: Mana changes coming to PBE today
This is insanity. WHY ARE MAGES THE ONLY MANA GATED CLASS IN THE LATE GAME? The utter contempt the balance team has shown for mages since season 5 is disgusting. Hashinshin would have had a heart attack if he was a mid laner. I'm so infuriated with these waves after waves of mage nerfs being an endless onslaught since season 5. I thought I would quit then and I did effectively not play for a year. I'm not going to write a 25 page essay AGAIN breaking down the math of why mages are by FAR inferior to every other class in the game (especially tanks) BEFORE these outright nerfs being touted as "changes". I'm sick of giving detailed explanations, and by that I mean verifiable facts, of why mages have been dumpstered when no one listens. I'm simply going to say I quit if these nerfs go through. I have enough games in my Steam library to last a lifetime. YOU ARE GOING TO SEE THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS WHO QUIT AND DON'T RETURN INCREASE DRAMATICALLY AND I HOPE YOUR COMPANY SUFFERS SEVERELY FOR IT! You thought lots of people quit after playing Urf mode and realizing the game is too slow for their taste? Wait until you see how many quit and don't come back after this you pompous frauds.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
**Edit:** **One of the most agreed upon posts and it's completely ignored, you won't even provide us some numbers as an example or say anything to alleviate any worries. When mage items were initially dumpstered in price and stats the post wrote that you guys were more than willing to change or go back on anything, yet you're just compounding it with more nerfs, after despite near all the feedback saying the nerfs were far too much. Near every topic about it was ignored. Why aren't the hundreds of thousands of games of statistics enough to make you change your minds?!** **Why am I not surprised? The typical Riot "We are always right and we know what is healthy for the game and good for you" attitude continues. Because this game is so much more healthy and fun than it was in Season 4 right? No, it's not. Your model of what efficiency is fair for a mage is absurd and your stubbornness to acknowledge that or your mistakes is best described as disgusting.** **In any other industry this attitude Riot has would lead to instant company failure, but because of the foothold you have and relative lack of competition you just carry on doing whatever you want regardless of the opinions of the customer base; which at best you just get offended at and ignore unless it's something you can easily dismiss in a few lines based on your ideas rather than anything real or proven through thorough testing. Even if your ideas are statistically proven wrong you continue with them and call yourselves "overly correct" or similar insanity instead of ever admitting a mistake.** Original post: Why is AP being so heavily reduced after it was already heavily reduced while the crazy costs are still beyond unreasonable for what they provide? Mana regen removed in exchange for a negligible amount of mana? Why are you guys nerfing mages AGAIN so heavily? None of the mage ratios make sense anymore, they'd have to be dramatically increased at this point to compare to what other classes do. At the cost of 2400 gold for Banshee's tanks now really can ignore mages even if they have no resources. YOUR PRESEASON 6 CHANGES WHICH STAYED MADE LANING SLOWER AND MORE BORING while simultaneously ensuring that ~~tanks~~ any class with Banshee's/Visage can easily 1v1 any mage essentially gimping them. THESE CHANGES ARE GOING TO MAKE LANING EVEN MORE BORING/PASSIVE and make mages worse than trash later in the game. Whatever your intentions might be, which appears to be yet another all-encompassing nerf to mages, you're going to definitely make the laning phase a lot more passive. There's NOTHING in any of those items that's a net gain for mages, those mana amounts cannot possibly compensate for losing mana regen entirely and mage ratios are now a relic of the past which make no sense. CAN WE PLEASE SEE SOME MATH BEHIND THIS?! IN THE PRESEASON YOU GUYS CLAIMED YOU DID A MATH PASS WHEN DUMPSTERING MAGES, SHOW US THAT MATH! I honestly don't believe for a moment that you play mages otherwise you'd know how horrible they feel to play right now, and you'd find out very quickly they're chump change compared to all other classes in the game. I started playing sometime in 2011, with these changes I think I'm actually done after ~5 years, I think that's a wrap, I quit. If you showed anyone the Season 6 changes in S5, which was a disaster itself, they'd think it's a joke. Look up the stats of how many old accounts are going inactive this season, especially after these nerfs go through.
Rioter Comments
: "Minimum damage introduced at 40/60/80/100/120 flat damage" Hi Neo, welcome to reading comprehension 101.
