: [PBE Support Itemization Notes - 6.22] Redemption, Knight's Vow, Ardent Censer, Crucible, Locket...
I wanna state how much I love Knight's vow, I often play tank supports like Nautilus and Leo, and after a few trades I hated that I knew I would die soon. This items helps me feel much more confident in trades even if I personally am not doing well since the healing could offset my lack of stats. Great item for tanky supports, though the redirect bit overlaps with bond of stone. PS. THANK YOU FOR ADDING A BUFF ICON FOR IT!!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I really enjoy checking my buff icon to see how much I healed in the last fight, how much I covered etc. Seeing those numbers reassures me that it's working well for me, or not. Really would like to see these kind of stat-logs in as many items as possible. (yeah yeah I am asking for too much).
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Ivern is useless against Udyr bot, Udyr summoned camps appear hostile but Ivern cannot attack them.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Ivern is useless against Udyr bot, Udyr summoned camps appear hostile but Ivern cannot attack them.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
With regards to the 'W''s health bar, Have you guys considered making the wall have multiple textures/sprites/models that make up the wall? As in depending on how many hits it has left, the wall "breaks". Could provide better feedback and might be easier than looking for a healthbar.
: I usually dont like having to go to the webpage to check damage dealt stats and such, i havent really read other comments but i was hoping we could get endgame stats in the client.
I believe that is a work in progress hence the stats are only online for now.
: A 'Damage blocked by this champion's shields' - Value would be great, too.
> [{quoted}](name=Graves the God,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=HRnvZ8mU,comment-id=00150000,timestamp=2016-05-18T12:58:09.466+0000) > > A &#x27;Damage blocked by this champion&#x27;s shields&#x27; - Value would be great, too. Riot please!! Would really give a lot of insight of how much potential damage was prevented because of shields. I play a lot of {{champion:111}} Nautilus and would LOVE to see how much damage I took and how much I could have taken if not for my shield >.<
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
>Suggestion: Undo/revert option in masteries Currently there isn't a explicit way to revert a recent change. The best way to do it is to open a another mastery page and not save the changes. Ps. The reset arrow kinda looks like an undo arrow.
: Why can't we QSS his ultimate anymore? Is that how it should work or is it a bug?
that is a bug, at least the suppression should be affected by QSS
I suggest you make the tittle more specific. and some evidence would give you visibility and credibility.
: Kog actually isn't technically alive neither is Zyra or karthus (its a coding thing). So taric's w passive really shouldnt work post mortum.
Not alive, but active. Coding wise the gameobject is still active and present so some interactions are still viable. By this I mean the spell is working properly but instead of it being because it is bugged rather it is because it hasn't been restricted or limited to stop working in those conditions.
: [¿Hexakill?] Wooglet's Witchcap Bug
By my calculations it does but the tooltip s bugged and doesn't display it. I went and added up your AP items and little extra and after adding the 25% I reach your total ap. ( {{item:1058}} (60) + {{item:3151}} (80) + {{item:3135}} (80) +{{item:3090}} (100) + 10AP runes/masteries ) x 1.25 = 413 AP As far as I can see, it's just a tool tip issue.
: [Taric] Taric w and kog's passive interaction
Considering is is still active, I guess it's still valid, maybe it isn't something that should stay, but the interaction doesn't seem to be faulty. Kogmaw doesn't really die until the passive goes off, just like Sion and Zyra; they are still visible in the map, provide vision and can still interact with others so I assume it's still working as it should. I believe it might be an unwanted interaction but not a really a bug.
: Hey Mushkai, Thanks for the report! We are trying to track down this bug and any info you could provide is useful :) If you have the Game r3d log for this game, could you post that as well? Thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Oops this is pretty late do I'll understand if I don't get a reply, but I play on mac and to be honest don't know where I could find the log you request. I would apreciated if you can explain where it is to automatically add it to future bugs reports I submit. Thanks in advance! Ps. AAAH O.O never thought I would receive my own red post =3
: Yorick's damage counter isn't working correctly
Ah I seen this before and it might simply be the ult when it expires? A detail that supports my theory is the when the ult expires -and by this I mean when the target gets killed and revives for 10 seconds - the host receives around 100k true damage to end it; it is possible the way it's coded that damage somehow get attributed to yorick.
