: so true, I won't play at all as long as I cannot play custom games... riot should either delete my account or remove the 2 player limit, because my account is worthless as long as I can't play customs Edit: Riot has heard us! Praise them in eternity, we can play custom games again!
: Marksmen carry the games usually because of their items, not their base AD. It's only a minor factor anyways since MF has one of the strongest attack speed steroid in the game basically making her still do very good against squishy and semi-squishy targets. She has harder times killing someone like a tanky Udyr (who's running away) if he happens to be the only target around. It might take her extra 3-5 seconds to kill him if she's doing nothing but shooting. Not too bad considering how efficient she's gonna be against multiple enemies. Instead of getting into bad situations you would have previously survived due to the higher base AD, you should try to avoid them and adjust your play style accordingly.
but in order to do that you have to get through early-mid game where you usually have one-two items to rely on.. :\ it's not about bad situations, it's about the inability to kill the enemy adc in lane. ever. unless somebody does the damage, or he sits there besides his support and waits for you. or just sits there by himself considerably longer and laughs as you chip away at his milimeters. it doesn't feel like an ADC.
: I don't understand what's the problem here. **"This isn't about dueling, it's about focusing high priority targets in a teamfight."** If a teamfight breaks out, you just ult and don't worry about who to focus. You're hitting all 5 people at the same time. MF was never a 1v1 champion. Just look at her kit: **Q** - poke tool, better through a dying target. **Questionable use in a 1v1.** **W** - steroid 20-60% AS. Pretty mediocre. Her Impure Shots were needed to be stacked first, again, making this insanely time consuming in a 1v1 where you specifically want to straight out murder people as fast as you can. **AS good, stacking mechanic not in a 1v1.** **E** - AP scaling AoE slow. For lockdowns or escapes only. **Useless in a 1v1.** **R** - Channeling AoE ability. **Useless in a 1v1.** Out of 4 skills in a 1v1 scenario, only one is usable, one questionable and passive negated. How does MF compare to someone who is a 1v1 specialist, like Vayne, Jinx or Lucian for example? Miss Fortune's forte is full blown teamfights where she can blanket the enemy team with bullets, basically run-and-gun marskman (hit-and-run tactic). If you always wanted a 1v1 champion that is a marskman, you would have never picked Miss Fortune in the first place. You're making a complaint that goes against what Miss Fortune stands for and this is exactly why Riot is giving each marskman a unique role in the team. If all marskmen would do the same things (a 1v1), then the best marskman would be the one with the best stats. In this case, what's the point of other 19 marksmen if none of them have a unique identity or a different way to contribute to the team? This kit right now - it exactly delivers on Miss Fortune's fantasy of an AoE marskman. You are heavily rewarded for playing her this way because all her stats were significantly buffed and her Love Tap requires of you to just get used to switching targets instead of hammering down one. And this isn't like Yasuo's Sweeping Blade mechanic that has a cooldown between casts on the same target. If you want to maximize the DPS, just switch between 2 targets minimum. With her insane W steroid and her refreshing W mechanic, you will absolutely demolish 2 people at the same time without the loss of DPS, like everyone claims. I've played her 5 games already and i've not been able to run into the low damage problem like everyone else's been having. That's probably because you're all playing her like a 1v1 champion and this is exactly what she is not. To drive this point further, playing MF like a 1v1 marskman is like playing Vayne AP. See how that works out for you. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
if a -teamfight- breaks out, yes. but skirmishes and bot engages? if your jungler ganks? maybe your ult is on cooldown, or maybe it's not worth using it when normally you could use your auto attacks to take down their adc. but you can't do that, you have to hit their supp as well in order to have damage. MF is not and i don't want her to be a 1v1 champion, but as an ADC i expect her to be able to focus targets when needed. i love the kit, as i've said countless times before. but the numbers are not fit for an ADC. lower love tap dmg bonus so it's still there but not needing to rely on it, and bump up the AD. it's just scandalous how an ADC now has one of the lowest [4th i think] AD in game. :/
: Maybe their taunt or joke would be better than a random, "GUAGAUGAHRDAMSD" out of nowhere, wouldn't you agree?
also yeah. :D but definitely one of those three, it would make it more responsive and alive.
