: Or maybe they should let us pick attackspeed as a bonus stat for the other trees as well. It is boring that you get limited to Precision if you want any attackspeed at all.
To be fair though, PTA sounds decent on her so I don't see any harm for her to go precision for the 18% AS. And if it's purely for jungling, machete gives the 15% that you'll be losing out from the quints for clearing purposes, and you have (I think?) a buffed base AD on top of that.
: Understandable, if you have experienced that, but I rarely see people AFK in the RGM queue on live. Just my observation, possibly far from the norm. Another possibility could be a "ready" button in ARAM to confirm your intent to play the game. At least it would be consistent with the other queues. It could be added to Dark Star as well, since the smaller number of players, the more significant one being AFK is.
The RGM gives too little time to set runes. I see 4 people lock in, and I will only get 10 seconds if I lock in before setting the runes.
: easy fix, just be GP and use kleptomancy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Or Ez. But I'm more concerned about Ez+Dark Harvest right now, seems like it's gonna be another case of "Ez breaks something in LoL" 2k18.
: Celerity Bug? Underwhelming AP, Strong for AD
I usually grab it purely for the movespeed alone anyway lol, but it would be a nice buff.
: I honestly think this should be intentional... it adds more depth to later in the game.
I think so too. Personally been running tp/smite at the start, clear entire enemy blue or red side, back and tp top with flash/tp and level 3. Interesting cheese that may work for the first few days this goes live.
: Unsealed Spellbook is not a good keystone Compared To others
You can use it to play around with non-users. For a jungler, you can gank freely trade off a flash, because you know when yours is up, theirs is definitely still down for a while. And there is a cheese for it too. You can grab a smite item, steal an entire side of the enemy jungle, back, swap smite to flash and tp back top a level ahead with buff. It's basically the upgraded version of the old Sion top cheese because now you can grab your cinderhulk anyway, but you get your tp as well. And summoners have long cooldowns for a reason. You don't have to swap them around all the time to be useful, the fact that you have yours up a lot more often than the enemy is big.
: Play replays beyond the 20th last game in match history.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8QeNewEgE8 edit: nvm, i'm not sure if this works on pbe but it's worth a shot.
: Hey everyone, sorry to hear that you're dealing with AFKs, I've had it in my games too. As a lot of people have said in this thread, there is a known issue where games aren't starting correctly. > "We have all the info we need for now, and will be working on getting out a fix. Again, this is a pretty complex issue with high risk associated with any changes, so unfortunately the long term fix might take a bit for us to get in." -Afic, [See post here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/qPr1iAHe-can-not-connect-to-game?comment=000d) In addition, bugsplats happen a decent bit on PBE, since our beta content can be unstable at times, which makes players appear to AFK. -------------------------- Please make sure you are reporting players who are purposefully AFKing, so that together we can be sure our system makes {{item:3190}} Justice Rain from Above {{item:3190}} .
This might be tedious, but the only surefire way to check is to match the chat logs with the incident. E.g. if a report coincides with a "no surrender? enjoy 4v5" by the reported player, it likely is a ragequit.
: [Mana Bar] On the new health bar, mana bar is not accurately showing my current mana.
I think if it's manaflow, a white bar like how presence of mind works would make more sense.
: agreed , it sucks , one game we played 4 v 5 our top laner rage quit because we didnt surrender even though we were ahead and he was the only one behind and we almost won 3 v5 was a fun game though
Intentional afk sucks, but you do have to consider that with the glitches/bugs in pbe, you very often end up with some people being unable to connect or getting bugsplatted.
: Generally speaking you're allowed, even on live, to "dodge" 2-3 games (in queue) before it punishes you for it. This is pretty useful as far as PBE goes as many bugs can prevent you accessing the game, or crashing out of queues/lobbies.
That's dodging from before champ select. I meant I forgot to lock in my champ and got out of champ select. That usually nets a 5 min penalty, and it is this way for the SR game. But I just left Ascension champ select with no consequences.
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: Rengar Grey Health Bug (Not for sure if its Mecha Rengar or all Rengar skins)
Have you tried to see how it might interact with hp scaling stuff like titanic?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Bug Splat from Alt+Tab
I thought i was imagining it, although I usually did it right as then last person hit 100% to afk in fountain for a bit, only to have it bug splat right as soon as it minimized to windows. And it happened a few games, I could connect afterwards but I never alt-tabbed from the match after that because I was already late.
: Client Bug
There seems to be no connection as to what is the cause. It has happened to me on an on and off basis. The exact details of my PBE session for today are as follows. I started off with 3 games of ascension, the first which I received a bugsplat right after loading. The next 2 had no problems. The next game I played was SR, and right after champ select, the load screen never appears. The game also never existed, as I did not have that match as a "leave" in my match history. I tried a custom, which worked, and got into my next game a little bit late after receiving a bug splat at 100% on the load screen. The game after that showed the exact problems as SR game 1.
