: Offensive summoner names and toxicity in game
The pbe is a privilege not a right it should be taken away just like anything that you don't deserve
: 15% lifesteal every two seconds is barely 30HP for a 200 crit. Let's do some math: * To crit for 200 without IE **on a target without armor**, Yasuo has to have 105 AD. * To crit for 200 without IE on a target whose armor reduces the damage by 30%, Yasuo has to have at least 150 AD. In the end of the laning phase ("early to mid game", where you said the new mastery will be most problematic), Yasuo has about 83 base AD (at lvl 11). That means that he needs another 70-80 AD from items to reach that threshold - **in earlier levels he would need even more AD as his base would be lower**. 70-80AD is a Bloodthirster worth of damage. -------------------- **So you're saying that, when Yasuo has a full AD item built AND some crit chance built as well, when he crits, he heals for 30 HP, and that's absolutely OP.** Allow me to say that you're being overly dramatic here.
> **So you're saying that, when Yasuo has a full AD item built AND some crit chance built as well, when he crits, he heals for 30 HP, and that's absolutely OP.** i did not say any of this and you still looking at this as if the whole game is you running up to your lane opponent and autoing them until one of them dies you dont constantly attack and take damage i am talking about the laning phase and other parts that are not just 1v1s you need to look at the big picture .
: The 15% lifesteal is for **one **attack then it has a 2 second cooldown. Seeing how Yasuo usually has ~2 attacks per second with a few items, this is basically 15% lifesteal over 4 attacks (2 attacks * 2 seconds). So it's like he has 4% lifesteal ONCE HE HITS 100% CRIT. 4% lifesteal on EVERY ATTACK is easily achievable by runes alone -- hell, Vampirism gives 2% lifesteal AND spell vamp on all attacks. I understand you are one of these players that would protest with torches and pitchforks even if Yasuo got a 0.2% boost on anything, but I assure you, 4% LS after Yasuo has bought Shiv + IE is not that big of a problem. I'd be more scared of crit-build Zed using it. Have you seen the new ADCs perform? Everyone except Varus and Lucian is a beast (and that's good). LoL is shifting towards a higher powerlevel balance, you just have to adjust.
I am all for adapting however you have to look at it from not just a 1v1 point of view i am not saying that he can just AA and just ignore all damage and yes the new adc reworks are strong but this is not about them i made this thread for Yasuo and by a small extension the other crit based champions not any other characters i am pretty sure there are specific feedback threads for other champions of this nature. Just maybe
: I hate when people say Yasuo is OP, He's not. If he's behind he cant do much. much like a fed kata just get some hard CC and you can burst him in a second. Yes he can build 100% crit but he was at 80% from 2 items and a lot run crits in runes so 90-95% from two items. Ie got nerfed, All the 80 ad items got nerfed by 5. Yes the new masteries suit him. He will stay in the same spot i think. The only difference being is maybe comps will start running a adc in the mid lane or 2 down bot then assasins will find it easier. Which i think is fine its been tank/bruiser meta for so long. ADC's were in a weak place for a long time. Now these changes will affect some champs. More ADC = more squishies. Stop complaining and just wait to see how it plays out. eventually the meta will switch again. AP champs have been shining for a long time now. Viegar has been ridiculous as of late. Just because the meta has shifted so it might not favor them isn't the end of the world maybe just learn a new champ?
right now you can get 100% with two items and Ie is down to 65 not 75 . yes the have nerfed some of the ad items damage but they have also added many items that offer cheaper more flexible play styles. which allows him to got into almost any match up and preform well. The reason i posted this was to get feedback from the community to see if anyone else agrees with me and to talk to anyone that might disagree with me to try to understand their point of view. Not to argue with someone who is not using the proper information about items. I will give you the fact that bloodthirster and merc have 75 damage now.
: {{champion:22}}
this is not a productive comment
: ahah exactly what i'm saying, ashe at lvl 1 can use all the masteries you pick for her
> [{quoted}](name=MealReadytoEat,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=nKm7QLj3,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-10-30T22:27:00.630+0000) > > They changed Ashe specifically because of this. > Her passive no longer counts as crits, although she will crit randomly just like everyone else - it just doubles the slow, rather than the damage. > > Pantheon gets crazy lain sustain from it though. i have not checked this for myself but i will trust what others say about it.
: I have a solution. Yasuo can not crit. Instead Yeasuo gets 1.9% increased damage on autos for every 1% crit chance he has max at 100%
if that would be implemented it probably would be a lower ratio to the percentage increase because, even though my math is horrible, that would be 190% damage which would mean that his autos would deal 300% damage and yes they are not crits but thats a lot of damage that cannot even be mitigated by anti crit items like {{item:3143}}. It would also make it so Riot would have to basically remake Yasuo entirely because he currently has a crit based kit right now.
: It's only 15% on a crit, every 2 seconds. Yes, this means that Yasuo has decent sustain if you maximize the use of the new mastery and the critical strike itemization, but it's hardly overwhelming. The real issue is that Zeal/Stattik Shiv give way more crit than they should and Yasuo hits 100% crit with only Stattik Shiv+Zeal/Cloak.
Bloodthirster gives 20% life steal and it cost 3700 and yes i gives addition effect and stats. I just cannot justify building 100% crit while getting 15% life steal for free (even it is every two seconds) and if you couple that with masteries like feast and vampirism and you if you start with a dorans blade you start the game 5% life steal and with the items i mentioned above you get heavy damage and the passive life steal of a bloodthirster for free. By the time you get all these items you are still in the laning phase and i dont know about you but i am not constantly fighting but may hit a minion like (once every two seconds) which would make it very hard to force him down low enough to kill him.
: I think the sustain mastery is good as a lot of champs delayed LS for Crits, think about the yasuo build with trinity. Most yasuos build BT. But will now take MS so really sustain will stay around the same as you are used to as MS will be at 14% with masteries then the warlord one every 2 seconds. probably come to around 20% and thats not every auto, thats every 2 seconds. So maybe its just the same Yasuo just more squishies on the map. Yasuo has always been an Anti carry, high mobility and ww. Just like LB is a early game monster and Vayne is a late game carry. Thats who he is blowing up ranged squishies.
he maybe an anti carry but there is currently or at least to me very little counter play even as someone like a bruiser.
: i agree with this
although thinking about it I bring up Yasuo because of how fast he can build up to 100% Crit which is the big point of the new mastery
: I feel like the Warlord's Bloodlust mastery should be nerfed to be 15% of bonus damage from the crit, or have the number lowered to 10%, something of that nature. The healing it provides is crazy for Yas, Trynd, Panth, anyone with a crit mechanic. ADCs as well but that's fine, there's counterplay for them. Trynd and Yas become tanks around mid game with insane damage output.
i agree with this
: in the masteries ashe have more damage on slowed targets + more atk speed on crits etc
i am fine with a lot of damage or sustain but not both at 13 minutes
: They changed Ashe specifically because of this. Her passive no longer counts as crits, although she will crit randomly just like everyone else - it just doubles the slow, rather than the damage. Pantheon gets crazy lain sustain from it though.
this I did not know thankyou for telling me
: i know, but i think they already know that
also ashe has lower crit damage to counterbalance the sustain
: It's op ? no. I think people shuld think about other champs too... why don't you think about ashe and new masteries? it's OP!
I did not say it was op pay attention to what i said i meant that it gives too much damage and sustain to the area of the game that you get it in.
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