: Add Champion death sounds when they are banned
: sure the mastery itself may come handy, but the problem is that you have to invest the points to get there, which arguably in the larger scale of things, balance off anything you might gain from stormraider's surge. because you're a damage dealer with utility masteries.
possibly, but there is still not enough compensation for the lost offensive potential from not getting an offensive keystone.
: > do you think her AD values [being lower than many supports] are good to go as is, taking into account all game situations that she will be faced with, as an ADC? Overall yes. Love Tap compensates a lot of the power she lost as base AD. It scales from 60-100% of her total AD increasing as she levels + now also benefits from life steal. If you manage to proc it few times, it's already going to have more value than her previous base AD would have. There is no such rule that a champion should perform well in every situation due to their base AD. Giving her situational power allows her to be great in certain situations while weaker at others, in this case she's weaker when caught by a single enemy. Her weakened base AD is often enough to deal with targets with low hp when used together with her attack speed steroid.
love tap only compensates when it's being used. but as an ADC in many cases [keyword, MANY!] you have to focus one target, lest you end up getting two enemies to half hp running away instead of one dead high priority target. if she was anything else than a CARRY who is supposed to focus and take down priority targets, the impact would be less. but it is her base position, that comes before identity, which requires her to act contrary to her identity. now, you can only do one and you forced to do it- play within your identity. whereas in real gameplay, you HAVE to forego that for well, doing your role as a marksman.
: Hmm... I haven't played Viktor all that much, but I imagine him to be one of the mages that would get the least mileage out of Stormraider's Surge, particularly since he gets basically the same effect on a shorter cooldown by augmenting his Q. But, hypothetically, if a Viktor player wanted to augment something else first and was facing off against mobile enemy champions, the burst of extra movement speed might help him keep his ult in range of fleeing opponents? Taking a closer look at Deathfire Touch, though, I think I can understand now why the AP ratio is so much lower than the AD ratio. If a mage can consistently apply continuous ability damage to multiple targets, then even with that low AP ratio, the total bonus DPS could outpace champs that can only deal ability damage occasionally or to only one target at a time. Someone like Evelynn who can run alongside an enemy while spamming ability damage at them _and_ who scales well with AD could potentially get quite a lot of mileage out of Deathfire, but someone like Vel'Koz who has only AoE spells on long cooldowns that don't scale with AD at all would have a much harder time getting mileage out of it. In that case, the ability to retreat while waiting for abilities to come off cooldown might be rather useful.
sure the mastery itself may come handy, but the problem is that you have to invest the points to get there, which arguably in the larger scale of things, balance off anything you might gain from stormraider's surge. because you're a damage dealer with utility masteries.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
oh my god, statikk, i had a dream with you in it. there was like, a party of sorts, and people had their names on their foreheads. but you had bangs and i didn't see your name. we talked about unrelated stuff, i think the scuttler crab and the herald. then you flipped your bangs to the side and i saw your name. i... exploded. i grabbed your shoulders, tears in my eyes, and begged you, as i immediately started crying hysterically, i begged you, to give miss fortune's AD back. i was yelling and shaking you, "please please i'll do anything, just give MF's AD back". i don't remember if you said yes. and i would do it in real life too. pls give MF her AD back. :'(
: **_"Oh I see now... you are a MF main... Of course you would be against change."_** Can you actually argue my points instead of attacking me? No, I am not against change. MF has been changed tons since I first played her in Season 3. I was looking forward to the changes and like I said, when I read them, I was ecstatic. In practice though I was left not only disappointed but worried. Stop resorting to low tier attacks on my character. And No. MF isn't My Main. Talon and Lulu are. MF is merely my main Marksman of choice along with Graves, who's changes, while drastic, are great for him ans they synergies and compliment his character, style and identity exceptionally well. MF's don't. Change is not inherently good or bad. Change can be good as it can be bad. The idea that making something different automatically makes it better is incredibly shortsighted. Change for the sake of change is often hazardous. Change has to be made for a reason and as far as I can tell, Love Tap exists as a change for the sake of it. As it is, it doesn't fit MF at all let alone compliment her core identity. It actually half-way overrides her identity and walls her into being half way. What they want is to make Auto attacks feel distinct from one another and make Marksman all feel like they have their unique strengths and reasons to use them, focus on it, and push them into that direction. MF already had an identity. AOE Wombo combo Marksman. LoveTap doesn't do this. It splits her attention across 2 targets rather than emphasizing her niche in hitting as many targets targets in an area as possible. It also punishes her for not doing so as opposed to rewarding her for doing so. **_"The world doesn't revolve around you."_** Oh please. It seems more to me that you just personally _**really like the changes**_ and are blinded to its issues. How about I return that back at you.** "The world doesn't revolve around _you_"**, and me like many others (the vast majority in fact) have all expressed great issue with MF in her current state on PBE. If you have nothing else to contribute to the discussion, just leave. You aren't helping anyone or anything. Love Tap could easily be remedied by making her autos behave similarly to her Q, whenever she lovetaps, instead of her hitting like a wet noodle whenever she doesn't. That would reinforce her role as an AoE marksman, help her combo potential, make her lane harass interesting AND have riot keep heir cute and silly idea of constantly switching targets for optimal damage without ruining her and punishing her for not doing so. It would reward the player for mastery and being able to do so while looking for opportunities to do it, instead of lowering her damage to points that make her pointless outside of a well places R. Any number of things can be done to fix it.
