: As someone said previously, Can we please be able to honor an opponent, _please_? Since the first integration of Honor Update, I've seen quite more respectful and humble players across the other team and feeling like I should interact with that person more than 'hey, u're cool' in /all chat. Maybe was the one who solo-carried them w/o bragging about the whole time or the chill guy who even tho he lost his lane, he didn't start to blame anyone in /all for the mistakes committed. I've got nothing to say on the Orbs&Capsules atm, I'll just have to spend some time and see how I feel about them. Thank you & the other cool Riot members for your work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you for the feedback and testing! Unfortunately, we aren't delivering Honoring opponents with this update, but we hear you.
: Hi NeuroCat! I'm glad to see some changes to the honor system! Thank u! I like the new direction of this but i'm wondering about the Honor Orbs, what will it be contain? And will the honor capsules change? or will it still have the usual?
TL;DR - Orbs will generally contain key fragments and Blue Essence/Champ Shards. Capsules will generally contain an amped up amount of what's in orbs, plus a cosmetic item of some sort (ward skin, emote, exclusive champ skin). Higher level orbs/capsules will give you better stuff.
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: shouldn't "Hate Speech" and "Verbal Abuse" be under the same category? also I love how you removed "Unskilled Player" and added "Cheating"! This report system is a lot cleaner then the current one. great job! :D
Hate Speech specifically is referring to instances of racism, sexism and homophobia, which we have zero tolerance for. Verbal abuse can exist without including hate speech.
: So when are we going to be able to report people in champ select? Really tired of people trolling because they didn't get their role, or because someone on the team played poorly last game.
Before we start considering what a champion select report experience would look like, we want to see how things shake out with the new champion select/draft mode. Hopefully, this should solve a lot of issues arising from role conflict.
: Thank you! One thing though... Do you think you could group up similar report groups? My suggestion would be to list them in this order (from top to bottom): Leaving the game/AFK (having this one first makes the list look nicer since it doesn't have a description), Cheating, Negative attitude, Intentional feeding, Verbal abuse, Hate speech, and Offensive or inappropriate summoner name (leaving this one last also makes it nicer due to no description). This order keeps similar things next to each other (the four behavior categories and the three speech categories grouped together), making it easier to find the groups you need at a glance. Additionally, just as a small, grammatical nitpick- could you change the comma in the description box to a dash (-) or a semicolon (;)? The way it is right now is technically improper grammar (it's colloquial, so if that's what you're going for then it's fine).
The nitty gritty here is still work in progress. We intentionally separated hate speech and cheating from the other categories of "chat-related offenses" and "gameplay-related offenses" because we have zero tolerance for them. I'll look into the grammatical stuff :)
: >With these upgrades, we’re allowing up to 3 categories to be selected when reporting a player. I love you >In the future, players who falsely report others may face penalties. I love you alllllllll Question! The "unskilled player" report will be permanently removed, then? Also, any plans on more PBE-specific report stuff?
Unskilled player is gone! [Lyte made a good context comment here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3owsvr/updated_reports_coming_to_the_pbe/cw18hqx)
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