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: Issue with the game
'Attempt to join queue failed' Just got this now, was in lobby for a game and the timer ticked down to 0 but then nothing happened. So eventually I just quit the client, reopened it, and now I can't queue up :/ edit: after about 5 minutes it sent me back to the home screen (from party screen) saying 'you have been kicked from the party' and now I can queue up again. Let's see if the game actually starts this time.
: It'd mostly be used when we want the element of surprise, and this was a good trial run to see if this was a way we could provide this to players. Good news, it works! So, it's not off the table should we want to surprise folks with a new skin/group of skins, that sort of thing, in the future. :)
Mhmm, sounds like a cool idea to me! Will look forward to it (:
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSG Skins
Alright. Overall these are really cool, and I love the general aesthetic of the skins. As an Ezreal main, though, I have to admit it is a little disappointing (and for now I shall leave the details of the other skins to the others to comment on). I shall say I am unaware of this whole Hwarang thing, so I cannot speak to the portrayal of that or how it affects his look, but that aside - I actually don't mind the dark blue hair, I like the look of it, it is different to existing Ezreal skins, and I don't personally think he doesn't display as 'Ezreal' in general. What I take issue with, though, is that it just feels understated in comparison to all the other SSG skins - in general, they all seem to have this blue 'spirit fire'-esque glow, and/or some kind of contrast between the predominant blue colour and white, and it just feels like Ezreal doesn't really have that that much. I tried to put together a compilation of all the skins side by side here As I say, looking at all the others you have this sense of glow emanating from some part of them, and with Gnar as well the contrast with the white colouring, but Ezreal just looks kind of.....dull in comparison (not dull as in boring, but as in quite muted, colour-wise). Looking very closely, the details are still very nice, but since you're unlikely to be looking at the skin zoomed in much of the time, from a more realistic overheard view, he really just doesn't stand out in the way the others do. As I saw in another comment, some of that is concentrated into his passive, so I showed him with max passive stacks as well. I think, firstly, even with that it is still kind of lacking a bit, but also, secondly, I think it makes him a bit of an outlier as well that, in order to get the full visual experience, you have to have his passive stacked - this is something that will not necessarily occur all the time, or even most of the time, whereas all the other champions have their glow apparent just from standing around, so it feels a little unfair that you are required to be both in combat and building up and maintaining stacks on his passive to really see him stand out. As for what could be changed, I'm not exactly sure - I feel like you guys could probably identify better than I can, but really it's just applying that same highlighting that you have to all the other skins to Ezreal as well. Looking at the original concept art (although I get that this was just that, a concept), I do have to say that the light coloured hair contributes to the contrasting effect, however, as I said, I don't think this necessarily needs to be the route to go down. Otherwise, I think the glowing flame on Ezreal's gauntlet is more prominent (it being extended to either side of his arm as well), and also the white kind of flared collars add a very cool aesthetic, imo, too. So yes, overall that's really all that I feel - I think, from what I can tell so far, the ability effects are much in line with those of the other skins, and as I said, the general style I do very much like, it's simply that he doesn't stand out or glow in the same way as the rest of the skins, that leaves it feeling a little dull/muted in comparison. Thanks very much for your work!!
