: well you see, legs are not sphere or a pole... its a leg [Here's a real picture from a similar angle](https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/woman-crouching-their-training-isolated-white-background-31790021.jpg) i hope this will help you
the difference between the picture you linked and the irelia splash art is that in your picture part of her thigh is covered by her lower leg. if you draw around the thigh (including the covered part) you will notice it's not nearly as thin as irelias leg: https://imgur.com/a/czjck
: You were right if both legs were in the same angle, But one leg appears almost from the front and the other from the side. That's why the right leg appears to be larger
the angle has no impact on the perveived thickness of round objects. jsut look at a sphere or a pole. there is no difference in its perceived thickness from any angle
: no u
do you have to add anything constructive? if not why even visit the feedback boards? something like "i disagree with your opinion due to this and that" shouldn't be to hard.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dawnbringer Riven!
As a Riven main for close to 2 years i am happy Riven gets a new skin. However, her hair colour seems a bit off. In my opinion this "baby blue" colour is a bit to bright and does not fit to her body model/colour. After toying a bit with Photoshop and a scene from your recent trailer I would like to see her hair colour changed to a blonde/goldish colour. There are enough colour possibilities in this colour range to make it different from CS Riven. This post might seem like nitpicking on personal preference. However, after looking at it myself, showing it to a bunch of my friends and reading feedback on reddit (r/leagueoflegends and r/rivenmains) this opinion seems to be shared by many people. I know the skins department always wants to produce amazing content and i don't want a small thing like hair colour holding back this otherwise awesome skin. And if I did not make it clear enough: I still really enjoy this skin and have to compliment the skins team for creating skins like these.
: Dawnbringer/Angelblade Riven Hair colour
Just noticed there will be a sticky post about the Riven skin. Can i leave this up so i can copy paste it later?
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