I see English is not your first language. You have no idea what I'm talking about That's alright.
: It has a minimum damage cap, it isn't nothing. You overblowing things is laughable, and making me out to be a troll is a joke.
Read again. Edit: LOL you still don't understand. K.
: Calling people silver when you're poorly judging a character based on initial preseason impressions without testing it with the new items and massive overhaul that is happening around it. Silver attitude as anything.
Poorly judging based on your theories? "This character no longer does damage during laning phase" doesn't need testing, and changes to Vayne's AD by the slightest amount has already been tested. Tapping it makes her win rate plummet, been there, seen that. Oh how terrible of me for calling out some troll who had nothing real to say. If you're going to try to troll someone make sure you're not so easy to laugh at.
: http://dumpfm.s3.amazonaws.com/images/20100919/1284940399717-dumpfm-pizzadog-salt_shaker.gif
Meaningless as the first time. Sounds like you're of of those with a pitchfork and torch when it comes to Vayne. Enjoy Silver for the fourth season in a row.
: Salt.
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=GOYU GGnore.
: Updated reports coming to the PBE
I don't have the time to read through every post to see if this is covered, but here's one that's extremely common: Assisting the enemy team without feeding. Pretending to gank only to back away and spam laugh at your dead body, telling the enemy team where your wards are, where you are, pretending to fight in a team fight after saying going in then leaving the team to die, etc, etc. This is by far the most common form of trolling I've encountered. And they always get away with it. And encouraging reports for "negative attitude" based on giving up is going to get twisted so hard, every person to ever try to surrender is going to be reported. The inverse is even more annoying, when the enemy team have never died, have every tower, every dragon, baron, and the only thing you have is your Nexus towers and are 3 levels behind... and your team don't give up and report you for wanting to surrender that. That's going to happen literally millions of times. You guys want to prevent toxicity? Here's 4 simple steps to get rid of 95% of it: 1 - Allow avoiding people, I've had the same troll in at least 6 of my games, who intentionally did everything in his power to lose it. Come up with a method to allow people to block trolls from being on their team. Even if it means limiting it to a small list per person. 2 - The most important of them all, DO SOMETHING ABOUT 4/3/2/1v5 GAMES! If the entire team doesn't have a solid connection by X amount of time, the game is canceled, just like in every other MOBA ever and implement another measure for other forms of 4v5s. This isn't some impossible Wizardry, MOBAs from day 1 have features in place to prevent 4v5 problems. 6 years in LoL has nothing because "LOL TOXICITY!". 3 - Allow reporting recently encountered players outside of the game so those who troll in lobbies can be reported. 4 - Force ranked to be team builder style only. No more one trick poney Heimerdinger main raging that he didn't get mid or top proceeding to go Heimer Jungle only to hard feed or AFK farm until counterjungled into oblivion. A huge chunk of the frustration in the game comes from these people, in Platinum the one trick ponies play at a Silver level as anything else, they rage so hard that even their decision making goes down the toilet. You know what would help a lot with point 4? A sandbox mode for those one trick ponies and other types of unskilled players to practice in. But no, "LOL TOXICITY!" - Riot 2015.
: Concerning her base splash, I do like the addition of the orange shading because of the burning ship but I feel it may have been a little over done. Perhaps peel away a little bit of it. Mainly cause her icon is a little too orange. I also miss seeing that cherry red hair of hers when I look at champ icons
> [{quoted}](name=DerpTester,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=uIRkkeKu,comment-id=0026,timestamp=2015-07-11T00:09:31.636+0000) > > Concerning her base splash, I do like the addition of the orange shading because of the burning ship but I feel it may have been a little over done. Perhaps peel away a little bit of it. Mainly cause her icon is a little too orange. I also miss seeing that cherry red hair of hers when I look at champ icons I didn't want to comment because there is so much to talk about that I feel it's hopeless... but one thing that really bothers me is the change in her hair colour. Not necessarily just the change in the colour, but the fact that the new colour in comparison to the old is just outright dull. Not only does it look bizarre, but it sticks out to the point that it's distracting. It's so dull it actually contrasts with the rest of the game. As for her kit... why bother say anything, it feels like they're going to leave her feeling sub-par and outdone by the other ADCs just as she always has been. If I have to say anything regarding the kit, it's the same as everyone else, I'm extremely annoyed that they're still leaving strut as trash even when activated by W. Oh look a caster minion hit me, guess my passive is down for the rest of this fight.