: Beemo Buzzing Past PB(ee)E
Interested to hear if you guys have any thoughts on when/why you'd want to use this for certain skins? I get the idea behind it, and I think it's pretty cool to have an actual surprise for skins every so often (as in, announcement -> live release in a short period), and clearly both insta-release and standard pbe testing styles have advantages, but when do you think you'd particularly like to use this? Only stuff I can think of immediately is like, I would imagine big ticket skins (legendary +) you might want to go through the standard route, but otherwise is there specific stuff/criteria where you'd feel like 'yeah, this would work for immediate release'? Or is this, as you say, very much just a 'let's see if we can do this' without any current ideas?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Twisted Fate
Yeah, in terms of obvious things noticed, it's only really the same stuff as what others have said: The ultimate animation does require something a bit more dynamic I think; I get what it is having read it here, but just looking at it, it really does look like something's missing. I think partially if you've looking quite close up then the animation is very cool and more obvious as a kind of dematerialising effect, but if you're more zoomed out, or not intently focusing on the animation then it does just seem like a circle appears above his head and then he vanishes and appears at the location, whereas the other skins have some obvious kind of swirling/something in motion animation around him (I know that doesn't necessarily fit with this theme and I like the beaming idea but I'm just saying how it looks). Also I agree with Torifune that the E animation, initially, is not obvious - again aesthetically it looks cool the way the cards appear and circle him, but when the attack is first ready and before the cards being to emerge, it's a pretty subtle effect. So I think you could get some readability issues there - particularly if you're looking at something like an on-hit TF build or something, with enough attack speed the empowered auto will go off before the cards emerge in the animation, and the base visual effect (without the cards) is, as I said, quite subtle and so not very clearly telegraphed, particularly on something like the Howling Abyss. Otherwise, looks very cool to me!
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Nasus!
Yeah I would agree with the others that the Q is lacking a little something in the sound - I think it needs more of a low frequency thud added to it. The mid-high range frequencies are very nice, it just needs that bass foundation to it as well to make it super satisfying. Overall looks really cool though
: Skin Collections Tab: Skin Descriptions Feature Feedback
I don't know if this is of any use, but picking up on a couple of typos etc. I may have spotted. 'to guard the immor8.02tal realm from darkness' Is this one meant to say 'with a pair OF Atlas gauntlets'? Or maybe I've misunderstood the terminology and it is as written... But still, I think this is a really cool concept and would love to see more of it.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Vayne!
If you start a joke or taunt and then switch to another one before the animation has fully completed, as in before vayne is completely at rest again, the second voice line won't play and the first one will still play after the set time of the animation. So if you joke and then immediately go into a taunt, you won't hear 'hahaha - that is the sound of inevitability' but will hear 'now where did i park that thing' a few seconds later. Same as if you joke and then just start walking around, or even if you joke and then cancel and start the joke again. Other thing I'd say it's a bit underwhelming for an 1820 skin that she only has one line each for her joke, taunt and laugh - I feel like typically for a skin of that tier they tend to have more than just one line for each one. i.e. 'now where did I park that thing?', 'seriously, where did I leave my ride?', 'umm, i might need to catch a lift here' etc etc. Even base vayne has 2 joke lines and 3 laughs Also on top of that the one laugh she has at the moment feels really underwhelming. I know Vayne's laughs in general aren't the most over the top, but it's a barely audible 'huh' that feels pretty underwhelming. Otherwise the skin looks awesome, only other thing is turning on the motorbike is kinda jerky, I feel like everything else about this skin in general is super smooth but I don't know how much can be done about that
: my life is useless :( {{sticker:cass-cry}}
too true my friend, too true {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: No ARAM reroll points.
Yap, still got this issue too. Kinda annoying
: can't login
Yep, same with me edit: seems like it's happening on live too
: Health Bar Update Bugs
Couple more bugs (sorry, feel like i'm commenting here a lot!) [No.1]( Mana bar above champion is invisible when manaflow band is ready - appears back again when manaflow band goes on cooldown again [No.2]( This is a bit of a weird one - so I think you're using like a blue fill up colour when you get healed, or something like that? Well in this case I got healed by Soraka (while I was alt-tabbed) and the blue bit stayed blue, as opposed to just going green. And actually, you can barely see it in this image, but when i regen'd up, the additional hp was still green, just the healed amount stayed blue (same with when I lost hp I believe), and only returned back to normal full green when i went and picked up a health relic. I want to say it was from being alt-tabbed but I tried to be alt-tabbed while getting healed by Soraka later in the game and couldn't make it happen again. Also I have no friends on PBE with whom I could test it {{item:3070}}
: Please somebody hand this man some EA.
Rito to be bought by EA games confirmed?