  Rioter Comments
: I encountered this on the Party skin as well. The toggle effect on the ability icon is backwards. But I also encountered something similar to Mushkai on both regular Amumu and Party skin. Once you've run out of Mana your W stays on and still deals damage, but I could turn it off and back on and it would turn on/do damage again once I had Mana to turn it back on, but once I ran out of Mana it would stay on again. So I would say Amumu is bugged in general! EDIT: Also I love the skin, makes me chuckle! :)
Hmm, that now makes me curious. In my case and the pictures confirm it, 'w' wouldn't deal any damage even though the skill was active visually. Could it be possible that the animations aren't in sync with the skill effects...? I'll try playing another round with Amumu and pay special attention to my 'w' this time. Will update my post with my findings. Regardless, Amumu's 'w' is bugged. Ps. I agree, this skin is really fun!! Pss. Does ulting an enemy champ that isn't visible (not necessarily in stealth) trigger the Happy face? Or does it trigger the sad face since you didn't have vision of the enemy champ?
: I think he means when its W activate,it did nothing. and when its off,the spell is active...still active for unlimited time..still when he had 0 mana its still on and dealing dmg..sry for my english and i hope yu understand it :S
> I encountered the following bugs: > •His 'w' stayed active even though I ran out of mana. > •'w's toggle animation would turn on/off but the skill's animation would remain active. > •'w' wasn't dealing damage. > I believe the first bug lead to the others... > here is a link with multiple screen shots, 3 show how 'w''s animation was active even though I had no mana nor enough mana regeneration to keep it up. The forth picture shows how the golem was suffering from the Bladed Armor Mastery skill effect and the Cinderhulk Immolate aura, while not receiving damage from 'w'. > > [Link](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0n47084a08x4kqb/AACrfVCdSD84garQQklNoRwda?dl=0) This basically?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Surprise Party Amumu!
I encountered the following bugs: •His 'w' stayed active even though I ran out of mana. •'w's toggle animation would turn on/off but the skill's animation would remain active. •~~'w' wasn't dealing damage.~~ I believe the first bug lead to the others... Below is a link with multiple screen shots, 3 show how 'w''s animation was active even though I had no mana nor enough mana regeneration to keep it up. The forth picture shows how the golem was suffering from the Bladed Armor Mastery skill effect and the Cinderhulk Immolate aura, ~~while not receiving damage from 'w'~~. [Link to photos](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0n47084a08x4kqb/AACrfVCdSD84garQQklNoRwda?dl=0) **Edit**: Seems 'w''s damage is still applied regardless of available mana. The bug seems to be that it won't auto-cancel itself when Amumu doesn't have enough mana to keep it up, so the only way to turn it off is by deactivating it manually; however, you need enough mana for that though.
: Game keep crash
Was there a Bard present?
: Bard Bug Report Thread
Played a game with Classic Bard skin, in a 21minute game I had 6 Bugsplats, which is about 3.5minutes of gameplay per Bugsplat. I use a Mac and that one thing that caught my attention every time was the following message: >Date/Time: 2015-03-04 20:13:34.538 -0500 >OS Version: Mac OS X 10.9.5 (13F34) >Report Version: 11 > >Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread > >Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) >Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000 > >VM Regions Near 0: >--> __PAGEZERO 0000000000000000-0000000000001000 [ 4K] ---/--- SM=NUL >/Applications/PBE.app/Contents/LoL/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/>OS/LeagueofLegends > VM_ALLOCATE 0000000000001000-0000000000045000 [ 272K] ---/--- SM=NUL Any thoughts?
: Bard Bug Report Thread
In my last game, I played with the Elderwood bard skin things I noticed: • Experienced 11 Bugsplats • Early game teammates had over 1k pings and disconnected a lot • I witnessed about 3-5 "attempting to reconnect" massages during early game • A little later, our Jungler was able to play, reached level 4 while the rest didn't get out of fountain • Mid-game, Yas was able to play, followed by Gnar. Akali seems to have decided to give up on reconnecting. • As the game progressed I would disconnect often, while the rest of my team seemed to have a stable connection • By late game I reached the conclusion that my bugsplats seemed to be of the same nature, and would trigger every 2-4 minutes after reconnecting. • Didn't notice any particular trigger besides time elapsed between reconnects. Ps. I had played with Elderwood bard a few days ago and didn't noticed anything of the above mentioned.