: Client Bug
happening to me right now, and just played a few games of ascension without problems
: There was previously a bug that would cause the first win of the day to give a ridiculous amount of xp, you would receive all the rewards for it (boat load of honor capsules) but seemed to remain at the same level. You experienced this bug before it was patched and didn't even know it.
Oh, that post game spam was for real? I thought that was a bug that looped the post-game rewards after clicking "OK" 50+ times didn't seem to end it.
: Yeah I spent a few hours doing that and eventually had 166k BE. But guess what? a few hours later Riot reset my BE to 20k. And they won't change it back either.
reset to 20k? Why do I only have my 807 from 2 days ago?
: Ascension
that must've been a response to the no kill strat from the last ascension. That said, if they apply the GW on warmogs it should help solve all problems I'm guessing? Or maybe hotfix warmog's somehow.
: Urfwick Pricing Problem
For some reason I have about 100+ champion capsules in my inventory, which I have no idea where they came from. I most definitely have not played 100 games, and IIRC these chests were supposed to be given per level? I'm not level 100 either. I'd prefer for a way to mass open boxes and a multi-select system for disenchanting because it's such a pain to go through so many boxes individually.
: this is fine lol you can only switch every 6(? never played with it cause it's a huge noob trap) minutes which leads to moments where you won't have it for objectives
Put it this way, you won't have it for stealing/sneaking objectives but you can take them after a won fight anyway which is how these are taken most of the time. Anyway I did test it and found a totally different problem. The lack of an offensive keystone is a bigger handicap than a lack of a combat summoner so it's probably only better on the utility junglers running tracker's.
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: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
I voted to keep draft because I understand some people don't like blind, but why did blind get removed? There's no harm in having both and some people actually prefer blind pick. The majority also didn't actually mind having blind pick as long as they had the option of draft, as they voted for it to be optional rather than back as only default.
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: Even if you seemingly call your pick first, not everybody connects at the same ti and it creates alot of drama of "I called it first" and in the end either the person who called it second goes another role or still pick and troll. I cant get into a game without someone saying something along the lines of "I am going SAID role regardless of what someone called or just insulting people when they dont get their role and trolling."
Implying people can't queue support and lock in Yasuo.
: Blind pick only is bad
That's the bloody point of PBE? If something is rampantly broken, don't ban it but report it. I'd rather it come out here than people banning stuff instead of testing, and have it show up on live in ranked games.
: Blind pick was a mistake please revert it
why are there even "roles" on PBE? that's my question. I far prefer blind pick than the draft bs of pick/ban/calls that waste 5 mins of my life. Just play whatever you want, nobody cares if you're going full crit Nasus or Yi ADC, you aren't there to win games. And why is there a ban for a mode that is meant to test stuff in the first place?
: Your English is great, don't be ashamed. :) I can agree that PBE should be for people who are active on reporting bugs and giving feedback, but how can Riot create an algorithm to test if people are here for the free stuff or are actually here to help? Are you thinking of a resumé or an application process? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I'd argue that it's possibly also a first level balance check (not a very effective one because people aren't really trying for wins in PBE), but if you find something working too well (an item giving too big a power spike etc...), it might be cause for concern on live. It's not just about the bugs, although those are fun And the best way to check it out is through the one tricks testing every aspect of their mains in respect to the changes. Because, you know, a main may be biased but they will know the limits of their champ better than a person trying a champ just for the sake of testing.
: PBE Costs and availability
There is a fringe case I actually want to test out. It's been rumoured that highland tryndamere has the best autoattack animation of all the tryndamere skins next to sultan, while demonblade has the worst. Theoretically highland tryndamere is just a recolour of the default, which makes me curious.
: In it for free stuff.
I'm not here for bugs. I'm here to theorycraft/experiment/practice my main under new conditions. And if I particularly like a skin I'm using, I might just consider buying it on live (if the boxes are unkind to me).
: I can not connect, to any type of match :/
happened to me i think yesterday, then repaired my client and it worked out again. but i saw that the runes were reverted to the old system, which had nothing much worth testing for me, so I went back to playing live.
For me, a lot of times I dodge is accidental because the stupid thing doesn't lock in my champ while I'm trying to figure out the new runes. And I don't exactly want to lock early because it gives me less time to set up, and I can't "pause" my setting up by saving, because it gives an invalid error when I try to quickly lock in before continuing my setting up. And we only get 2 rune pages.
