: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
I found a bug where the client crashes if you switch to the store and back to the crafter too quickly after opening a chest. ​Steps to reproduce: 1. Open the Hextech Crafter 2. Open a chest 3. Immediately after clicking the orange open button, rapidly click the Store button, then click the Hextech Crafter button again. This step should be done as quickly as possible. I found the crash didn't occur unless I was very quick at pressing all three buttons. I believe you have to hit the store button before the chest opening animation actually starts. Result: The client crashes immediately. Expected result: You return to the Hextech Crafter. Edit: This works if you switch to your profile and back as well. It doesn't have to be the store. Edit 2: You don't even have to switch to a different tab first. Clicking the Hextech Crafter button again has the effect of refreshing that tab, and can also trigger the crash if done quickly after opening a chest.
: I don't even get why this works. Right now riot can send out a preliminary patch where the patcher thinks the person typed in "thereisnourflevel" as a temporary solution while they figure out the bugs... or can they? I don't know, I guess one semi-adolescent mind can't fathom the labyrinth that is Rito Industries.
It's an easter egg that's been in the (old) launcher for years. Apparently they decided to carry it over to the new launcher.
  Rioter Comments
: A couple things: 1. I wouldn't suggest skilling E first on Zyra 2. It completes the quest even if you skill Q instead which is weird 3. There is no guidance about when to use health pots (despite this often being a recommended item and having pots in my inventory). 4. It might be really tricky to figure out what to do with jungle creeps but I tried suiciding against a jungle buff monster and the only prompt I got was 'you should 'b' to heal' when I got low. Not sure if there should be a red-zone thing or a 'monsters are attacking you' thing. Or even just--here is what blue buff does when you walk up towards it. 5. Can using your trinket be a quest? Just like 'Use your trinket [7] to place a ward.' This could maybe be at like 10 minutes after somebody has already been to base and fought the bots. 6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'right click' or 'left click' indicator. I was one of those players who didn't use a single ability the first couple tutorial games I played and couldn't understand why because I was always right-clicking to use them. 7. I also think the RED danger zones around champs if they are attacking you is a wonderful idea. But it also seems like you want to encourage newbies to fight back with their skills against champs (instead of attacking the minions or something). I think the first 20 games I played I basically just ignored the enemy champs and only played PvE even in lane. Not sure exactly how to make this into a mission. Maybe like "Snare the enemy with you Grasping Roots [E]" and then putting a target sign up? Perhaps this just didn't trigger because I was doing it already. I dunno, it's super complicated for a newbie to figure out when to attack and when to run away. Maybe there can be subtle guidance to this effect built into the program, but at least when I played it seemed to encourage more defensive than necessary play, even when the bots were 3 levels down or something. "You are stronger! Attack now!" ??
2\. This is probably so that the quest doesn't get in the way if you've already played a MOBA before and feel like you want to level Q first instead. That, or it's a bug. In any case, what is supposed to happen if you level the wrong skill? Fail the quest? 3\. Either an oversight or they didn't want to add the complexity of using item actives (including health pots) to this mode. 4\. Most new players aren't likely to attempt jungling, but if it happens, it probably isn't a bad idea to include one or two prompts there (not sure what kind of prompts though). 5\. They discussed in the dev blog that they are deliberately not introducing trinkets or last hitting in Intro Bots in order to focus on the very basics of gameplay.
: I played the intro bot... while its not bad start, there are something that is missing... Warding. I know its too early to introduce players and that may overwhelming them, but at same time, I have seen tons of players not making a good habit of warding. I noticed that the bot did not attack us till 5 minute mark, why not use this to ward it. Maybe have bot hide in the bush, and tell player to ward into "bush" or something. Maybe that ll be a totally new tutorial to help players do better at warding. ... Just my thought.
The bots don't attack until 5 minutes because some players might need that long just to figure out how to use their abilities and move their champion around (and also to do so a few times to get comfortable with it). If you go tell them to go ward somewhere before they've probably even figured out how to use item actives, it somewhat defeats the point. I would definitely be in favor of teaching warding (and last hitting) in a separate tutorial though.
