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: is there any specific matchup where this happens most often? I haven't experienced this bug, but am willing to confirm it
It's especially when I'm jungling on Wukong.
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: Wukong's Splash: The Re-Coloring
Isn't the area around his eyes supposed to be a bit lighter and more red-ish? I like the balance of the recolor way more then the first one. His eyes are just a bit too dark imo, especially when compared to the old splash art. The color for the area around his eyes are in my opinion better in the original of the new splash art. {{champion:62}}
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: What if he got something around a .1 -.3 second stun which then goes into his very small super slow? That gives him the time to tele in, burst, and do what he can and not be unfair. I think by making it just small enough to interrupt abilities but still able to react to, it would make him a bit better. Granted I know nothing about Talon or game balancing.
I think a mini stun would even be overpowered since in that window, people are not able to react to his combo. The main reason why they removed silence. In my post im more talking about a melee, dash version of kassadins Q with + the short slow. So people can still react during the combo, but have to watch out when they engage with channeling spells against Talon. Cutthroat has a relative long cooldown so there is room for counterplay from both sides.
: New Janna Splash?
The only thing that I don't like about the new splash is that she looks so sad, while I thought she was a pretty cheery champion.
: Wukong's Splash: The Re-Coloring
Nice one bro, I just thought about this recently that he was way too light and needed more contrast. Also think the new one looks better.
: Ezreal In-Game Portrait
Well, I do think the circle fits better in to the game actually. Since it is also displayed at the center top of the screen in a circle. Wich gives the game more consistency and maybe clarity. Maybe they should make all the right sides champion portraits in circles instead of squares.
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