: i agree, urf is super fast-paced with abilities flying everywhere, and if you get around 20-25 mins and die it's like oh im dead for 40 seconds it kills the fun imo
Exactly my thoughts, my others were, you're just waiting to get out and have fun and it's like ahhhh let me out, plus you can die really fast in urf.
: Hey! This is actually a bug, and we've put in a fix that should hit PBE either Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the report!
Rioter Comments
: Please revert/redo: **Sivir's classic skin** - it makes no sense, that doesn't even look like her. EDIT: THAT ISN'T SIVIR'S CLASSIC SKIN, it is actually Warrior Princess, I couldn't even identify it! **Bandit Sivir** - You ruined her chinese splashart. Don't edit it, it looked perfect how it was: http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111128182226/leagueoflegends/images/a/a4/Sivir_BanditSkin_Ch.jpg **Musketeer Twisted Fate** - Really? Do I even have to comment on how bad the chinese splashart looks? Our splash looks way better and has better quality. **Asylum Shaco** - Our has better quality. **Mad Hatter Shaco** - Do some work on his face and it will look good. **Vindicator Vayne** - WHAT IS THAT? That looks like a failed real life cosplay. That face doesn't even look like Vayne. **Vladimir Count** - Not that bad, but please redo the face. **Sion skins** will obviously be reworked later so I'm not even going to comment on those because I think you know that they require an update since they look nothing like the updated sion.
YEah dude I used to think that was a cosplay lol ( vayne)
: If the only use of this item is to increase spell ranges - I think the most likely thing is to just delete the item. Increased Spell Ranges is probably the most non-interactive part of the item that I'd want to item to support. It's a powerful use of the item - to be sure - but it's actually the part that I probably like the least out of all possible use cases. My initial hope was that a dash would allow for a lot more outplay potential of either dodges, escapes or burst moments - but if all the item becomes is 'initiate on a dude from way farther than he thinks' - that item has very very little value overall in terms of net effects as it's not really enabling anything interesting - it's just a way for Annie to cheat her spell ranges and nothing of value for pretty much anyone else.
Have to agree here, can't see the rocket belt being a good addition to the game.
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
Sigh... These are the sorts of things that make me not want to buy skins on live servers... The fact that I buy something because I really like it only for it to be changed without my choice... I know a lot of my friends would 100% agree with me :/
: If there are just 2 version of the splash For every content why aren't you giving the possibility to players who own that content to vote which version they prefer? Right now I am just sad cause I loved crimson akali and road warrior miss fortune splashes, I bought the skins literally just for the splash, so whoever decided for this change just threw my money in the thrash bin, the new splashes are just looking terrible to me and I won't use those skins ever again. I would be more ok if the decision was taken by skin's users,I just would have to adapt to majority's will. Please riot just take some little more time and let us have a voice in this, we are the ones who are playing the game after all, where is the advantage in upset your players ( EVERY player will have to complain, for a splash or another, none will be 100% happy. Voting will mean more then 50% of players are happy about every change).
: Don't nerf Au Sol armor values....
Just make it so he can activate Q instantly and he will be fine...
: He is a very oppressive laner, so his counter match ups need to be a huge downfall to stop you from picking him always. Also to give a bit more room to counter play. I don't know why riot came out with his current kit. It goes against everything they thin a mid laner should be, and has the same problems as kassadin etc. As his kit currently stands he is impossible to balance sadly. If he is buffed to much he is oppressive and won't let people do there jobs. If he is nerf any he is worthless and might as well not exist. I can already see a rework for him.
I just wish his ult wasn't so common...
: it doesnt let me connect to the match


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