: We recognize that this feature is going to be hard to test on PBE - we are going to have to do our own due diligence in testing it in PBE with Rioters to work out any kinks, but if I get any information on how you guys can help I will let you know! :)
Thank you for this clear answer :) I also figured that I could simply add people from PBE on my facebook (people I do like ahahaha) so I can test out this new feature ! Can't wait to see it live you guys been doing a great job lately ! Keep it up that is how we like it :D
: New friend discovery feature on the way
That system seems to be promising :) How can we test this feature adequately on PBE is my question. Because as it is a very small community with restricted registering, many of our friends might not be able to get the invite or so. Beside this little problem I think this is a great feature that will help the community tighten :) Thank you rito :D{{champion:119}}

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