: I learn something every time you talk about this stuff, lol. I'm a novice firearm owner. But reading bullets on the Graves passive made my eye twitch. There are plenty of things about the game that aren't 100% realistic. Like how Caitlyn's Q and E fit through the barrel of her gun. But it would be nice to at least have the description use accurate firearm terms. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It's nice to hear that someone's learning from my posts. I spent six hours manning an Ithaca M49 .22 at an SCI youth event this afternoon, and came back home looking forward to checking if anyone had questions on forums. It's a lot of fun being able to help other people learn a little more about a topic that I'm passionate about.
: I am amazed that you put such a thorough description of projectile mechanics, yet entirely forgot to mention that shotguns don't fire "bullets," but they fire "shot" from a "shell." The current passive for Grave's describes firing multiple "bullets" at once. Rather, it should say that each particle stream (in the VFX) is a percentage of the total shot fired from the weapon. So 75% damage taken for being hit by one piece of shot, and 25% more for each added piece of shot that hits the target. I couldn't think of a better word than 'piece' of shot. It's kind of a scattering of tiny pellets. **Also, Graves now only has 2 shells before he reloads. Every single Graves skin has 6+ shotgun shell holes to hold bullets. You might want to update the gun models?**
You're right. I don't know how it slipped my mind that Graves' projectile is now buckshot, rather than a slug. Also, the word you're looking for instead of piece is "pellet." There are two main types of shotgun pellets used: Birdshot (Around 400 or so tiny pellets in a 12-gauge shell, used for quail) and buckshot (The kind Graves seems to use is #00, or Double Aught shot, with an average of 9 pellets per 12-gauge shell, generally used for mid-sized deer). I also think that the shotgun should be changed from a 6 cylinder revolver to a side-by-side break action shotgun. While it would cost a bit of time and money to re-animate, it would work well to increase realism, and work with the lore. I agree that Graves' new shotgun shouldn't look just the same as his old one.
: take the 40mm and put it into the world of Runeterra, what would it look like...their guns function differently than ours it seems. maybe this is their variation of it.
It's an issue of clarity for me. My gripe about it is that it looks exactly like the earth version of the projectile. I don't really care if Piltover firearms operate in some exotic way (Magic, hextech, steam power), but if that's the case, they shouldn't appear to be _unfired_ earth projectiles. Here's an example analogy: A hypothetical Piltover version of a car. It looks a lot like an Earth car. It has a frame, body panels, a suspension, an engine, wheels, axles, and tires. However, it uses a single giant metallic sphere located dead center on the bottom to move around. The tires don't even touch the ground. The suspension, wheels, and tires would seem irrelevant, yes? Granted, they may serve some purpose, whether they attach the vehicle with something else, or they just look stylish to yordles, but to the player, they look like earth car tires and wheels, meant to touch the ground and propel the car. But they're not being used for that purpose. This is just like my argument against the existence of a casing, primer, and presumably powder, on these fired Piltover projectiles. Maybe in Runeterra, that shape is aerodynamic. Maybe the primer helps hurt undead enemies. These components may have some use in lore, but they look like full, unfired earth rifle cartridges. **TLDR** If Piltover firearms use technology similar to earth, the casing, primer, and powder would not be present once the projectile exits the barrel. If Piltover firearms use exotic means,_ the projectiles look too much like earth-made unfired projectiles_, and seem to the player to be irrelevant, whether they have an in-lore purpose or not.
: his q is a special kind of round, it should be a full cylinder that explodes, similar to a 40mm smoke round.
His Q would work nicely with the real life version of a 40mm M1060 thermobaric grenade, and seems like it'd be easy to put into the game. They'd just need to smooth out the rim and change the color scheme, which shouldn't be too much work for the animators and coders.
: I pointed this out to them on the live server and while I got a few responses no reds....I would like to see it changed. That being said the graves one I'm not sure I know which you're talking about. Is it one of his ability icons or are you talking about his indicator under his hp bar. If you're referring to the one under his bar it just shows that he has a shell in the chamber.
I'm referring to the animation on his Q. There is what looks like a semi-rimmed artillery shell or an extraordinarily oversized .45 ACP round that bounces around through all the smoke in the animation. Plus his shotgun has a comically large bore to be referred to as a 12-gauge in his passive. Screenshot: [(http://imgur.com/WVDaaLe
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