: I feel like this mode is...unnecessary in its current state. There needs to be a lot more explanation for this to feel like a "learning experience". The circles beneath enemy bot's feet, for example, need to be clearer as to what they mean, for one. Second, I noticed there was a very gradual experience gain before minions even got to lane. I got to level 2 before we even cleared the first wave. This is a terrible idea if it's intentional. You're conditioning players to believe experience gains are that quick. That and the lack of opponents early...and the lack of opponents attacking them much at all (it felt like they almost NEVER attacked and were incredibly easy to kill just by autoattacking since they didn't really run either). It'll be a bit of a jarring moment to have players suddenly not get that level 2 or have immediate lane opponents or be assaulted when they go into normals or higher level bots. It's a similar reasoning to another Red Post I saw addressing the idea of a Fog of War-free map for new players. It's giving them the wrong information to learn on. If you want to encourage knowledgeable play, you need to also enforce stuff like people placing wards, nudging players towards objectives like dragon once every player on the team hits level 10 or something, and do what the tutorial does and make a quest when a player has 1600+ gold in their pocket to consider going back and spending it. Offer suggestions for what abilities to max first instead of just giving them what the level up at level 1. Quests like "Put a point into each of your abilities", "Try maxing your Q first!","Place a ward in a nearby brush", or "You're taking a lot of (either magic or physical damage)! Try building an item from your defensive items with the appropriate (armor or magic resist)!" would be great. Another thing you might want to look at is giving incentive to completing quests. As it stands, it's just sort of there as a "hey, maybe do this" suggestion rather than a goal so there's nothing really driving a new player towards listening to the tutorial. Maybe do like what you're doing for the ranked teams ward progression and offer players summoner icons for completing quests in Intro Bots. It'll be like an "I survived basic training" badge of honor for new players. Just my thoughts. My suggestions would require a lot of extra work I realize, but I feel like if you're going to create a "teaching mode", it really has to go that extra mile.
Pretty sure they are keeping it simple intentionally to avoid overwhelming players with too much info at once (they talked about this in the [dev blog](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/building-better-onboarding-intro-bots)). Things like warding, advanced item builds, and last-hitting should come later. They are also making the game a bit more slow-paced and forgiving initially (with the bonus XP and bots not coming to lane until you've had a bit of time to adjust to controlling your champion to fight minions). It's good game design to not overwhelm the player with every feature the game has at the start, in order to avoid overwhelming you with everything at once. For example, in Portal, the final levels have complex solutions, involving portal jumps, companion cubes, lasers, and other assorted elements, but if those levels came at the beginning of the game, you would probably never beat them. Instead, they introduce the various game mechanics one step at a time. Just because Riot is releasing Intro Bots doesn't mean they won't be releasing stuff later to help players learn the advanced aspects of the game. And the existing Co-op vs AI mode will still exist, so once players have a handle on Intro Bots, they can essentially "advance to the next level" by playing Co-op vs AI.
: No sound for Xerath except for auto attacks without overwhelming power
They haven't made the new sound effects for him yet. They want to finalize his kit first.
: I just tried to make a game with a fellow janna and alistar. When they both knocked up, I was able to ulty. So ANY kind of Knockup (airborn) makes your ult usable. That's what the ult says anyways. "Dashes to a unit for heavy damage. Can only be cast on Airborne targets."
Synergy with allied knockups is intended. This isn't a bug, unless the ultimate is applying to self-inflicted knockups like Zigg's or Tristana's jumps.
: yeah it happened to me too. when i used e on that new jungle monster he just passed through the wall. Maybe its intended as riot said his e is like fizz q.
Fizz Q is supposed to not pass through walls after it hits it's target, so I think this is a bug.
: [11/23/13] List of currently known Yasuo Bugs
If Yasuo is jungling, and uses E on a jungle minion, occasionally he'll pass through the wall behind the minion, instead of stopping in front of the wall. The jungle minion needs to be close enough that Yasuo would stop behind them if there were no wall.
: Options Disabled in Replay
Do you have a copy of the replay this happened with?
: ARAM no items
This also happened in our All-for-one game: http://i.imgur.com/LCPfjG6.jpg
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
What ranked queue looks like when you don't have sixteen champions: http://i.imgur.com/DEHkTxN.jpg What One-for-all queue looks like when you don't have sixteen champions: http://i.imgur.com/hjgCuNx.jpg After attempting to enter One-for-all queue: http://i.imgur.com/ta5hOau.jpg This seems a bit inconsistent.


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