading? BTW: Integer has also a limit.
: to be honest, i dont see kalista in her picture very good, it really doesnt giv eyou a preview of how she will act
Better now?
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: Kalista, RITO LIED TO US!!!!
You seriously don't have the slightest idea of programming. You can't give a value infinite capacity or bugs and crashes will appear. In some sense, it's infinite.
: Wow you really want to be noticed :) well just because no one commented does not mean no one read, keep that in mind. I find his Passive very worthless, the burst of speed you get is not enough to catch someone who is already running away. The only time it helped me is when they forgot about my passive and stayed in lane. The ultimate needs its 60 sec cool down, unless they fix its control. Idk how many times i ran into a wall simply because i got too close or could not turn wasting my ult. The only use it has is running down lane or running down the river and unless they are standing right in front of you, you are probably going to miss.
"You really want to be noticed" - No. I want to be part of the PBE, and it seems that none of my feedback has been seen since PBE sign ups has been opened this year. I've reported many things, like Yasuo's recall changing direction when using the dance emote. I've reported that Azir can use the active of Tiamat & Ravenous Hydra when his soldiers are active. Guess what, both bugs were transferred to the official servers. I have my reasons to say that my feedback and reports are unnoticed and ignored. However, like I already said, his passive is only useless because he needs 1 to 1.5 seconds to revive. In that time even a guy without arms could easily escape. On top of that, Sion can't use actives like Botrk, which makes it more than useless. The Ultimate's cooldown is too low. Only because there needs a bit more practice, doesn't mean that a 1 minute cooldown justifies that. Take for example Vladimir. "Vladimir deals quite no damage at all - he can only suistain. His Ultimate should have a cooldown of 30 seconds to justifiy his low base damage abilities". None said that a new mechanic of a new Champion kit is always easy. It wasn't easy either for Yasuo players to first knock the enemy up in the air, but after practice it works. The only thing you have to keep in mind with Sion, is that you have to watch the path you walk. Never activate the Ultimate when in your path lies terrain or any other objects. River for example is a great startup or the lanes.
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: [Minor Bug] Azir & Tiamat / Ravenous Hydra
Does this report already exist or is my report not yet recognized by the higher authorities?
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: It's not free information, you have to have vision of the buff dieing so it's information you ALREADY have.
: I don't think Riot implementing timers is making anything easy, because it's information we already know, just presented clearer. Clarity is a good thing.
It does make everything easy - many people don't know the timers as they are lazy, newbies or don't care. People who care and are skilled enough can predict when the monsters will reappear.
: I don't understand how keeping tract of timers is skill. Having to write down a time is hardly difficult. The timers riot implemented are just more convenient, it's information we already know. I feel like a better solution would just have the jungle timers be a toggle, that way if you don't want them you can turn it off, but if you want them you can turn them on. Again there is no advantage because it's information you already know, just presented clearer through the timers.
It's better than to see an actual number that gives you free information - if you see the symbol that becomes slowly a full symbol, you can atleast say when the monster will appear.
: Doubt it would need the 1 minute ticks; just having it slowly fill throughout the respawn time would work. That said, amazing idea if riot ever decides to implement it.
That's my intention - I just put up the counter to show what I mean. The bad thing is that i'm not that good when it comes to explain what my thoughts or mind shows me.
: I think they should make it only enabled in normal games, Just to get you a feel of how often they re spawn. Disable them in ranked so jungle doesn't become easy:p
The only reason why Riot wants to invent this is because of the Curse Voice Chat that has been forbidden by Riot because it is a third party program that disturbs the gameplay of current League of Legends. It would be preferable to enable it on normals or even bot games (As same as in bot games you can see the actual tower range indicator) - But it would enable the same problem as before with Curse Voice Chat. Many used it only because of the timer notification, and that's why it is.. sadly.. essential to listen to the community for Riot. However, my idea is somewhat a middle thing - it won't be too easy and won't be too hard. It allows everyone to see when the monsters respawn soon or if it needs some time.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Jungle Timers!
Dear Riot - I have an idea how to implement the new feature and in the same time don't make it too easy - as this is the only reason why the people in the community of league of legends (honestly I'm counting myself in) react when they see that you're giving those informations that easily for people who should learn by themselves when dragon, monsters and baron nashor spawns. Please look at the picture I've made (Sorry for the crappy quality) It shows for example the Baron timer - No actual numbers, but the symbol will become clearer and clearer for each minute until it fully becomes clear and baron has been respawned at 7 minutes. This can be added to all buffs/objectives and would make it still "skill" dependent or let's rather say.. it would make things easier for everyone, for peoples who learned the respawn times and for those who don't want.
: No it shouldnt.. sorry, but I'm against this idea. It would give every player nearby Braum a "Ohmwrecker" for free. There needs to be risks taken when you towerdive.
