: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
What's his camouflage proximity range? Is it the same as the leap range?
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Kha'Zix evolutions now have more unique components, but the players are still gonna have their "core evolutions" and their specific "evolution routes". For example, people will still evolve the Leap EVERY SINGLE GAME, probably will never evolve W, and will have to decide which one to evolve "first", Q or R. There is nothing changed about you guys said in the website post "adapting and choosing which one to evolve, and which one to NOT evolve in each game". So here is **my actual suggestion** to make Kha'Zix players "adapt": **Q and Evolved Q**: Seems fine. Maybe Evolved Q's cooldown refund can be lowered a bit. _Explanation: (This will prevent Kha'Zix players from evolving Q every single game.)_ **Evolved Spike Racks**: Increased damage on jungle monsters. Slow effect is vice versa (less slow on isolated targets, more slow on non-isolated ones). _Explanation: (This will make W evolution actually "useful", and viable in every stage of the game.)_ **E and Evolved E**: Leap has a fixed cooldown (doesn't scale down by rank). Evolved Leap has further more range, but the cooldown doesn't reset by kills and assists , or just gets lowered by a flat amount rather than instant reset. _Explanation: (Current Leap Evolution is still core, same as pre-rework Kha'Zix. It dire needs to be tuned down, but also to be viable as first, second, or last evolution due to ganking potential and mobility.)_ **Void Assault and Evolved Void Assault**: Invisibility duration scales with Kha'Zix's level (between 1-2 seconds rather than flat). Evolved R's passive bush proc thingy works **only when the active component is on cooldown** (minimum two seconds of the remaining cooldown). _Explanation: Currently this ability is pretty strong especially in early. Plus you can combine this bush effect with the active to make an insane 3 seconds of invisibility. These changes have the potential to tune this evolution down a bit in early and make it balanced, and also prevent the invisilibity stacking._ Proudly these changes came to my mind today. Overall these will make every evolution "viable" throughout the game, exterminate the core evolutions (such as E), and make Kha'Zix players "adapt to situations" every single game. Sorry about the lack of grammar, and thanks for your relevance. -Nazdrovia
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
The only problem I've encountered so far is that Maiden got "stuck" nearby the red team's mid inhibitor (left side of it). There were no minions or anything else around, so she wasn't getting minion-blocked or something like that, she just got stuck and stutterly moved 1 step back and forth. I wish I could take a Picture of it but I forgot that keybinding was F12 -_- Other than this bug, he is simply amazing. I can't understand why people even complain, make excuses about ghouls AI. It's just AI after all, and it's perfect.
: They seemed to have nerfed the experienced from jungle camps by 411. As that is how much I had left to get after doing a full clear on {{champion:102}}
ikr, im lookin for next updates, and hoping that overall experience increases. devourer is getting replaced by bloodrazor which is already considered as a nerf, now decreasing experiences will make lv 6 powerspike champions very weak.. i dont wanna get misunderstood, i never liked devourer and i never liked champions that simply abuse it combined with old rageblade (shy, masteryi, xin etc) so im glad with bloodrazor, but this experience thingy is basicly a heavy nerf to other farmto 6 junglers that use other enchantments, like diana, wukong, nocturne (yes warrior enchant is my go-to) etc.. becoming level 5 in first clear is overwhelming and non-sense, but currently experience value in pbe is even lower, and doesnt feel right.. overall experience definately should be a bit higher than live. since devourer threat is gone, i personally dont see a reason to decrease the jungle experience values. thanks for your relevance btw.
: The change is for junglers are the ones rewarded for jungling rather than laners, also to keep junglers not get behind in levels but also try to reduce them snowballing in levels since they get bonus exp for when they are behind and less exp when they are ahead so you should see junglers with the change be closer to a solo lane exp rather than drastically behind.
> [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=mJyVmKlO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-21T21:28:41.113+0000) > > less exp when they are ahead i could agree with this part, but in 4/19 update, a "first" full clear was making the jungler level 5. also being level 1 as a jungler shouldnt be considered as "ahead". with recent changes, exp value significantly increased, but now its even decreased compared to live servers, --- this is the part we are interested about. your reply is basicly about the purpose, not about what changed in last 2-3 pbe updates. i didnt see any 'updated' context about this, which makes me curious.
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: Runic Echoes Feedback
I havent tried it yet, but i think replacing this new item with runeglaive is a bad idea.. there are many ap on-hit junglers like (diana, ekko, fizz, nidalee) that works fine with runeglaive. for example: with nidalee jungle, i would build > runeglaive, RoA, boots, and 3 defensive items (the build doesnt contain ludens).. now i have to builds somethin like (runic echoes, RoA, boots, LICH BANE, and 2 defensive items (the itemization forces me to buy extra 1 ap item instead of a defensive item. tl:dr, champion that i play works fine with runeglaive, but doesnt work fine with echo.. this kinda thing happened months ago with fiddlesticks when runeglaive released.. so instead of making these 2 types of ap junglers (ap on hit ones --- directly spell casters) suffer from this itemization, why dont they simply just keep both items available, so every ap jungler can have own item that works fine ? thats the main question i believe.


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