: [5.13] Fix Candidate for Syndra E(Q)
I just want to mention that the R bug remains extremely frequent in occurrence. I'm talking 4 out of 5 ults frequent. This patch I also ran into another strange bug where her ult disappeared after casting, as in didn't show the animation, but still hit at least some of the orbs. I hope you guys aren't giving up and you're going to try to fix these problems.
: [5.13] Fix Candidate for Syndra E(Q)
Why is Syndra's knockback being removed according to the patch notes? Were you guys unable to fix its bugs so you're just removing it? It removes the only possible interaction she had with Yasuo. Edit: This patch doesn't seem to have removed it. What's going on?
: Anyway i think as per Reign of gaming they are checking out 0.3. Hope it stays there :)
> [{quoted}](name=Helliom,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=w6ngaLwf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-04T06:02:32.528+0000) > > Anyway i think as per Reign of gaming they are checking out 0.3. Hope it stays there :) It's 0.3 right now in the PBE. Honestly, with the chaos that's coming with the 5.13 item fuckery, who knows what will happen. The only thing for certain is that AP assassins will be extinct as of that patch. The maximum AP being dropped so dramatically hurts the assassins and mages that are already dead. They will have an even harder time vs all the tanks running around in this abomination of a meta. Meanwhile the cancerous champions like Teemo will be even more disgusting. 30 more AP on Liandry's + 20 more AP on Nashor's = NERF TEEMO NOW! For 180 gold he'll be getting 50 more AP meanwhile the AP types that can kill him are weaker. We need more bans.
: > I understood that, but I thought when it causes a minion to collide with another it's supposed to knock back. Was it ever like that or am I imagining things? Units knocked back does not cause other units to be knockedback, just damage. > I hope you guys are aware that Q -> E bugs happen in many different forms and that her R has had a serious bug since the Quinn release patch. Do you mean the bug where Syndra R causes her to stutter while the missile are firing? And when you said the Quinn Patch, you mean the patch Quinn was released on? >And is this candidate fix you guys are working on separate from the reprogramming of how targeting works in the game, or is it part of that new targeting code? Yes, it is separate work, but closely related. > And finally, there is yet another bug. When playing as Syndra sometimes the cursor bugs out, particularly with W. I didn't mention it in that thread since it doesn't seem to be Syndra specific and affects several skills on several champions (I forget which ones). Thank you, I'll look into it.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Exgeniar,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=bjHv6TEy,comment-id=000c0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-23T23:50:27.961+0000) > > Do you mean the bug where Syndra R causes her to stutter while the missile are firing? And when you said the Quinn Patch, you mean the patch Quinn was released on? > I assume that's the same one. What I see on my end is my screen shaking due to the stutter, and it goes on after the ult is done firing, sometimes for 4+ seconds. This bug is extremely common for me, in that thread I reported it happens 2/5 times to me. Yet I don't know what specifically causes it to happen. Do you guys have anything identified? Yes it started occurring during the patch Quinn was released (both PBE and live, I did report it when it first appeared) and has been around since. I hope that helps you guys identify what's wrong if you already haven't. I'm just glad to see someone from Riot is on it. Thanks for your work.
: > [{quoted}](name=Neo Cyrus,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=bjHv6TEy,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2015-06-22T01:20:20.419+0000) > > It's not just those, it's several. For example aren't the bottom two supposed to be knocked back as well? They were in the way, they're clearly hit, but they don't get knocked back. Units pushed by the spell also deals damage to units they collide with. That's why there are a few units outside of the cone that got damaged.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Exgeniar,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=bjHv6TEy,comment-id=000c00000000,timestamp=2015-06-23T08:42:48.185+0000) > > Units pushed by the spell also deals damage to units they collide with. That's why there are a few units outside of the cone that got damaged. I understood that, but I thought when it causes a minion to collide with another it's supposed to knock back. Was it ever like that or am I imagining things? I hope you guys are aware that Q -> E bugs happen in many different forms and that her R has had a serious bug since the Quinn release patch. Even the PBE patch that added Quinn had the same bug. I wrote an elaborate thread about these issues. Please do take a look just in case there is something you haven't seen reported before - http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/bgBRspGn-question-for-meddler-or-anyone-with-an-answer And is this candidate fix you guys are working on separate from the reprogramming of how targeting works in the game, or is it part of that new targeting code? And finally, there is yet another bug. When playing as Syndra sometimes the cursor bugs out, particularly with W. I didn't mention it in that thread since it doesn't seem to be Syndra specific and affects several skills on several champions (I forget which ones).
