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: 16 minute queqe time!!!? ( how to fix it )
that's just a matter of tuning They made azir insanely unfun to play and there better be a trade off there. Having to keep 3 soldiers up at all times, this isn't fun, this is rewarding i suppose, but dear lord did anyone actually play this?
: [7/12] Instead of buffing Kassadin, buff icerod, then it buffs Kassadin without buffing Kassadin
icerod and tear are core on kassadin? Maybe this is why he has such a low win rate... people build tear and icerod on kassadin
I honestly do not feel this skin is worth the 1350 price point I get that almost all of them are 1350, but this really does just FEEL like a 975 skin to me
: Spellvamp undermines health costs that are meant to gate damaging abilities (damage+spellvamp = no health cost = sad designer trying to make health costs). In combination with its stat profile, this made WotA a must have on Vladimir, and so their balance was tied to each other. Currently, there's no efficient way for Vladimir to get that vamp back, so the problem appears to be fixed. Even if Gunblade recoups the health cost of E, Vlad doesn't love its stats, so they won't be bound together and the stat will be free for other champion not balanced around health costs to enjoy. In compensation, we've added more ways for Vladimir to recover health in the new WotA-less world, but in ways that are intentional and [hopefully] fair for the opponent!
or you just made his build path feel crappy because he's now forced to buy this item where half the stats aren't even that great
: I really appreciate the thoughtful response! The particles on the ultimate are a little light, admittedly, but to put things in perspective: * At lvl 11 with 200 AP, his ult will heal him for between 200(meh) and 1000(!!!!), based on the number of champions hit * With the increased healing mastery and spirit visage, we're talking up to 1330, and that's at rank 2 with 200 AP. So the high end is intentionally pretty high, and while he'll rarely get 5-man ults, the healing is supposed to be BIG in even 2 or 3 man situations. This is meant to be a really big turnaround moment for Vladimir, and the majority of that power is going to come from the heal. If this doesn't manifest, I'd look to make some changes (options include buffing or transferring power from elsewhere, or a mechanical change like: higher heals from a single target with diminishing but still relevant returns on hitting more targets)
To put a little perspective on this Darius Q heals for? That's a normal ability on a much lesser cooldown and has comparable impact unless you land a 5 person ult, vlad main and i've managed that a handful of times.
: Syndra deserved a texture update as well.
Unlike vlad... right? with terrible particles, lackluster base skin, and some god awful non legendary skins
: I See but, i lose my black alistar riven championship ryze and icon rammus,season leagues
They should really add those skins along with the pax stuff into the loot crates
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: Thank you for the Soraka revert!
They will be coming back and they most likely won't be changed, This isn't lee sin we're talking about. I would be surprised if the numbers aren't lowered even further. From my years of playing league i've come to realize one thing, the only good soraka, in the devs opinion, is one that isn't viable and thus isn't played at all.
: The fuck kinda drugs you on friend?
the same as riot with the ranged devourer nerf, i assume anyway
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Why are you just nerfing ashe? All around nerfing, i haven't played her yet but my god those changes seem terrible. Hey i may be wrong. Draven i would have to play to see how it feels, seems like a fair trade off though. Jinx, that's a lot of gold lost on her rockets, for no real reason. She has no true escape, is rather squish, she should be pumping out the damage when she gets to late game. Maybe remove the mana cost of her rockets if she's going to fire at such a slow rate compared to pow pow. Lucian, this doesn't honestly do much for him. Tickle cannon may tickle for a bit more in some situations with some builds... k Trist, i get that she's really strong, but why are you attempting to shift the mid/late game siege carry into something else? You already have vayne and twitch as assassin adcs, why push her into that as well? She will just do their job worse and not really have a place in the meta. Twitch, this change is just useless, his ambush isnt really good for getting away from a fight, who cares if it resets, be honest here. Niche situations where twitch is 1v1ing some where and his team is dying without him? You know a good change for him, make his E reset with kill. Urgot, i hope this doesn't make him playable, he's just anti-fun in general. Vayne, seems a bit excessive, that's all i can say about those changes. Cait, just why are you buffing cait, she's pretty decent at the moment. Varus, changes seem cool Mind you i haven't played any of these yet and my opinion could go right out the window, that's just from first glance.
: We will be looking at how this change will affect Kayle and evaluate what to do. Our intent with this change is not to nerf Kayle.
Sooooo The nerf to kayle ended up being fine?
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: I didn't mean to make her weak in lane, it's just if an ADC heals too much then the enemy botlane can dish out then it might just be annoying to lane against.. when I said "Keep her as a jungler but not too strong as an ADC." I was talking about the healing on the minions.. I guess I worded it wrong.. I just know that If I was laning against Kindred and all the damage I did just gets negated in a few AA on minions I'd be pretty frustrated..
: [Poll] Should Kindred's Passive Deal % Missing Health Damage?
This change would make them nerf devourer to only proc once per game for ranged champs
: We will be looking at how this change will affect Kayle and evaluate what to do. Our intent with this change is not to nerf Kayle.
But it's a straight up nerf to kayle, that statement makes no sense. She is literally the only common ranged jungler, before kindred. Why wouldn't you just make it so kindred only procs it once every 4 attacks, rather than nerf every other ranged champion, like {{champion:17}} , {{champion:10}} , {{champion:67}} , {{champion:29}}, {{champion:268}} . i realize those are not really meta picks, but they're fun why in the world would you want to nerf fun. Fix the new champion, don't nerf the rest of the roster.
: Suggestion for Season 5 Sightstone - Support Mains plz Read
i would honestly prefer them to just do away with the sightstone all together, just make it a change to your trinket or gives you sightstone in a second trinket slot as the 21 point utility tree skill, it would have to scale say 1 ward level 1, 2 at 6, 3 at 9 or something and dear lord do something with the gp10 quints to make them viable in some way, up their gold or make them grant extra utility - combine the movement speed and gp10 quints in some fashion
: Azir Bug Report Thread
His soldiers can be spawned inside walls mainly around bot turret on the purple side or top blue side. Similar to how you place wards across the wall, but his soldier appears in the wall. Doesn't happen all the time, but managed to get it to occur rather often in a couple of games. It appears to just be a display error, if you attempt to teleport to the unit you will go to the other side of the wall, where it should have popped out. Attached a screenshot for reference


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