i said i love the changes but not the numbers... wait i'm reading this and you're not talknig to me, are you? i think your comment seems lost.
: And what would make it so much different if it was given to Draven (except making his axe catching even more frustrating)? Oh I see now... you are a MF main... Of course you would be against change. Who would want their main to be changed in drastic manners when you specifically got into playing them due to their play style. But still, change is overall good and you'll just have to deal with it. The world doesn't revolve around you. I can't speak for Riot why they have decided to take this approach on her. But I'd guess that they want marksmen to not be the "role that mindlessly auto attacks".
hey uh, i'm gonna play courier here, the guy replied to the whole thread instead of replying to you, uh. if you want to check it out, it should be not too low under my comment. i didn't read your whole discussion but i'd like to chime {{champion:432}} in with one question: do you think her AD values [being lower than many supports] are good to go as is, taking into account all game situations that she will be faced with, as an ADC?
: It sounds like you're talking about Viktor, and that test you did sounds interesting. Which masteries did you change, and how did you perform the test?
why would viktor ever go down the utility tree over the offense tree? i did the test more passively than anything, i simply took that mastery in one game and observed its effect, then took the offensive one in following games and observed its effect. i don't remember if i did both of this on evelynn [i did the utility one for sure though], but anyway, point is i felt that the investment to effect ratio was underwhelming in the storm surge one.
: The problem i see would be people buying both your suggested item and thornmail(specially tanks) and pretty much ruining ADCS lifesteal capabilities. Honestly it would probably result in thornmail being nerfed again. I mean right now you can buy Last Whisper and get grievous wounds as a AD bruiser, or go for thornmail if you really REALLY need to. Why make it even easier for the bruiser to kill the squishy? It should be about timing and skill anyway. TL;DR - i think grevious on a defensive item is a bad idea and would really just be a handicap for unskilled players. It would also be abused alongside thornmail and make tanks godly all over again.
as mungo has stated, the effect would not be as extreme as you perceive it to be, just as thronmail's isn't. it's not overwhelming, but it's still good to have in certain situations.
: Removing mana pots(as you said) has crippled any ap champ. Minutes into laning phase ad they've lost all mana and the(Mostly likely) yasou will go in and either kill you ro force you away and the cycle will continue. Remember awhile with the AP item changes making almost all the mages useful again, well throw that out the window because with assassins able to buy mercurial scimitar as a second or third by all their cc is useless and now that malzahar is dead despite his nether grasp. It doesn't a take a genius to see that Riot seems to be purposely(but hopefully temorarily) killing all ap from the game. But I have to ask why after all the effort on the AP items update. But yes Tryn, yas and panth are monsters with almost no weaknesses now, hell draven is benefitting pretty well too. His massive damage plus crits and heals, I was quinn and found draven at one quarter health to my full health. I actually managed to get all three marks on him and still lost due to his overhwhelming power and heals. Usually when assassins and ad champs become big anti ad champs like malphite become useful but this is so bad tanks melt as fast as normal people. So riot better see this and fix fast a good step would simply be putting mana potions back in, step 1. From there, either start lowering ratios on troublesome champs or rework these items and masteries(pref the latter) But hey, with all this life steal Aatrox might actually be meta for once {{champion:266}} Fuck ya
hey.. i do want to play aatrox. yay. yay?