: From the new image there are two minions that don't get knocked back from the collision
> [{quoted}](name=AzNTwiNKy,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=bjHv6TEy,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-06-20T16:06:25.124+0000) > > From the new image there are two minions that don't get knocked back from the collision It's not just those, it's several. For example aren't the bottom two supposed to be knocked back as well? They were in the way, they're clearly hit, but they don't get knocked back.
: [5.13] Core AP Items Pass
Lich Bane is currently terrible for the cost on any champion not named Fizz. It's inefficient to get considering the realistic usage scenarios compared to other items that can be had for about the same cost. Would you consider buffing Lich Bane then nerfing Fizz to maintain balance?
: Star Guardian Lux
Well that only took nearly 5 years of requests. People are going to ask why isn't it Sailor Venus based since that'd make a lot of sense. And you know what's else people will say/ask... Star Guardian Diana or RAGE!
: I believe this is intended, her voice has especially been made so it can sorta 'mix' with your music
It's not. A Ritoer said you can just disabled the gibberish voice if you don't like it and just listen to the music.
: So it was intentional. Thank you for the clarification! :)
He's just guessing.
: Ahri's PBE changes weaken her severely as an assassin and make no sense thematically.
The damage amps multiply not add up. It's 44% damage lost from her burst. Forty four percent. No one with winning in mind will play Ahri if these nerfs go through.
: Ahri nerf
That useless mobility until the orb returns plus the negligible increase in damage doesn't come anywhere remotely near compensating for E losing its 20% damage amp. "Here, move fast for 1/5th of a second and have 0.15 added to E's ratio plus 30 (max level) extra base damage on an unreliable skill in exchange for your 44% damage amp." When they said they would buff her to compensate the loss of the 44% amp (it's multiplicative, not directly added), I was stupid enough to believe it for a second. I should have known they meant: "Now that DFG is being deleted to nerf Ahri and LeBlanc, we're going to nerf Ahri some more." There is a reason why everything constantly appears suddenly strong after a long period of time. Because everything else is constantly nerfed. The reverse power creep is insane, since season 2 no champion is remotely close to as strong as they used to be, however there have been a lot of annoying mobility and trolling skills added. Thanks Rito.
: LOL becoming too DotA 2 like
The new texture are horrendous and basically remove any detail that existed.
: baron buffs too op
I don't like the buff it gives to minions either, I found the regen to be much more satisfying since it forced PVP rather than the current more PVE sieging. It stacks with the super minion auras doesn't it? Those were 70% each (what are they now?) and directly stacked meaning two together gave a 140% buff. Throw this on and it's 220%, that's ridiculous.
: Hi! Played this skin on PBE and I have to say, it is a pretty skin overall. I love the particle effects, but the colors on the model bothers me a lot. When you compare it to the other Victorious skins like Elise or Jarvan IV, it is lacking bright silver or white colors on the armor. There is simply too much blue on her current model, so I believe that adding a brighter contrast of white on her armor would make it better. I attached an image to show you what I am talking about. Thanks, Caleb
Completely agreed. It needs more bright contrast.
: Regarding Ahri's Splash~
What is wrong with people wanting Ahri look "Asian" just because she has an SNSD skin. Ionian was just a catch-all to cover all foreigners which is why they range from completely European looking to dark skinned. It was never meant to be just "Asian". And for the record the old splash didn't look Asian at all either, anyone who thinks it does is delusional. I think the face should be changed because it gives her somewhat of a pug face, but definitely not changed to look Asian. The new splash, even as it is, is better than the old.
: Linux client?
Many of us would like a Linux client, and I wonder why they haven't done it already since there is already a Mac client. It can't be very difficult to slightly modify the Mac client to run well on popular Linux distros like Ubuntu. There are a lot more Linux gamers than Mac gamers.
