: Sure. Feel free to provide us with the issue (preferably with images) and I can fwd it to skins QA!
Sure. It's been like this since Veigar's small visual update (Back in 2015, according to Youtube). The lower part of the skin is supposed to have a pink/red triangular pattern akin to the one Final Fantasy's White Mages have, but ever since the visual update, the lower part of the skin is entirely red. I can see the triangular pattern on the modern model, but instead of having only the triangles red colored, everything is colored red. [[Link to the images]](https://imgur.com/a/HSAPu) It's a smaller issue, and the skin is one of the cheapest, but even the splash art has the correctly colored pattern and I just love white mages, so it's been bothering me for a long time.
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
> [Disclaimer: We have no insight about upcoming/future skins but can forward any skin-related issues to the right people.] Does this mean I can ask here for someone to fix White Mage Veigar's robes so it has the White Mage's triangular pink pattern again, or am I supposed to stick to stuff currently in testing?
: Why not just make chromas always IP purchasable? I know you need to make money somehow (and even then there are already tons of stuff that encourages spending money, and it's way better than chromas), but if you made the IP cost something high like 3k IP per 1 chroma (with no IP bundles), you could still encourage RP buys instead of coming across as greedy. Sorry if this post comes across as really negative, but that's just my opinion in chromas, I honestly doubt they will ever be considered good without an IP purchase. I like the aesthetics idea though, for example Teemo looking more like a dog even though it's an entirely unrelated skin. It looks great.
I think this is overall an improvement. They'll be available twice a year for IP and impatient people can buy them whenever they want for a small amount of RP. Its mostly a win-win situation, and it's probably the best we can get. After all, Cromas do require some resources from their part, and they do need to get some profit out of that time spent making them. I'd say 300 RP is still a bit more than what I'd be willing to pay for one recolour, but I guess making them cheaper would be unrealistic, especially after they decided to spend more time making the recolours more visually appealing and not just, like... fully green bard.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes V2 (feedback wanted)
Well, the auras are more usable than the 250 ones, that's for sure. They don't feel that bad to tag people with them. Still, allow me to say, it's saddening seeing how you keep taking power from the auras to give it to spellcast and power chord, when it should be the other way around: Strong auras with a nice added bonus in the power chord (Which worked as Xerath's passive: It gave you a reason to get close to the enemy and an oportunity for the enemy to kill you). That was her main selling point, her auras. And the reason why I bought her. I miss old Sona so much...
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
Ok, I tried the new kit and I feel she would be a better utility mid than an actual support. Let's start with the good: - 40% CDR feels great late game. I actually had lots of fun rotating my spells and having my Q up almost always. - E feels really strong. I can easily dance around the battlefield and go in and out as I please. - This is not related to the ability changes, but it's one of the reasons I think she's a great utility mid: With Lich Bane and the new Chalice, she's great at healing allies. Just by poking the enemy, you have a bunch of health ready to give to your allies. It would be funny to see the jungler visit the mid lane to just heal back, or roam to another lane to give a bunch of health and provide some utility and damage And now the bad: - The auras are awful. So much so that they might as well be removed entirely from her kit (Which is the opposite of what I would want). I remember when Sona was changed, you guys said her auras were going to be smaller and non-persistent but more powerful. Not only they feel less powerful than before, now you won't even use them at all - or at least, not purposefully. It requires to be so close to an ally that you won't even make it in time to tag him until you have a few levels with E, which is another point in mid Sona's favor, as she wouldn't need to tag an ally until team fights start, and at that point your E would be more relevant, allowing you to tag everyone by just moving around the battlefield. -- The stronger shield gets completely negated by the short range aura. In lane it's impossible to hit someone with a shield to avoid damage, and in team fights you actually need to quickly rotate your spells to get the speed up and the shield right after - something really hard to do as you can't stack auras. - Q poke went down by so, so much, it can be easily felt. By the time you have your spell back, so does your enemy. That means each Q makes you take a lot of risk to poke the enemy, and W healing is still so small and has such a huge mana cost, you just run out of steam super quick. You have to either leave without health or leave without mana. - I actually had to skip the sightstone a few times to feel relevant, which doesn't really work with supports. My choices were: Fuse sightstone with the support item so you actually get the sightstone but lose the utility active of Frost Queen's, get Frost Queen's and sightstone and still have awful health/mana problems, get Frost Queen's and Athenes then sightstone. And I even had the mana regen mastery. Mid Sona's choice is so much easier. You can just pick up the Athenes and poke. You can win by just outsustaining the enemy midlaner and you don't have to worry about Sightstone. This is pretty much what I can remember right now. I'd love to see Sona's kit shift to actually make auras feel more relevant, rather than the spellcasts. I'd give suggestions, but most of them require some major ability changes, like making auras persistent and bigger, just like old Sona, but maybe not just being stat upgrades (Q aura giving Ardent Censer-like AP damage to allies on hit/spell hit? W aura giving a very small amount of constant heal in a huge area? E aura giving slow resist or tenacity?). I'd be much happier with something like that than just throwing Staccatos everywhere and an ult here and there.


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