: Guys, I hate to be the logical one here, but despite the fact that I agree with everything y'all are saying, this is literally the preseason. Rito knows that this crap is unbalanced and are gonna fix it soon. Don't worry :)
does this mean they will give MF her AD back? :D
: It is still a utility-type bonus rather than a damage bonus, so in that sense it makes sense for it to be in the utility tree. I think starting last season, Riot has wanted to make the choice of mastery trees into more a matter of player preference than something mandated by role.
but there is absolutely no reason for a bursty champion to take an utility mastery over an offensive one. i've compared it to the uh i think the one with the guy and the hand, can't remember the name, an offensive one nonetheless, on evelynn. the difference was immense in the detriment of the utility mastery.
: That would pretty much double-counter every adc. Thornmail is already fairly tough to lifesteal through, adding grievous wounds to it would make it a 100% build item on every tanky champion. Tanks aren't the only ones who build thornmail. Plenty of bruisers can fit it in.
as mungo said, thornmail was the first example off the top of my head, it could very well be another item, say dead man's plate [randuins has the cold steel]. i've gone ahead and edited that out to make sure the message of my post comes across clearly as a suggestion independent of thornmail.
: ADC's are a neccesity, unlike tanks. And they have less diversity than tanks. Mostly, they need to be less necessary for towers, so they can have power elsewhere.
that's arguable. you can substitute an ADC for an APC or a wombo combo lane just as you can substitude a tank but for a successful comp you need a tank as much as you need an ADC. they're working on the diversity now. i would not disagree with your second statement but i cannot think of a way to achieve that.
: thats a great idea for balancing it for all types of junglers.
: That's exactly what spirit stone did, and what I said in the post.
: "this is not her identity" She has two guns, her Q has always been a spell that hits two targets and her ult is an aoe dmg ability. She's an aoe marksman and now has a dedicated niche which allows her to be superior to other picks in certain situations. "MF is terrible when not playing within it and okay when playing within in" "okay"? She's able to hit two enemies as effectively as other adc hitting one target. You gotta remember that her attack speed steroid duration is also increased when proc'ing love tap. "i literally kept attacking a cassiopeia and i was dealing 36 damage. at lvl 5. and she was doing 44. no AD items on either. i ulted a minion wave at lvl 8 an didn't kill a single one. NOT OKAY." You can't just go in a 1v1 duel with MF in the early game. You need to poke them down with Q. Commit to the kill when they get low enough. In a 1v2 or 2v2 you just need to activate your W and kill them both. Her ultimate dmg was increased so you must have not had any items to not kill a minion wave at level 8.
of course, i agree with your first point! i love that. but she is not superior if she does not have damage. i guess she is more than okay, but she is still terrible when she focuses one target. which you HAVE to do as an adc is many situations, you can't just keep switching targets and end up not killing any. that was no a duel, it was a comparison of auto attack damage with a non-auto attack oriented champion, which did more damage than an auto-attack oriented champion.
: Making assists a secondary trigger on Stormcaller's Surge is an interesting idea; I like it. I think Stormcaller's Surge is intended for burst mages and assassins rather than supports, though. I guess Thuderlord's Decree is the intended choice for sustained damage mages, but it really feels bad to only have a 10% ratio on AP, especially right next to that 20% for AD. I mean, sure, mages can buy Deathcap, but not all do, and certainly not as their first item. Plus, that only gives an extra 35%, so after investing in a Deathcap, that effectively makes it 13.5% AP vs. 20% AD.
it should not be in the support tree if it's for burst mages. >.<
: There's only one best option for the final point that's appealing to backline healers like Sona and Soraka, but it's _awesome_. As a Soraka enthusiast, I absolutely love the combination of Windspeaker's Blessing and Runic Armor, but for tanky supports like Braum or Leona, I'd probably go for Bond of Stone instead of Windspeaker's Blessing. So far I've been able to find at least one mastery at each level that I'm happy to have for my supports, which wasn't true in previous seasons. Interestingly, in previous seasons I was always able to spend every point happily on mages, and now I no longer am.
i suppose so, but that does not soothe the stormcaller's surge being for assassins in a support tree while it could be so well adjusted for supports by the simple addition of the speed on assists. though i agree with you on the mages lack of choices... poor, poor mages.