: Health Bar Update Bugs
Not sure if this has been reported already, but Malz's voidlings seem to have an unnecessarily long hp bar considering their actual hp/importance
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I can't math sometimes.
Haha don't worry, happens to me too, gave the calc another go myself - no worries! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 2.5% + 2.5% per stack will result in 12.5%. It feels like not only the tooltip is buggy, but the actual rune too. Will test. EDIT: Rune works just fine, it's the tooltip.
Ah okay, so it's just the tooltip, thanks for the confirmation. But still, 5 stacks = 12.5% plus the base 2.5 = 15, no?
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: Health Bar Update Bugs
I think the health bars do particularly stay a bit too bright in death - I tried to test on live but I'm still not entirely sure if hp bars dull in brightness when you die? But even if they don't normally, it still looks too bright when you die and the rest of the screen is grey [Rough side by side for comparison]( okay maybe it's actually not that bad, but it felt pretty bright in an aram I was playing
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: Health Bar Update Bugs
I feel like the CC text above the hp bars is smaller than it used to this intentional?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Graves!
So there are a couple of things about his running animation that I find a little off i) firstly, there's something about it that to me looks quite comical, I think it's something to do with the way he holds the gun up vertically, or maybe it's the way he kind of suddenly jerks it upwards from his standing position.... Also when he's running down/to the left it doesn't really look like he's actually holding the gun, it looks like it's kind of floating on top of his head or something. I can't quite put my finger on it but overall it just doesn't look particularly graceful to me. I might be completely off on this in which case ignore me ii) secondly the way he actually holds the gun - if you run like right/upwards such that you can see his right hand, it kind of looks like his hand is fixed to the gun, like both the gun and his hand remain motionless while the different bits of his arm sort of jiggle about, it just looks a bit unnatural to me Overall looks really sleek though, other people have commented enough on the cosmetic stuff so i'll leave that
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
woooo i don't know about anyone else but i'm having a blast on the pbe! {{champion:115}}
: Mecha Khazix Recall
Would be v. cool, but I feel like they rarely add to older skins to keep in line with new releases, don't they? Otherwise they'd have to be consistent and do it for all old skins that are part of continuing skin lines etc etc, which would be too much work. I'd still love to see it happen [ {{champion:121}} ] > good
: yea, all i can handle is all all mid. fuck outa here with that random shit man
: Tired of people in ARAM game mode keep quiting the game inlast few second
I mean this has kinda always happened with aram, on live as well. Some people just can't handle the 'R' in ARAM {{item:3073}}
: guys remember its only PBE
I know, I don't expect it to work perfectly, I'm just commenting to give an indication that it's happening to multiple people
: In the PBE I think it's probably because people are trying to trade at the same time, since everyone has every Champion, but it's happening to me a lot in the live server as well. I play ARAM only and noticed the trades are bugging many times since the last patch, with several error pop-ups, some delay on Champion trades (I trade x for y and receive z because the person rolled or traded before).
Ah right, didn't realise it's been happening on live too, that's interesting
: I'm using only 30 and i cant save
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: If this were Riot sided, every player would be having this connection issue and we would have alot of these threads. You can try troubleshoot with the basic Riot Support suggestions: You said that other game modes work very well, if you have friends in the pbe server, try have some huge fights in the SR mid lane and see if that crashes your game. I currently lack information to check your pinging information towards PBE servers. If this issue continues, send a ticket to [Riot Support](, hopefully they can help you futher. --- I'm EU en boards player it support.
okay, well, thank you anyway - as I say it seems like it was just that game, i've been playing arams since then and they've been fine so hopefully it'll continue to all be fine
: I think your internet becomes very unstable when massive figths are happening. Probably the best way to solve this is to close all the network using softwares while playing aram in the PBE. Make sure no other computer/phone etc is not using network while you play aram. You could alos uninstall your network drives, download and then reinstall them but probably just your internet connection ain't that strong for PBE as PBE servers are in NA.
