: You built all damage and did a bunch of damage, that hardly means the kit is overloaded. It could probably stand to lose a few % in the spell vamp passive, but otherwise it only looks overpowered because the assassin form doesn't give him enough tools to assassinate that well compared to riven/yasuo/etc
I expected him to deal damage, the point is that he benefits to much from it, for a supposite bruiser it's way to easy to build as an assassin while keeping the same sustain you'd expect, in addition the AD stats enable him to rip through tanks because of the high %HP damage. I agree that his shadow assassin form needs a little extra to make him an actual assassin but his Darkin form can just as easy assassinate tanks, marksmen while keeping himself sustained through the high spell vamp passive. I personally think the Darkin form could use some stat changes on his abilities so he'd benefit less from building damage, instead rewarding him for getting tank items since you can get both sustain and burst damage from building AD.
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: When the champion gets changed, all its skins become available. Poppy is a very recent example of this. Older skins that are still bugged are also bugged on the live servers which means it is no longer our concern anyway~ :>
Ah okay, I'm new to PBE so I didnt know. thanks for telling me
: You can buy almost all skins. The unavailable and/or older skins need not be tested.
sometimes older skins get buggs when champions get changed though, I think Orianna had a bug a year ago with her Sewn Chaos or Gothic but it's pretty rare so I understand if Riot wants the keep them unavailable
: Did you even read what i write? If you not then dont comment please and dislike something that you can't even undrestand what you read.
he probably didn't understand because you English is "not the best". it is true that if she would flash ult she could probably send enemies to the second tower but having complete controll over the direction to where you send enemies would be way to stong considering the distance you actually knock them back. for example you could trow enemies into your Fountain when they are a between your nexus and first tower which can mean an insta penta kill. I personally like her ult as it is, use a charged ult to disingage or take tanks and supports out of a fight so focusing is easier, or dont charge for a simple team knockup which a Yasuo can easily ingage on
: Eh, is blomgrum still there? Anyway, I don't really see her determined still :/. Riot thought she was a mini garen for some reason? They wanted her to have some trope instead.
no, said " it was important to keep her from seeming like a mini-Garen" they **don't** want to let her seem like Garen, so while she has a strong love to Demacia, they didnt want her to show it the same way Garen does. She is simply a Demacian Yordle that wants to help her kingdom by any mean she can and in this case she tries to find the perfect Hero to wield her Legendary hammer and lead Demacia to greatness
: Lollipoppy = Scarlet Hammer?
That's because you dont choose the skin, the skin chooses you
: [Summoners Rift] On the Scoreboard the CS will change to random numbers throughout the Game
I've seen it before aswell where an ememy Jax suddenly had 6CS on the scoreboard and shortly afther that suddenly 50CS
: My Name Is A Reference Involving Poppy
she is still the daughter of a blacksmith and determined to find the hero that will bring the kingdom to greatness
yeah i've noticed she tends to say "keep fighting" every 2-4 seconds when below 40% of your max HP, which is extrememly annoying
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: I'm having the same issue. Unable to purchase the PBE starter kit. Clicking on the other bundles works fine, purchased the bard bundle, works fine. Thought making a purchase first on a link that works might fix it. It has not.
for me buying the blitzcrank bundle fixed the IP and RP problem with the only problem being that you have to buy all champions manually -.-)
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