: welcome to the team!
Thank you V.Badger!
: Jinx R Nerf
I'm so sad over this. The ratio is gonna be such a downpour. Well we know what adc's are gonna be picked even more so now on ranked. {{champion:81}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:96}}
: Best combo I've ever experienced was {{champion:113}} 's R + {{champion:61}} 's R + {{champion:222}} 's R. Instant triple kill.
omg. jinx is my favorite adc of all time and that sounds like a good wombo
: Very Interesting, but I would post it on the NA/EUW forums. More people will notice it and be thankful for it there :) (The PBE boards is more for bugs on the PBE :p)
Yeah i probably will tbh
: Stole this from Uberdanger?
I did see the video buy many have done it before i just thought id make a shout out yanno.
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: there is a problem in pbe regarding the insta lvl 30 and that tb is still up. Riot is working on it.
Thanks Runa. I hope it gets fixed soon cant wait to play with all the amazing summoners. :D
: The PBE currently has some issues. Normally you'd be boosted to level 30, and most of the time every queue except Team Builder is available. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Thank you very much. I'll get back to you if the problem proceeds or stops. But the information is useful
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