: Don't think they did (all) the arts, but it sure is a great work. Just, what is it with this Janna's face ? she looks more like a feminine man than a woman if you look only at it (and why keep the old icon if the art and the waiting screen picture change ?).
Honestly I really dislike the new Janna as well. The face is messed up and she looks like she lost 20lbs from an already skinny figure. For others even if they look good overall one tiny detail can make the entire face look bizarre, like Ahri. The nose is a bit short and a bit high and that entirely changes what the face looks like for the worse, that tiny small difference.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Shyvana
I just want to say how disappointing it is that all feedback aside from the boots being too dark was ignored. I won't be buying it.
: Season 4 Ranked Rewards - Icon color saturation
The Gold tier icon looks like trash to be honest. It looks more like a Bronze medal and the Bronze is more like dirt.
: About the Victorious skin this year
Agreed, the skirt looks absolutely terrible. They need to make it a much shorter skirt or just plain armour. By the way, is it available to everyone to test? It says unavailable at the moment. On that topic the previous season's ward skins including the Victorious ward disappeared off my account a while ago. I assumed that was intentional or they don't care either way so I never bothered ask about it.
: I was playing and noticed some things. 1) Her Left hand is broken in the Joke and Taunt, not sure if elsewhere too. It doesn't move properly and even goes upside-down (see attachment) 2) She looks incredibly top-heavy in her human form. Could you perhaps give her some armored up boots instead? She has a lot of mass but none below the hips.
If she was more heavily armoured she'd just look too heavy in general. The side plates on her hips could be decreased to give a less bulky look. I really hope they change the boots, not just the clown claws but the boots themselves are the worst part of the skin. They're completely flat, dull, and don't match the rest of the skin really. They can be lightened and gems like on the rest of the armour could be put on the knees. If those changes were made along with reducing the clown claws the skin would look significantly better, throw in a IV on the skin with those changes and that'd be something to buy. Aaaand I just noticed I already mentioned this in less detail before.
: What transparency?
On the skirt, it's barely noticeable while fully zoomed out/playing. The fact that you didn't notice it exists kind of proves my point. I don't see a purpose to any effect if people won't even notice it's there. It feels like an extra a bit of extra effort was put in for nothing, which is why I think it'd be better if the effect was slightly increased (that and I obviously think it looks better there than not). I just took a look at it again to make sure I wasn't imagining things. For some reason the transparency from the front is much less than from the side which is what made it barely noticeable. I don't know if that's intentional, PBE quality (which usually makes it to live -_-' until it's fixed 2-4 years later cough *Riven* cough), or just a glitch currently going on like the shadows on the PBE spazzing out (unlikely). And just a suggestion, but if transparency is going to be used shouldn't the sleeves match? I think that'd look more stylish. Also one question, why did it take so long for such a basic effect to be used? It wasn't until recently that you guys started doing this.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ravenborn LeBlanc
The transparency on it doesn't show much. Perhaps consider increasing the transparency slightly?
: Claws sharpened, animations and fire fixed, then i would buy.
They really should also fix the colour of her boots, it's so dark it's hard to make out any detail at all, it just looks completely flat and dull. Honestly it looks like they're not even trying. It just looks like they put in the bare minimum effort in an hour and threw it out there.
: The horn on her claw is POKING her face every animation and when she does the animation for a dragon head in human form, it doesn't match (lower jaw not turned down)
Yeah the animation problems are pretty off the scale. For a split second when I saw the blue fire between her legs I thought it was an incomplete animation or something then I realized it's the fire that's supposed to be in her hand/dragon head.
: I get that you're trying to make 2014 a thing, but having II on Riven & III on Thresh makes them more symbolic. Season 2014 people who don't know about the game may not know for how long it's been going on, but with Season 4 (IV) you have the visual representation of all the 4 years of hard work the company has put into the game. It would be a shame to lose this tradition.
Everyone will agree with this. I don't think I'm going to buy it unless they refine the skin, and that definitely includes putting a IV on it... and reducing those clown-shoe style claws on her feet.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Shyvana
1 - Her arm's flame is between her legs instead of at her arm. 2 - The claws on her feet are absolutely ridiculously huge to the point that it looks comedic like clown shows. Please tell me you're going to shrink those? 3 - The entire thing lacks and detail and is super bland, the colour on her boots/legs barely shows, it all looks almost black and doesn't match the rest of the skin. 4 - Lacking IV on her to represent the season is a major negative that no one will appreciate.