: I was playing Bard with his Elderwood Bard skin equipped and had many bugs. The first bug I noticed was that I was unable to cancel my moves. I had Quick Cast enabled and had it show range indicators. Usually when I hold down a move with range indicators I can just right click and it would cancel the move. But for some reason when I held it down, it kept making the clicking sound indicating I kept clinking it. So when I right clicked with my mouse it would not go away and would stay on screen until i released the button for that move or action and would make me use the move. Another problem I experienced was that randomly it would not let me use the spacebar to move the camera back to my champion, would not let me hold down tab to show the scores and would not let me press escape to show the settings. The final problem I noticed was that there was times where when I was auto attacking anything at all, I was not able to stop until it died or I died. I don't know if these were bugs with Bard or the Elderwood Bard skin or just a bug that would happen in general. This was my first game using the PBE server so I don't know if these problems are normal or if they are related to Bard, just wanted to point out some problems I found.
I can confirm the Elderwood quick-cast bug. I also wasn't able to use the move command to cancel the quick-cast of any of my abilities, and it sounded like it was queuing up multiple times per second, until canceled with "esc" or letting go of the key (effectively casting the skill)
: If you see the second and the third screens, you can see that the tooltip of the buff says "Morde gains 1/5 of AD ( ) and AP ( ) of the ghost", instead of AP and HP.
I apologize, new to that Imgur thing so didn't noticed the upper tab showing the 3 images. I am used to looking for "1 of 3" kind of format. Good eye though!! As a suggestion, it might be wise to state you giving a link to 3 images, for people like me.. Heh...{{item:3070}}
: [Mordekaiser's ghost buff] - The tooltip of the buff is wrong
Ummm, the screenshot reflects the tooltip of Mords ult, which is correct last time I checked..?
Rioter Comments
: Maybe it would consume the stack when you cast the spell, then start regaining the stacks. For instance, if you laid down a teemo shroom with 100 stacks, you would immediately lose your stacks, but the next person who stepped on it would take the bonus damage, and you wouldn't lose your current stacks. Might need a nerf though if this happens.
Wow, that's a very interesting implementation, I like it. Maybe, to prevent it from getting crazy, implement some feature that would make traps like Teemo's and Nidalee's, that will hold up to one "discharge" counter if casted while having the 100 stacks. What this does, is prevents the user to place multiple "charged" traps and instead will mean that the next trap, disregarding which one, will "discharge" and consume the counter. This leaves the the other traps without any extra effect maintaining the "remote discharge" effect under control. In short the changes I talk about are: > ** Item 3285 will have two separate "discharge" styles; remote-mine and the current default (the one tested a few days ago). ** >Remote-mine style: * When a champ sets a mine trap while equipped with item 3185 and 100 stack, the cast will consume the stacks. * Setting more traps will no consume any stacks. (Explained below) * A charge will be created for each 100 stacks that are consumed. One charge limit. * The first trap that activates after a charge is created will consume the charge and deal item 3285's passive damage. * Traps triggered without a charge available will NOT activate item 3285's passive damage * Any trap regardless duration can and will activate item 3285's passive damage will a charge is available. * *Feel free to suggest / comment / add to this with a reply* I don't think I need to explain the default trigger (If you didn't get a chance to use it, search for it in the boards and you'll understand) The remote-mine charge is independent, and the Champ can charge and consume stack freely without consuming the charge. So yes, you can trigger a trap's charge and follow up with a spell to consume your stacks meaning you could deal item 3285's passive damage twice on the same target if properly executed. Mainly a suggestion to deal with how traps can detonate and consume your stacks on targets you aren't even engaging, but won't allow to set up a mine field of powered-up traps either. Ps. Gonna start an independent discussion with this, maybe it can be used for some other thing. I'll add the link soon. EDIT: [Here is the link.](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/RNizW5PQ-suggestion-poll-mine-like-traps-and-item-3285-known-asludens-echo-or-static-staff)
: Ez's Q applies on hit effects because it is basically an auto attack on a skill shot. That's what it is made to be, and this gives it flavor and "funness". Think if it just did raw DMG, it would be a rather bland skill shot, but now it can do a lot of different things in exciting ways. Same kind of idea why Irealia's dash gets reset if it kills a minion, it gives it depth and makes it different from other similar abilities. The on hit effects makes it have cool interactions with items, and from a balance point of view enhances his safe hit and run play style by letting him use auto attack effects that you'd normally have to be in auto attack range(550) at Q range(1150). It lets you put cool mechanics on the spell, making it a more interesting spell than just DMG on a stick. Edit: To explain it this way, it is not as much about the auto attack part as it is that it gives cool interactions with your items. Instead of your items only effecting your auto attacks it now makes your Q cooler as well.