: Queue Dodge Punishment
I'm guilty of this but for a totally different reason. I'm a hardcore BLIND PICK player on my live account, and the last draft pick game I had was before team builder existed. I still don't get why draft pick doesn't lock in a picked champ at the end of the timer. The time is useful for me to set runes which I have to read through now, as they're new. I don't want to just cancel the time by locking in the champ immediately. This is different from live servers where I have 8 specialised rune pages and 5 mastery setups for Yi for all possible situations I might need them for. Besides, there are only 2 pages to customize, like wtf. And if I don't get Yi, I may have to play an AP or tank champ, which means I have to delete the entire thing and remake a page, because of that invalid mastery bug, on top of the laggy interface. This is all extremely time consuming. IMO, they should introduce a blind pick queue running the same way as live. Why the bans? This isn't even competitive. You're out there to test stuff, not win games. If a champ is OP, it shouldn't be just banned but reported on the forums after playing against them. I've seen people banning Hecarim because "predator is stupid on him". No, don't ban him, go post your feedback on the forums after playing against him, saying why you think it's OP on him. THAT is the purpose of PBE. Go test out the new lethal tempo AP Udyrs or Press The Attack Leonas you want and nobody cares if you end up feeding or losing. That just means it's probably no good, and you learnt something. Or it could be good and you can bring that to live as a nasty surprise when it's shipped.
: The same anwser that I said at "BleedNDie". If you're having fun/ testing it out and it works for you and you keep a positive attitude in the chat, I don't have a problem with you and I'll be happy if someone is testing it that way. If you start flaming your teamates or go afk (after feeding) that iritates me when I am playing on the PBE server.
And yet you're complaining about "Yasuo and Lee Sin ADC".
: Runes - "Invalid selections" BUG
A work around to this is to delete the page and make it again.
: reporting them isn't enough, sorry. But in some of the games I have, the most anoying and toxic team mates join and (this is on the bot lane) they pick champs like "Yasuo" or "Lee sin" for the "ADC" role, champs that are not fit for these roles and they play horrible or just being toxic, wasting the time of mine and other players (who are serioulsy there to test things out)! Also with the high ping in the PBE, games tend to just dissconnect and the game itself is not recorded! when that happens I can't report those players. It would be great if those players got their PBE accounts removed.
People are there to try stuff out, not win games. Just because they didn't follow the meta they aren't testing? We ran Eve/Yi bot because I wanted to try a a weird rune setup, and Eve wanted to try Eve. We lost, but I found that it was effective, and Eve liked the champ. So? My test was a success in a way.
: Changing runes during champ select does not work.
I don't know if it's the same issue but this is what I've got, and how to fix it. If you have say, a Precision+Inspiration tree saved, and you play Master Yi one game. The next game, you want to play Nasus with Domination+Sorcery. You open the Yi page and edit it accordingly in champ select and save. It says invalid choices. I think this is because your entire page is still considered as a precision/inspiration page, and your edit caused domination/sorcery runes to appear in precision/inspiration page (I.e. soul collector is incompatible with precision, so it is invalid). The only workaround I have found is that you have to delete the entire page, and make it again so that you can change the categories.
: Just wanna pop in and mention that you can be punished on PBE for bad behavior (including bans), just like in the normal servers. I've seen a misconception that the reporting tools do nothing or don't work on PBE, but this is not true. If anyone is being unsportsmanlike, please do report them.
What about leaverbuster? I understand if it's the live servers, because they are stable and any connection problems are usually the player's fault. However, on PBE I noticed there is a tendency to get random lag spikes and disconnects, far more often than on live servers. Granted, some are still an issue from the player's side, but my point is there are a lot of instances of lag on the PBE. I've talked with other players in game while experiencing this, and they also said it's the PBE. There definitely still needs to be a LB in place, but does it get more lenient?
: [New Runes] Gathering Storm showing wrong amount
for 20 minutes it's incorrect as well. 14 AD as opposed to the supposed 17 AD, this was in PvP mode.
: Farm on Mid Lane
there shouldn't be any problems though in theory. mages typically do not get flat AD which is why they were not compensated with AD increase. AA-ing early - skill spam mid to late is how they farm usually. Minions don't have MR iirc, so how is it that farming is affected by the rune changes?
: [Post Game] Past few games not showing stats, only giving the "skip waiting for stats" button
the games lately haven't even been finishing, although I'm not sure if it ended because of surrender. Sudden lag spike, then game just stops. Leave the game, and it brings me out to the home screen, and the match is not in my match history.
: Machete
working as intended i'm thinking, though not sure about rengar considering he should be a ganker rather than farmer. If it was on yi/trynd/shyvana who don't really gank, that would give a distinction between gankers and farmers which is healthy imo. i tried it on yi and the jungle did feel very smooth. I haven't tried any talisman users yet.
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