I'm not too sure about this - I've never had this happen before, on live or since I've been using PBE, I use an ethernet cable so my connection is stable and as I said, the ping remained the same throughout, and I was testing my internet on chrome as I was disconnected from the game and it was still working fine (the only programs I had open/running really were League and a handful of tabs on Chrome). And as soon as I quit the game I went straight into a custom and it was fine. I'd honestly be surprised if this was coming from my internet because it just doesn't seem to fit with that. Also it wasn't even during a fight, I was just walking around - and is the internet even that affected by activity in the game? I would have thought it's mainly fps that takes a hit if anything
: Tons of XP and suddenly Level 42
Yep, just got it, won an aram and it briefly came up that i completed like some ridiculous number of missions and now am lvl 32 from 30. Not quite as big but still
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: Same problem
Yeah, have the same as you
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: Here, apparently, it's a bug
: What i find weird about this ambient sound is that it doesnt stop if you go into a game. It keeps whissing and moaning and grunting in the background. I think this didn't use to happen with the Live Client but I can't remember anymore. XD
Yeah, exactly - in general on live I don't think it does, the only similarity I've found is that in queuing up for arams (on live) there's the kind of howling noises in the background but they only build up after some time, so like if I've played an aram and I queue up for another one then the sounds are actually kind of noticeable whereas they aren't at the start (and then they do continue during the game). So my makeshift fix for on live is I'll cancel the lobby and make a new one and then the sounds stop. but it's kind of stupid that you have to do that (and here on PBE they're more noticeable right from the start anyway)
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: Doom Bots available for testing!
Couple of things I noticed on first play - the bots seem to have a penchant for running straight at turrets even without any minions this like an intentional way of resetting? Yeah, at one point pretty much all 5 of them went straight for the inner turret and executed themselves/got killed cos i did a bit of damage a few seconds back. And secondly, when Teemo spawns in mid lane, most/all of the jungle monsters who were inside our base at the time kind of spazzed out a bit....I remember seeing Gromp, blue/red and a cloud drake sort of juddering back and forth during the little cutscene thing ~~edit 1: flash seems to be on a bit of a weird cd - the tooltip says summs are on a reduced cooldown, hovering over flash it says 450s, and after using the indicator shows a 7min20s cooldown?~~ (just noticed you addressed this in a comment below, nvm) edit 2: can't spellshield electric turret pulses as Sivir, again, intentional? edit 3: RE the second point i initially made, I think isn't the camera meant to fix on teemo as he spawns? Currently it automatically moves onto him but you can drag it back to wherever you want, and hence upon moving it back to the base, all the minions and monsters there were juddering One other thing that I might as well mention, not so much bug/function related but more like gameplay-wise, when Heimer bot does his grenade and it then splits into three different's just really difficult to judge where they're going to land. I know it probably sounds strange to be complaining of something being difficult in doom bots, but it's not really difficult in the way that the rest of it is, it just feels like it doesn't really fit thematically with league, like you never really have to judge where a skillshot is going to land _depth-wise_, and with the triple grenade it's just really weird to figure out where they're going. Perhaps a little indicator, something like Xerath ult shots, might make it a little clearer. Cos that one just doesn't feel like it fits in with how league generally works to me
: [Bard + Manaflow Band] - Manaflow Band does not refund W manacost
Yep, I think you're right - just tried it out in the practice tool, doesn't work with his W but works with all his other abilities.
: 500 ms on PBE And Store
Ya, just went up from 99 (my standard) to ranging between 200 and 500 ping, everyone in the game had it too
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: Can't Buy Champions or Skins
Yeah, tried to buy all four champion bundles and it took the RP but didn't seem to unlock the champs. However was able to buy all the emotes for 1BE though... edit: actually, seem to be able to buy individual champions with BE but the bundle isn't processing, I guess it must be something with the bundle? edit 2: never mind, turns out I tried to buy Xayah who's in the free to play rotation so I thought i'd unlocked her but I haven' yeah, still stands, can't buy champs


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