I usually don't play ADCs so the only item on the top of my head it Static Shiv xD But I see how it creates more enjoyment, and given how his skill look alike the effect does make it stand out more. Well Thanks again, really nice of you to bother to answer me =3 Will remember your name for future reference and such =3
: You can also spam a rotation of wew in cougar to max it to 100 charge again which seems a bit overpowered lmao if you have CDR as well. R wew then you have a 100 charge q spear
...I pity your targets.. I trully do xD
: Thank you for your reply, I'm glad to get some intelligent discussion over it. I understand why it happened, same reason Q does not proc Lyandris, and this may or may not be the intention of Riot because of the wording. That brings up the question, does Riot want it to be spell DMG just spells? However even if they decide that it should be spell DMG then I'm hoping an exception will be made for Ezreal. They have done it before, even on Q with Crit, similar thing on Ahir with Fox fire's single target vs multi target as well as it used to be that the spell vamp for her Q(before passive rework) was counted as single target even though it was a multi target ability(correct me if I'm wrong there). Things like this are common through out LOL, they are small that just like lack of Crit on Ez's Q they are small things that make a big difference. They should have an exception case for Ezreal's Q. AP Ezreal needs a buff, has for a long time, this is a very small, logical and fun way to give it to him. Rather than upping an AP ratio to buff him or adding a new mechanic, they can just buff him by making an exception. So at the very least it's not a bug fix, it's just a normal buff, no different than increasing the base DMG on flux. It's a small thing that will make a massive difference to AP Ezreal players, without harming the heath of the game. The only reason I would concede into agreeing it should not be fixed is that it simply cannot be done it the way it is coded. However even if push comes to shove, worse case scenario it (should) only take a hard coded exception case. There are a lot of ways to do this, some cleaner than others, but I'd be amazed if there is not a clean way to put it in, even if it has to be hard coded.
Your welcome, I truly enjoy seeing good discussions rather a post with just two lines of text. After reading I start to wonder why Ez's "q" applies On-Hit in the first place. Personally I don't have much experience with Ezreal, though I enjoyed playing him in ARAM during the F2P rotation. If you can tell me about that it'll serve as more knowledge for future discussion regarding Ez's "q". That said, I empathize with your request to allow that change for Ez's "q", Hopefully Riot play tests it and later on tells us what they thought about it, since it's something that has been posted A LOT,so a little comment from Riot will be nice for everyone. Once again, thanks for the discussion! It's been enjoyable so far. ^^
: We'll see. It's very bugged and we won't know how it'll truly be yet.
True, still some number tweaking and particles missing, so let's see what becomes out of it in the end.
: Perhaps they could put a distance calculation on it, say it can only proc if your within the spells original cast range.
Hmmm, not that simple, since teemo would have to be next to his shroom to have it proc it... and that's kinda inconvenient. But maybe limit it to proc if the target takes spell damage within visual range of the caster
: Yeah that's what I figured was happening, but it seems like a flaw IMO. Especially when the crab is still visibly trying to walk. Perhaps they could create a wall-detection system for the crab making it avoid getting trapped like that?
They should, I've noticed that Sometimes it doesn't really know in what direction to walk. hopefully Riot will take note of this.
: Scuttle Crab (did not see previous mention)
I believe he will run in the opposite direction of the damage he is taking, meaning it's lacking some smarts.
: New mage statik shiv
Think about the damage Statik shiv has which is 100 that can crit (200-250), now think about item 3285 which deal 100 plus 15% AP (300 AP = 45more damage) and also remember how high most mage spells are in terms of damage compared to ADCs criticals. Also think about the amount of damage a mage like Kat can do in 2 seconds compared to the best adcs... I don't think the new item will get buffed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mushkai,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=nJyrYqjh,comment-id=00250000,timestamp=2015-02-19T04:26:02.482+0000) > > Cougar form "q" shouldn't proc it, since it's a On-Hit. but her other skills can. Yeah just double checking. Pounced into raptors with 100 charge and it killed them all just like that lol.
Lol, that must have been fun to watch xD
: Mostly it just feels strange that it could allow damage from across the map. It makes perfect sense, given how it functions, but it just doesn't seem that it should allow it in the next iteration.
Agreed, it does feel weird to lose your stack because of traps around the map. Still, i'll be complicated to (but possible) to do something to address that effect. Thx for the feedback ^^
: Item 3285 - AoE damage procs spell effects - potential unitended behavior?
I believe it might be something the could be removed but taking into account it's acting as a spell effect it seem reasonable that Rylais is applied to target's his by item 3285. So unless Riot deems this OP, it isn't abnormal behaviour.