: Lich Bane isn't included in the list of CDR items.
also, nomad's medallion is still in the other movement items section.
: Why do the tier two Jungle items give lifesteal but not spellvamp?
turn that lifesteal into "heal for x% of damage dealt", like on hextech gunblade.
: [Analysis] Comparison of Cull with Doran's Blade and Long Sword as starting items on ADCs
: [Balance suggestion] Why does Mercurial Scimitar have lifesteal?
Rioter Comments
: How about chat in loading screen?
complete unanimity. rito pls. but give MFs AD back. i would like that more.
: Ezreal Feels a bit Lackluster since he isn't terribly great with crit chance.
then perhaps we need an item to empower autos weaved inbetween casts.
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: The State of Marksmen and the Meta Explained (The rework doesn't fix the core problems, yet)
but... how do you suggest to fix this? take away their range? or what? your points are very much valid, and i agree. but .. it's normal. in an army as well you have different roles and roles that are instrumental. this is an inherent flaw of the game, of the whole idea of the game. but that doesn't make adcs less fun. with the rework they have managed to bring more diversity to the adcs [and kill miss fortune with the ad nerf PLEASE GIVE HER AD BACK T_______T I WANNA PLAY HER] and make them more fun to play. call me biased, as an adc main, but if the whole idea of a backline squishy is not a fun idea for somebody, there ain't not amount of reworks that's gonna fix that. just like a frontline tank is a cog, so is a backline squishy, and has been since the beginning and will never stop to be. the only way they can make it more fun is provide characters that achieve that role through different means.
: Minions are insanely difficult to walk around.
i do believe it's the ping, as i've noticed other issues that i don't encounter on live, which can be explained through ping. and this is because on the server you and all around you are in a different position, thus you can bump into things that for you have already moved out of the way but not for the servers. something along these lines.
: Is there a reason why Death Timers are so unbelievably high?
i agree with the idea of longer death timers, but i think they should make them a tad shorter still. so the enemy team still has time to take objectives, but not the whole nexus in one push. in the long term, i hope this will make people value their lives more, which is a good thing. but the numbers should still be a tad lower.
: > [{quoted}](name=Muttsmutt,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=K7Eg4dBQ,comment-id=00280000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-31T11:07:04.226+0000) > > i understand, yes. but i cannot play with unlocked camera as it gives me motion sickness, so i am stuck in locked camera. i've tried adjusting but it's never worked out for me. at most, i got used to unlocking it whenever i need to use a long-range spell and i was curious whether i will have to do this with cait too now. We're attempting to improve support for locked camera (well, for all players really, but it affects locked camera players most) by having super Headshots take priority when issuing an attack move. Specifically, if you issue an attack move command (A+Left Click by default) to the ground (not on a valid enemy target), you'll attack any trapped/netted enemies within your elongated range. This should be working on Monday.
this is good news to hear, thank you CT! :) and thank you for all the caitlyn changes, they are well in tune with her identity and well executed. i don't want to seem desperate but truth is, i am. i don't know what to do anymore but i don't want to spam threads.. i love MF as much as i love caitlyn but i'm afraid i won't be able to play the former anymore. please please tell statikk an avid lover of MF cried for real over the AD nerf. she needs her normal AD back, my god. everything else is great, the new kit, but the massive AD nerf completely threw a cover over it. he did a good job on the kit and identity itself but forced it too much with the AD nerf. please please give her AD back please, i want to play MF so bad but i won't be able to do it if she's gonna deal as much damage as a support when focusing one target, which you have to do often as an ADC! i'm shedding literal tears here. for real. please save MF.
: Love Tap is meant to help MF through early and mid game bcuz her ult dmg excels in lategame. Its correct that MF lost a lot of dueling power but thats what these marksmen changes are made for : Every ADC should have a unique playstyle. In MF´s case its the multi-target/AoE dmg dealer. Love Tap offers a unique gameplay style and it will need time and practice to get used to and master it
this is not about dueling, this is about focusing a high priority target in a teamfight! MF was made completely useless when not doing what rito wanted her to- hitting multiple targets. it's cool that is her identity and i agree with it, i love that identity, but rito went WAY TOO FAR!!! because they made her mediocre to useless when not doing that, whereas** other ADCs are good when not doing what is in their identity, but fantastic when they are doing it. MF is good when she does it and absolutely lackluster when she doesn't**! and there are situations when she shouldn't!! you won't stop attacking that 10/2 fizz, YOU DON'T WANT TO, EVEN IF YOU ARE MF! and you shouldn't have to! the utter counter-logic baffles me. RITO PLS I'M CRYING FOR REAL.
