: Make "One for All" dodges a 30 minute penalty if not more.
It isn't worth it to make a RGM queue have its own dodge penalties. 17 times in a row is just an extreme outlier case and isn't frequent at all. If you want to find people to test some specific champion, try using the discord linked in one of the stickied threads.
: Intentionally feeding players
You aren't supposed to use the boards to name and shame other players.
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: Got kicked/dc'd from a game (Possible Bug)
I've also had this problem three times since tuesday. No clue what causes it and the only consistency I've noticed is people dying, but that might just be a coincidence.
: I don't see an Evelynn skin feedback thread and was wondering how people felt about Shadow Evelynn
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: PBE Launcher broken - Constant updating/reverting versions of the client
I had this problem the other day with the main client, what fixed it was launching lol.launder.admin from the root folder the game was housed in.
: Just give us urf again.
The PBE is for bugtesting.
: dont think they can because i think the engine it runs on wont let them not sure why
It's an inconsistency with the model, it has nothing to do with the engine.


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