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: Soraka's heal costing HP
If it were to be %MaxHP, there is potential for suicide as well as trolls, none the less on the support role which seems to be the most commonly unwanted role and so used to troll. So I don't think you have to worry about that. :P EDIT: Unless if they were to add a limit to how low she can go (%MaxHP) but if she were still allowed to heal even then, that could be interesting.
: I somehow doubt it due to how much he can deal to a target on a single auto with Blue Card and Lich Bane. It would be awfully unfair when attempting to defend Inhibitors or the Nexus.
I personally think he should be able to use his 'W' on inhibitors. Twisted Fate seems far too easy to counter and a little buff like that could help him out a bit as it could increase his backdoor potential immensely :)
: Gold + Blue Cards can hit structures as well and apply the bonus damage.
: Yasuo new skin
I'm pretty sure that is just because this skin is a WIP and the particles just haven't been implemented yet; give it time, Riot will get around to it :)
: New Yasuo Skin (Dream-Come-True)
I think it's a great idea, however I don't think it will happen due to copyright infringement. If Yasuo's outfit were to be identical like you propose it could end up bad for Riot.
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