: item 3285 is a little bugged
This is why you must always check the [boards](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/nJyrYqjh-new-ap-item-available-for-testing-soon)... but to just answer your question, the item is currently lacking visual effects.
: Tried it with Nidalee traps. Worked perfectly fine. It's not exactly huge damage, but it still doesn't feel like it should do that. At least Shiv has an inherent range limiter.
well that' debatable since Shiv proc with auto attack and some skills that trigger On-Hits, so the range is limited by the source (AA, On-Hit skill). So it's actually a very different scenario, though I agree it might be annoying to lost the extra damage during a team fight just cause a minion or someone else proc-ed it on the other side of the map
: Ezreal's Q should apply the new AP item
Hmmm finally a proper post regarding the interaction between Ez's "q" and the new item. Even though it's been mention, I'll upvote this post due to being a well made one. On a side note, and thanks to you I noticed, seems most players read "next spell hit" literally without taking into account the mechanics behinds skills regarding what kind of effects they apply (on-hit VS spell-effects) and the context behind the new item (another high AP item inteded for mages following the removal of DFG) bringing a lot of confusion especially regarding Ez's "q". Now I have a better idea why the confusion, that said the reason I don't think the item won't change how it works apart form some number tweaking is a s follow: 1) Like I mentioned, the lack of a third 120 AP item made a hole in some builds for most mages, so it's intended mostly for mages. 2) Because it is for mages, the only way the passive could be properly shaped for mages was to have it interact with spells, hence it being a spell effect like lyandris and the sort. 3) Both previous reason make it logical that non-mage can't take the same advantage that mages do, the same reason non-mages can take advantage of Static shiv but mages can't. So it's fair that it works as it does. Yeah it sucks for Ez's "q" but that's the price for being able to apply on-hits. Anyhow, again thank you for your feedback =]
: Yea, it worked, I was just being a derp and not reading the tooltip carefully. Thank for pointing it out.
Thanks for confirming ^^ It's understandable the tootip seems to be creating some confusion and the lack of visual effects makes it tricky to notice. ^^
: > Actually, that's how it works. I will charge 20 with each cast. Pay attention while casting and you'll see. It didn't work on Syndra. I'm gonna check again with her.
Alright, let me know what happens. =]
: Wait a minute... What about Teemo shrooms? Can you proc the damage across the map?
I'd assume you could, since Rylias and Lyandris woudl still apply
: Ezreal - Q does not pro new AP item
Just gonna copy paste my [reply](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/7z3Y3tOk-the-new-120-ap-item-doesnt-proc-with-ezreals-q?comment=000000000000) to the same issue
: New AP Items interaction with DoT's, and thoughts
Thanks for this feedback, I haven't been able to get into PBE to test the new item on malz yet, so I really appreciate this!! Now, so far what I have speculated has been confirmed by this. The passive triggering mid-DoT is intentional as long as it was due to reaching the 100 stacks before it ended. The tooltip state that when it reaches 100 stacks the next spell-**hit** will expend the charges, I have seen a lot of confusion even though it seems clear enough to me, so I agree Riot must re-phrase that detail, something like "...when reaching 100 stacks, the next damage dealing spell-effect will expend..." or whatever makes it even more clear that the item passive will proc like Rylais and lyandris passives.
: Item 3285 Suggestion
Actually, that's how it works. I will charge 20 with each cast. Pay attention while casting and you'll see.
: How does it interact with Nami E?
Nami's "e" fuses with AAs, so it counts as On-Hit and won't trigger the item's passive
: I feel like moving shouldn't trigger it and charge should decay while out of combat. Having the ability to prime this before a fight will just create a similar issue to DFG where it just adds more up-front damage to burst champions rather than adding more sustained damage. Maybe "You gain 20 charge whenever you cast an ability and 5 charge per second while in combat. Charge will decay if out of combat for more than 5 seconds".
Some mages need to kite the same way they need to cast, so it makes sense it still stack with movement, even though it's at a lower rate and Static shiv's. Also having it decay when out of combat would hurt since some casters have long CD that obligates them to back off for a while.
: How does this interact with DoT spells? Because this procs 3 times on a Mordekaiser ultimate as is if it procs on immediately at the start.
It proc on spell damage, so I believe that it will proc whenever your spells deal damage and you reach 100 stacks. So it could trigger mid Mord-ult
: Will the movespeed stack with lichbane?
It should, seems like it's a normal stat, meaning stacking the item will do the same with the stats. The passive of course won't.
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