: this, as a lux main I think this is their way of indirectly nerfing Lux. This will force most Lux's to either Rush Chalice, or go double dorans and make real good use of their spells efficiently. Currently, as a Lux main I rush Luden's and buy mana pots until I can get chalice right after, but this might make me just get the chalice before going into full on Luden's.
this is exactly what i thought of, the exact situation/player. personally.. i'm okay with this. lux has a very strong kit and keeping her in check early game is a welcome thing for people who are not lux.
: I have never been happier with the mastery options for AP supports, but yeah, the 18th point masteries for AP mages all feel bad to pick.
: Having the move speed burst based on assists would really shake up the tree topper talents and really provide an alternative for some supports to take.
it would, it would. and it would very much make sense because most supports would benefit from it, as most supports would benefit from being able to reach their allies faster in a combat situation.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
i do not like this change at all.. not at all. it would be ok if love tap wasn't so central to your dmg and it would be okay if you gave her the ad she had before..... honestly as an avid mf lover i wouldn't see love tap as a central mechanic but more of a bonus, so pls dont make it a central mechanic! pls dont kill mf i want to play her but i cant play her if im not allowed to focus priority targets and if i deal as much dmg as a supp!!!!!!!!!!!
: We made the indicator dark because we didn't want players to interpret the mark as a "keep hitting this guy" visual that most of our visual markers in the game do. MF's mark holds an extremely different meaning than all the other marks in the games as it is essentially an "anti-mark" (or there technically should be marks on every other unit in the game that is not Love Tapped but that's kind of silly). I agree we want to keep her a simple and approachable champion, but at the same time Miss Fortune has always been a tough champion to tune for higher end play due to her lack of mastery and depth. Love Tap is an attempt to introduce a hopefully simple concept that does have nuance to its execution so MF players who really invest into her can be rewarded for that.
but i want to keep hitting that guy because he is the enemy carry and i want to kill him!! but then i realise i have as much damage as crab. PLEASE GIVE HER AD BACK!!!!!!!! she is not an adcarry anymore, she is... just a thing there that is supposed to hit more targets but she ends up doing nothing because honestly you seriously expect an adc to not focus priority targets? oh god what have you done.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
GIVE HER MORE AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she has the dmg of a support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just tried trading with the enemy adc and i was doing 50 dmg!!!! what have you done?!?!?????? i understand that it would be op with love tap dmg but pls nerf love tap dmg and give her some ad! you cant always switch targets all the time that is silly! please dont kill miss fortune!!! i want to play her, i love her. i don't know what i'm gonna do if you don't give her more ad... pls rito. i'm on the verge of tears i'm in a game and doing absolutely ridiculously low damage. you can't expect her to be a legit adc without actualy ad!!!!!!!
: Jinx feels bad with rocket gun nerf
agreed on the remove damage instead, so rockets would be mostly a range thing.
: No~ It's a Scuttle Crab fallen into the void, iirc
that's even cuter haha
: Miss Fortune's Base Attack Damage is way too low
holy alistar, that's insane. i hope this is an unintended bug, an adc can't have that low damage, my god.
: [Graves] - True Grit does not cap
good to know it is a bug and not intended, haha.
: The new mastery trees are underwhelming for support players
i agree, the speed on the burst damage one should be on assist of champinos that get bursted, because this is a support tree not an assassin tree. and same on thunderlord i agree with your suggestion.
: I disagree. Buying a QSS in season 5 has always felt like a gold burden that delays your build from being better. Now it's something that can be a core item. I think that it being core is a good thing. It's literally the marksmen equivalent of a zhonya's hourglass.
: Baron Eats Herald :D
but isn't herald baron's baby?
: Could Graves just 'slap' someone with his gun while out of ammo?
by the time you get in melee range you would have reloaded already and regretted being THAT close. but it would a good option to have, so +1 regardless.
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