: The aliasing in the textures is caused by using too many fine details, fine details at a long distance tend to cause aliasing because the thin lines of these tiny details at the long range cant be displayed by the monitor.
No it is not, you have no idea what you're talking about. What you're describing can be avoided simply by using textures which aren't ultra low res and by using a non ultra low res.
: Splash is a separate team and they are working independently :)
No new splashes have been made save for a few every several months, and not even ones people wanted replaced. Nearly all "new" splashes were recycled Chinese ones with very few exceptions. The ones which are actually new like Akali's and Vayne's are absolutely horrendous and look like they were made by Feminazis.
: Its too clean up the game, while I do agree that some of them look very bland its all to make the game more fun, by simplifying the textures they're removing unnecessary visual anamolys like aliasing, seeing as most people play with the screen all the way out this will make the textures on characters stand out less when you're in a teamfight and make it easier to concentrate on the task at hand. A great example is {{champion:3}} Galio, they removed some of the shading on his texture and changed color levels to make him recognizable in a teamfight but make him not overwhelming.
You're confused about what aliasing is. That jaggy effect known as aliasing is when the edge of something can't be well displayed due to a lack of resolution. Textures do not cause this, if a texture is jaggy that's simply because it's too low resolution to begin with and has nothing to do with the resolution it's running at. It is not an aliasing effect due to running the game at too low of a resolution or without an anti-aliasing filter, that usually happens with just edges. Most the textures in the game did NOT appear aliased despite being super low resolution due to the game being played zoomed out. There very few which were so incredibly poorly done that it's obvious when zoomed out (Diana's skins). These new textures do not appear to be higher resolution either, they just lack detail. If the game had higher resolution textures (which would still be really low resolution) as it should then even the excuse of things looking pixelated when zoomed in wouldn't exist. It's not cleaning up, it's reducing file sizes, nothing more. It's a weak excuse they made up. Everything was clear enough as it was in the past. And that's no excuse to remove shine or colour saturation. **Metals and hair in the game now look like plastic.** Making everything more dull actually REDUCES clarity, not increase, so the only way I can see that being justifiable is if the new map has actual lighting to compensate for that. But as it stands it doesn't.
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
Now that we see more examples it's obvious that details are being removed just like with the Pentakill skin disaster where everything got downgraded. This is what's done to each skin: 1 - Any shine effect or metallic effect is removed (making everything far more dull, especially hair) 2 - Details are removed Almost every single one looks significantly worse with the exception of LeBlanc. How is this in any way an improvement? How is this "art style" justifiable in any way? Is this just to use smaller files? I can't imagine any legitimate reason why anyone could think this path is better, it just seems like everything is being dumbed down to run on even older potatoes.
: RIP Dr. Mundo
Honestly Mundo's current kit makes him impossible to balance regardless of what the items are. He's either outrageous and annoying beyond words if they try to make him strong and if not then he's just "meh".
