**Bug report № 1** If you were using Voice Chat and have your Voice Chat interface open before dying and going into spectator mode the interface itself gets stuck open and you cannot hit escape to exit the game early it literally blocks all input to the game and you get stuck until the very end of the game (easily fixable if you use ALT+F4 good thing somebody told me that) Another bug is **Bug Report № 2** Voice Chat is unresponsible and simply doesn't work after Death in Spectator mode (if Riot plans to add feature where you can go ranked game with a Party this feature should be disabled in future ranked because it allows Party members to "Ghost on opponents for a party member" which is unfair advantage in ranked!) **Bug Report № 3** the way to replicate the accidentally deleted item bug is if you try to combine a unit that is already equipped with an item (picked up from roundrobin Round at the center) and you combine it with units that don't have items and are already on the board **Bug Report № 4** Large number of players have reported an absolutely HUGE Lag spikes at the initial load of the game please implement preloading of any heavy assets that are loaded at the initial start of the game some people would even diconnect from the start of the game for like a second or two and realize they haven't picked the first Unit they wanted to pick it is very annoying for low spec players basically.. pleaase improve performance specifically for the first moments of the game **Problem № 1** Please somehow balance Win Streak Versus Loss Streak rewards... right at the moment I am pretty sure out of 80% of players who are starting up with a loss streak they end up somehow finishing First place in almost all of their games basically the come back mechanic is too strong and unbalanced and unfair versus opponents that skiled and are doing very well in First place from the start of the game the catch is.. itemizing is too strong to the point where it is almost beneficial to deliberately go on a loss streak in order to itemize your characters properly! The uptiering of Units seems to overall lose in powerspike against uptiering of items which is serious issue... The Skilled Players that are on a Win streak aren't getting "actual guarantee to win the game" because of RNG elements while upgrading units upgrading units is exponentially harder than itemizing which results in tipping the favor too much toward Loss Streak players! **Suggestion № 1** Way to fix this could be... Make the RoundRobin round a even more rewarding toward Units for example... putting in Two Star units.. or even Three star units(getting multiple three stars are really hard to get end game almost impossible) the balancing mechanic would be.. putting less powerful items on those elite units with multiple stars! **Suggestion № 2** if we wanted to tip the favor toward unit upgrading even more they could add mechanic where the top 3 or 4 places's highest star upgraded units have higher chance to appear on the RoundRobin round as upgraded units! Of course those units would also have less enticing item rewards in order to give the Loss streak players a choice "do I deny the upgrade to my enemy ?" or "do I pick the item upgrade for my unit to have even more powerful items?" **Suggestion № 3** The same suggestion as Suggestion № 2 except instead of providing specific unit upgrades.. it provides a boosted chance for Top 3 or 4 places's team composition Origin or Class units to appear on the RoundRobin as Rare unit versions for example if you got a lot of low level glacier units but you are missing that HOT Sejuani or Lissandra or your playing Mages and you are yet to hit Brand or Karthus in your team composition well they can appear in RoundRobin now and in real end high rounds they can appear as upgraded ** units too maybe! Personal opinion I am more fan of Suggestion number 2 because it feels on equal footing in terms of power level compared to items! "You as a Loss streak player can freely choose which item upgrades you want why not Win Streak players shouldn't be able to do the same except for units??"

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