: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Oracle Udyr!
As everyone else has said (and to be honest I think you guys at Riot already know it) that Udyr’s animations are bringing down the overall theme of this skin presently. This is also because everyone knows how old Udyr’s base models and animations are. The skin? Absolutely Fantastic. I love it, never thought I would see him get a skin like this before his eventual VGU.
: I guess, but remember, your grade is based on how well everyone does, so if people start farming jungle to get higher scores, then that becomes the norm and getting an S becomes harder because everyone's average score is up.
Yeah true, well better safe then sorry to bring it up instead of not at all
: People could do this before anyway by simply clearing raptors or krugs couldn't they?
Well I guess so... It's been a long day haha so i might be over thinking but where it was just raptors and krugs it is now every camp that is worth a lot. They would have to wait till krugs or raptors is up, but with this change its every camp that is now worth taking from the jungle if behind or just wanting to get an S. I'm not against people taking jungle, the problem I have is making the Champion Level system very easy to get level 6 and 7 without working hard at it. Do you know what i mean? I might be speaking nonsense right now so if i am please tell me XD
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