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
- **Are the effects of Sona’s spells more clear?** I suppose so but they were clear enough before. - **Did you have difficulty using your auras to give allies your buffs?** Yes. The range is way too short to the point that I suspect you guys intentionally left it as short as possible. You could literally triple it for everything and no one would complain. In fact it should be tripled. This is an absolutely massive problem, perhaps the biggest problem aside from this whole rework having incredibly low numbers that don't compensate for the lack of persistent buffs. No one will pick Sona if her range is so ridiculously stubby, not only does it make it difficult to use in general, it always puts you in more danger. - **Did this become easier late game/during team fighting?** No, it became worse. - **Did you feel more able to support or save your allies?** No, I felt helpless. - **Did you feel more able to survive all-ins during laning?** No because lacking the persistent auras made it far more difficult to survive and keep health up during laning phase so all-ins were much more available to the enemies as we were always down more health. - **Did your spell casts feel more impactful?** No for the same reasons as above, they feel desperate now after the lack of any sustained auras and are far too weak to compensate for that, especially the heal being nerfed early on. - **Did you notice any bugs?** Yes, at one point all her sounds just stopped and didn't restart. - **What items did you build?** Combinations of all the typical support items that would be used against mixed, heavy AD or heavy AP team comps. I also tried to build heavy AP to see how that feels, it felt horrible. - **What items felt very powerful?** Nothing at all did, and I tried just about everything. - **What items felt less effective?** Everything felt less effective. - **Were Sona’s spell effects more enjoyable?** Not particularly. - **Were Sona’s spell effects easier to understand?** What was there to not understand to begin with?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
I can't believe because of one thread from some 300lb raging feminist (who was never interested in buying any of these skins) you guys try to artificially change your design again. It looks fake as hell and obviously censored last moment, pants under a skirt? Really? It looks ridiculous now. It doesn't look "stronger" or feel "stronger" it feels ridiculous to play as it. The changes don't match a "head hunter" theme at all, it matches the "we gave in because feminists raged" theme. It may have not been that mecha looking heavy armor suit people wanted but it was the best Caitlyn skin so far until you guys bent over to appease some man-hater who hasn't spent a cent on your game. That's just pathetic beyond words, so angry to the point that some legs showing in a video game on one character skin is something to bitch about. It went from "Needs improvement (the helmet) but best skin so far" to "This is absurd, not buying". I would bet anything you lost 10 times more sales than you gained with this new "stronger" look. The biggest dork in the world doesn't wear pants under a skirt, it's one or the other, pick one. Might as well put 2 turtlenecks on it. And don't tell me it's technically not pants, you know exactly what it looks like.
: What's up with the Nidalee stuff on PBE?
I don't understand why you're so terrified of pushing her into a strong position. Her win rate was never high, it was only good at literally Diamond and even then it hovered around 50-51%. The win rate was never the problem, the level of annoyance (to the loud minority) was. In every other Elo it was usually below 50%. Now that she's reworked there is no excuse not to make her reach a strong power level. I have a feeling she's going to be left sub par just to deal with the tears. She's not Yasuo, she's not Zed, it's not difficult to make proper use of her, these early 40% win rate numbers every day are as accurate as you can expect. Why is the balance team so hesitant to make certain champions strong but others like Ziggs can forever sit at a 55% win rate. He's been around that area for over a year. All the Athene's nerf did was strengthen him by hurting his competition more than it hurt him. I know you have the statistics so you know it's true. A 5 speed nerf from 330 to 325, what a joke. You want less biased feedback? Find a way to get feedback from Gold+ players instead of those who have never played as or against a champion remotely properly who just parrot the whining of others without any actual knowledge of what's true. I'd say Plat+ but that would make the sample size too small. Look up the main accounts of anyone saying leave Nidalee or that she's "fine", I will bet you anything they're Bronze or borderline. These tiny buffs are still going to leave her stupidly weak.
: Nope, not just you, I am having the same issue. PBE Patcher is being shy.
: Camera angles
This is what I wanted to ask as well. It would be a crime if it isn't implemented with the new SR.
: Duo Queue Restrictions
About time! This is exactly what we've been asking for, by the thousands, for years.
: > It seems pretty hard to use when you are fighting against someone, since it only affects one target, does it still activate with minions? Traps are more about setup to me. While playing this Nidalee, players will be taking aggressive action with their Javelin Toss, forcing enemies to dodge them to not get Hunted. Bushwhack traps, on the other hand, require some foresight into where they should be placed for the purposes of Hunting. For example, if I'm laning against a melee champion that may try to jump on me, I probably want to have one around my feet to get damage and Hunt proc on him if he does, but if I'm against a ranged champion, I may trap the sides of the lane to corral them into a smaller part of the lane where I can line up Javelins. > What if an enemy champion and a minion activate it pretty much at the same time? does it randomly debuff one of them? Bushwhack traps always look inside their radius for champions first and minions second, so you shouldn't ever trigger it on a minion when there is also a champion in its activation range.
No one outside of Bronze 5 is ever going to be hit by that new Bushwhack. Anyone who does deserves to lose not only that game but at least 4 others after it. This entire "new" style is based around the ability to land that which will never happen. Nid will be almost the same style as before minus all her damage. The number of % damage should be changed to instant death if that's the state you're leaving it. Realistically the effect of it should be absolutely outrageous if it's left single target and minion triggered. And I find it hilarious you think it's possible to chase targets as Nid. Try it and see what happens.
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