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: Blue squares when shielded
Same here. Blue square on towers shield.
: [Azir] - Invisible Galactic Azir after respawn
Here some pictures for the curious people (can´t upload them by the attachment)
: Ascension boss Xerath health bug
Same here, same gigant box on Ascension
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: Ascension Bug Report Thread
When creating a custom game, no bots and no person, just me, when leaving the game , the "Reconnect to Game" button, takes too much time to desappear
: Azir Bug Report Thread
When trying to select the skin, there´s a double "classic skin"
: Runes bug : Can't buy any runes
I Have more than 1 pack bought and i can buy more "normal runes". Try to remove all of them with the combiner and see what happends.


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