Whoever of those noobs who downvote like kids read this: It is extremely UNHEALTHY to draw tower agro whenever your team mates get the agro first. TOWER AGRO IS THERE TO KEEP CHAMPIONS OUT OF TOWER RANGE AND LET THEM BE SAFE. IF HOWEVER BRAUM COULD DRAW ANYTIME THE AGRO, EVERYONE WOULD TOWERDIVE IN EARLY AND THEN THE BALANCE IS RUINED.
: Ohmwrecker completly disables tower agro for a while, this would only switch tower agor as if the first person walked out of range.
FFS - It is LITERALLY a second Ohmwrecker. Ohmwrecker is there to take the tower shots away, same as your idea.
: Braum - [W] - If you shield an ally who is tanking tower it schould make tower agro go over to Braum
No it shouldnt.. sorry, but I'm against this idea. It would give every player nearby Braum a "Ohmwrecker" for free. There needs to be risks taken when you towerdive.
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We don't need more people. We just need lesser toxic people. Most of the stupid people leave champion selection right after someone else took their Champion. This happens all the time when a new Champion is on the PBE - the more people leave, the more people are disbanded from joining another queue.
: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
All in one - pretty good job on visual update. The only thing I have a problem, is that we can't buy all skins and check them for any possible glitch/bugs. However, Gangster Twitch has the same emote as classic - it is about Twitch playing on his weapon the violine. With Gangster Twitch, his weapon turns into a machine gun, thus makes no sense visually and technically to play a violine (He has also no little staff to play)
: But it should be blue all the times, not red like classic
Flames are flames. It's first blue because of a chemical reaction.
: For the sake of the composition, in wanting to give Rumble his time in the spotlight with a login screen and a badass splash (that highlights the drill) he's flipped. I only work with the Splash dudes, can't really explain all the decision making behind that but Riot Silver has a thread that can speak to how Splash art is created:
Yeah I somehow knew that, just tried to find out if you guys noticed that :P I still believe that the drill would look fabulous (I'm scared to say this word) on the left arm, but I understand if the team suddenly are unsatisfied with the results.
: Hey, good eye! I posted a reply to this exact same feedback on Reddit--essentially, this is totally intentional. The artists decided that given the angle and perspective of the composition, it was better aesthetically to swap the arms. It is a mech after all; I'm sure parts are swappable! :)
Yeah I somehow knew that, just tried to find out if you guys noticed that :P I still believe that the drill would look fabulous (I'm scared to say this word) on the left arm, but I understand if the team suddenly are unsatisfied with the results.
: Keep in mind that Lux, like Lulu, started this game as a support. So, you guys can argue that one has burst, and the other has sustain, but regardless, they're both supports that have gone mid, and they have very similar skill sets, but Riot has only seen the need to pick on one of them. If the issue with Lulu is simply her sustain, her ult negating damage, then why are they nerfing her damage and talking about how her being mid lane is a bad thing, and they need to bring her back in balance as a support? These nerfs to her shield and her w do nothing to negate that.
True they started for Support roles, but both always had classification "Primary: Support / Secondary: Mage".
: You need to rework his Q because it looks the same as the Q without skin. If you rework it he will look nice.
It doesn't. The classic Q is just a flame. The Super Galaxy Q has a blue flame that turns to red flames.
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: Kassadin VO No longer relevent.
He has somewhat a silence. His Q interrupts cast/channels rather than giving a silence that stops the enemy from countering him. It stays in the ability description.
: Lulu have burst, using her E QQ combo especially with lich bane. What Lulu have is HIGH utility in form of movespeed+shield and a knock-up+health. The amount of HP a target can gain is IMMENSE, and this is the reason Lulu is so popular. It's similar effect to Kayle.
She's popular because she's a safe pick like Kayle. Whenever you are close to get killed, you pop up your ult and noone gained any benefits for compensation. Do you know what burst is? Viktor's E with 500 AP. Lux's R with 500 AP. Gragas Q with 500 AP. What lulu has, is something that is called "damage", but not burst.
: I honestly don't understand why Mid Lulu is such a bad thing, when Lux has everything she has and more, with a slightly different play style. Lulu's q is the same as lux's E, expect lux's e can stay around a lot longer and slow many more people than than a lulu q, given that it's an aoe, and not a straight line shot. Lulu has a silence with w, but lux gets a root, that adds a damage proc to her basic attacks, Lulu has a shield, but it only hits one person, while lux gets an AOE shield that can not only hit every person on her team if done right, can actually refresh, or even re-position if missed the first time around. Lulu has a heal and a knock up, but lux has a freaking death lasor, that can snipe an entire team, from a long way away, that cannot be interrupted in anyway shape or form. Lulu's passive adds damage to her basic attacks, but ONLY her basic attacks, Lux's passive not only allows her auto attacks to have more damage, but is refreshed by every damage skill she has, and allows her ult to not only proc it but refresh it entirely. How is one too strong, but yet the other considered balanced?
