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: Mana changes coming to PBE today
This is basically what means "concern" for low elo. LCS is a different matter because map awareness. How about wards, give us new stuff that doesn't go live after 2 weeks. Fix PBE, too much lag and people can't play champions properly or test stuff because 100-200 ping! What is that?! Items, we need items! Mages don't have items. ADC can basically "buy what the fuck I want{{champion:119}} " and get through it. Tanks have CC and are hard to kill, champions without escapes suck and that's why the ones without them are BUFFED and I MEAN IT. But what if you're ranged too and get MS from items? Well you get a "fk you". Basically, give us more items instead of being unoriginal. You have over 130 champions now, right? Then why is it that there are less items?! You got new runes, new map, new game and new mechanics and champion all around the year! Why is it that Zoe can use properly just 1 item and the rest you just build whatever you feel like building that game? I saw that video you made and how you group and talk the hell out of it. Does any of you bother going home after 6-8 hours of work and playing League? 'Cause we do! After school, most people work and you just talk about how to balance the game. There are some unsaid things about this game and problems it does but no one talks about them even if we notice. Because you're alone. This change has no point. Mages have 0 mana regen late game at all, and no items. Don't nerf them. How about the 5v5 but only ADC and tanks playing against each other? I think this has a meaning. Not assasins vs mages cuz we know how it goes and who wins, and junglers are not as important as u make it be so don't change the class itself because of outside factors. Or is this what you call "Adapting" "Profit" and "Making Money" - that's what businesses are about.
: Hello Riot, about Leblanc!
Tankyness can be countered with {{item:3151}} . Also, you don't pick LeBlanc against ALL team comps, just the ones with a few more squishy targets! This type of comment did bring the LeBlanc rework, but sadly I can only agree with you. As someone who played LeBlanc pre-rework, after rework and after nerfs I sincerely don't advise this revert AT ALL, if anything. You see, I was excited to play her. But once in game I realised how hard it actually is to play the old leblanc and useless. How do you kill a squishy? How do i trick them? How do I actually do any dmg? Playing her just didn't feel like it was an actual champion. You know, like the old warwick with 1 job. To press R. What if you took that from WW? He was useless. This is actually the case for LeBlanc. Too much cc and too hard to burst with the current champions that have a dash or CC, if not BOTH of them. I have way more fun with the current LeBlanc version which I can do more than 1 trick with. If she needs a Gameplay Update, do it. You're not going forward with reverting champions. For Kog'Maw it may have worked, but you saw poor Rengar now, he just sucks. Don't kill LeBlanc and bring us another out-of-use champion. *Godbless


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