: Neeko unlimited actives (with no items except hunters talisman)
No, it is by having cosmic insight in the rune page, each passive use takes cd of off ult and summs
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: The PBE testing is not ideal
Everyone gets200 ms outside of NA, dont cry that much
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: > [{quoted}](name=BLS ZEkken,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=b9Z8NudY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-30T19:29:49.067+0000) > > DoT damage like cinderhulk or liandry's dont proc the rune, however, i have seen some situations in which normal habilities such as evelynn's ult dont proc the rune, even though the target is obviously below half hp This I would understand if it was just Liandry’s (though I maintain it should be ANY damage caused by you) but for it to not proc from the voidlings is stupid. Also bare in mind liandrys and the voidlings work for gunblade healing, and scorch so not sure why they shouldn't work for this.
[This is a conversation with a rioter](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/470628763970043904/507267210322903060/unknown.png) Since "proc" (I think he meant DoT or such) doesnt proc DH, and smite was coded as such it didn proc the rune, so DoT dmg like cinderhulk and liandry's isnt supposed to proc the rune. Strangely enough, Fiddle's ult does proc it
: Dark Harvest failing to proc properly
DoT damage like cinderhulk or liandry's dont proc the rune, however, i have seen some situations in which normal habilities such as evelynn's ult dont proc the rune, even though the target is obviously below half hp
: Totally agree! Some of my thoughts on it are here: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/6MMgXUEU-new-dh-proposal-feedback I don't even think the new one applies on structures. It's just a less interesting, more snowbally and more niche rune (dramatically favors laners and champions with an easy in/out play-style). It also becomes more about pairing it with a high AP/AD build rather than just taking it for its own sake. Thus, tankier builds going this also suffer since part of its power budget is in scaling ratios. It's tied much more into specific kits and builds than the live version. Overall, it offers less skill expression, fewer stylistic options and less versatility for unclear benefit. It's a feast/famine rune with very little actual decision making. Am I now going to take bad fights to get stacks? Unless I have a guaranteed escape and a lot of vision, that will still be the wrong decision (just like you don't want to suicide for Kayn's form or Kindred marks). However, if I'm winning, I can take nearly any fight and get more stacks. But what changed? If I'm wining, I generally want to fight anyway since we are likely to be favorites. How is my decision making being changed by this rune? It essentially isn't.
Yeah, totally. I dislike the way charges are granted now and the scaling ap ad was better than our current version, but still inpossible to balance. If anything they shouls keep the scaling but only grant those if the enemy dies, not at 50% hp, and grant up front damage, not delayed damage
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: It says 15% AP in the client :O?
each soul used to add 4 +2% AP+3%bonus ad got nerfed to 4+1%AP+1.5%bonusAD, these two were the reasons that this rune was op now each soul only adds 6 damahe, no scaling, which is just lazy and boring
: > [{quoted}](name=LuniaEir,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=cfJl9fq5,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-26T20:46:58.460+0000) > > So it is ok for damage dealers to have 800 damage reset with takedowns but not healers/shields (their spells themselves have CD too so it's not like auto attack damage resets)? I don't see the problem here, it is just the opposite effect but for defensive purposes. Also it is unlikely they will heal/shield for that much because remember it is scaling from AP and they cannot build AP that easily due to them having limited gold.
dont worry, they got rid of the ap scaling per soul, riot as usual promoting fun
: Why not? If someone can auto attack for 800 damage then why can't healers heal for 800? It's not like it is up all the time. Enchantresses can't go full AP though, they don't have the gold for it. The healing and shielding value will always be lower than the damage component because it scales of AP. As a support you cannot get enough gold most of the time to even buy deathcap, if you are going full AP then you won't be useful unless fed.
Because Dark Harvest resets on take-downs, not just kills, so assists count too. It would be literally impossible to kill a high priority target if the support is decent
: New Dark Harvest Suggestion
Just no, that way an enchantress can simply go full ap and CDR. I had 800 damage on Dark Harvest yesterday andit wouldnt be healthy to have that as a heal
: I think this is a bug with Chilling Smite. DH is told to ignore 'proc' damage (such as Cinderhulk passive damage), and Chilling Smite is probable coded as a proc. Will be changing this soon. Thanks for the report.
Okay, thank you By the way, sheer curiosity, how do you expect to find balance in a rune that is based around giving free scaling? I mean the aspect that souls give %AP/AD scaling? And are these changes meant to push this away from jungle?
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: New DH - Possible bug?
Seems weird because it doesnt happeb with other two stage damage abilites like zoe's E
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Poppy!
I feel lile her eyes are way too blue, even for a Hextech skin. IMO, with Poppy having a bigger face than most champions, and more facial expressions than everyone, her eyes should have the bright blue part only on the iris, and leave the sclera white. The way it is now, it makes her loose a ton of expression and her overall cuteness. Her eyes should reflect what she is, not like this were it is just 2 blue flashlights. And then there is the fact that this skin isnt worth 10 gemstones by any means. This looks, like Snow Fawn, like a 1350 RP skin. Not a mew voice effect when she is half Hextech, no new lines, no new animations, no new anything. This skin truly doesnt feel as a 10 gemstone skin, you would think that, when you want something exclusive, something the rest of the Poppy players wont have, you also wany it to be something that is good. You dont want other players to look at you with the skin and say "Meh, all the other Poppy skins are better, he spend 400 bucks on blue coloring". So pretty much that, I dont think the skin overall is on a 10 gemstone level, I believe it is at a 1350 rp level like Snow Fawn is. And then there is the thing that Poppy only has three available skins atm. Star Guardian, Scarlet Hammer and Battle Regalia. I dont think it is a newcomer-friendly idea for 6 out of 9 skins to be locked behind seasonal or legacy barriers, or gemstone barriers, becausw there is people that, like me, havent gotten a single gemstone since the start of the loot system

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