Lulu - Can't burst, long cooldowns, dependant on basic attacks poking, has no Ultimate to finish off. Lux - Has a two-snare ability, long cooldowns early - short cooldowns late, only needs basic attacks to proc her passive, has a great ultimate to snipe off or deal great damage. ***** Lux > Lulu Lulu is a single-target Champion, while Lux is a multi-target Champion. I don't like seeing a Lulu, because she#s a waste of place. She can't burst like a Lux. Lux is a fragile mage, while Lulu is a fragile mage with huge sustain ultimate (You almost can't get her) But it's my opinion.
: Super Galaxy Rumble Login Screen!
Riot, I've been wondering.. why did you mirror Rumble's mecha? The drill is in the animation on the right arm and the flamethrower on the left arm. But originally it's the flamethrower on right arm and the drill on the left arm.
: Thanks so much for the reports, Neverworld! This is super helpful and your format choice makes it really easy for us to parse everything. :D
I'm glad I was helpful! As long as I'm useful. I'll make my future post now in the same format, to ease your work!
: It would be better to post the Glitches in the Sub-community "Bugs". Because the responsible people will earlier take note from. But I think it's good to see someone who reports something like this. Keep it up! Thumps up! {{item:3025}}
Thanks, but I think those glitches aren't game balancing bugs, but rather visual bugs, which should be reported in the New Skins/New Champion Feedback, shouldn't? Well, a Rioter can change it anytime if it's in the wrong category. Thanks though!
: i totaly agree with the darker rengar color and if you do that you can give fizz some black color too would love to see fizz black and evil with some red pattern and red eyes :P thats a fizz skin i would buy :D so lets go back to rengar... rengar is a hunter but skinny like this he is more the unsuccessful hunter so give that guy some food ^_^ dont know if this is just my problem or if other guys see it the same way but for me it is realy disturbing :P i think rumble is awesome the w animation is ok in my eyes but i am not sure if it is visibly during fights or hard phases like auto attack trades in the middle of minions maybe you could make the shield bigger or more visible :) ctrl+2 = 3 different ones love to see that ^_^ but it was clear that rumble must be good because by now every astronaut skin was great so keep on going... Think Galaxy is the same category or am i wrong :)
Not really. Astronaut Nautilus and Teemo refers to the.. astronauts, well. Super Galaxy Rumble refers to the famous 90'er animes which inherited mostly those badass heroes with Mecha's (Like Gundam for example)
: I cant buy him... is he available? Edit: you can only buy him at the shop and not at his own page.. weird right?
Well kinda, but it's normal. Until there's no splash art, it won't show up. Or rather it's invisible, you have to click on it as if there's the skin on the last place.
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: The back is just for the decoration
It isn't... jesus christ, read the comments. The third tentacle is used. There are three different basic attack animation - left, right and then the back tentacle. Upon critical strike, ALL THREE will execute a basic attack.
: Riot doesn't answer to every single bug reports, especially if they know that the bug already exist. One thing that you should mention about the Sheen effect is if it applies it. If it does, the bug is low and is not a must fix, if it doesn't, it breaks the gameplay of the item and becomes a must fix.
It is about the visuals, not the effect.
: While a rioter may not have replied, it doesn't mean that they haven't seen your topic. I do agree that it would be really nice to have a "this is on our radar" kind of thing, but for most of the minor bugs and such they simply won't reply, especially if it's so straightforward. You can rest assured though that this almost definitely has been seen by a rioter.
I can't, believe me. Since Riot opened the PBE sign ups again, I can't come through with my feedbacks and bugreports. Yasuo had a glitch that if he recalls and uses the dance emote, he immediately turned away in a different location within the recall animation. I've posted this, nothing - even on the live servers was this glitch appearing, until then it was reported. I just would like some sorta "mark" on every thread that indicates that a Rioter has been entered this thread and has read it.
: When u say that only 2 tenticals show the glow on sheen, have you ever tryed using Lich Bane by any channce?? Cause for me i have the back one glowing.
I think I tried it with Lich Bane about 1-2 weeks ago and it wasn't working. However, I've tried it today again and I didn't wanted to spend more time when sheen's effect, nor even youmuu ghostblade has been fixed.
: Why would the 3rd be needed? He only attacks with the left and right tentacles anyways... the back is not needed. This is not a bug.
You aren't informed good enough. Look at this example: The third tentacle is used as one of the three available normal basic attacks. Upon critical strike, all three tentacles will be used at the same time.
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