: I agree. The new W is not an ability for assasins. This will completely change the way you play fizz, and sadly, not in a good way. Fizz is an assasin, assasins needs to go in and burst the squishy target, the new w is just the opposite. I main fizz for like 3 years, and i really hope this will not go live. Lets hope rito hears us...
"I main fizz for like 3 years" Yeah then you played the old fizz, which btw was just as more bursty than this one
: PBE not logging in
thought i got ban LUL
: Snowdown ARURF needs some serious balancing
the problem is the bloodly limited champion pool. Thats why it seems that much more imbalanced.
: I've voiced my opinion on this year's event, and while I don't agree with it, you've gotten more than your fair share of criticism but people only take to the forums when they're angry and there just doesn't seem to be a substantial enough amount of people to have your minds changed. My question is this; do you plan to do this with every URF from now forward? The game mode is practically the only reason I keep the game installed. If so, I'd like to know if the game mode is going to be kept "themed" every time we get it. In that case I'd probably never get the opportunity to play Evelynn or Vi again in this game mode which would be pretty saddening. I understand if you don't want to reply on this subject; it's probably something still within debate inside of the team. It's just that Snow Battle is going to stagnate and get pretty boring after maybe seven or so games due to the limited champion pool, many people still stop playing after 5 or so games.
They replied in that one thread, Riot Aeon >Hey guys! Basically, we’re just limiting the champ pool for this special edition of ARURF to make it fit the Snowdown theme better. We’re not planning to limit the champ pool in future versions of ARURF—it’s just to try something a little different this time.
: URF - Queue idea.
such a simple idea, but it really makes sense. Come on Riot, just do it.
: Some Runes gone missing after maintenance
huh, thought it was just for ARURF. thats wack then
: > [{quoted}](name=Tejano,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Fr38faix,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-11-27T09:38:22.909+0000) > > oh shit boys, it may happen. they removed the snow battle arurf thread Nnnnope. Still [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/WPE4L1Wq-poro-king-and-snow-battle-arurf-coming-to-a-pbe-near-you).
: You pretty much nailed it. It is all a vocal minority against a silent majority. A great recent example is the Illaoi skin vote. Despite all comments saying Battlecast was the worst skin, it won with flying colors by both the community and specifically the Illaoi mains. People go out of their way to complain much more than to compliment. No one is saying that this version is perfect. But it is no where near as playerbase killing as some people are calling it. I think this AR URF is fun and seasonal, with great potential of the Snowball hopefully becoming a permanent feature of AR URF.
It's still questionable. The OP only listed a few that were apparently "auto win champions", but what about the rest of them? Mains and favored champions are just "oops, you dont get these champs, too bad". It makes no sense for them to limit the champion pool in ARURF
: I actually think it's appropriate, there is more than a hundred posts on the fact that the snow does not compensate for the lack of champions and there is no official response.
oh shit boys, it may happen. they removed the snow battle arurf thread
: ***
Only 3 years? ive been playing since Yasuo was on Pbe. But you dont see me flaunting it around like you. "interesting way of speaking" oh please, dont flatter yourself. It's clearly the complete opposites with all the negative votes you're getting. When you play league more than any pro gamer but is still hardstuck diamond LMAO. Just treat others like how you want to be treated, being passive aggressive and vain isnt a personality.
: I legit don't hate any other RGM, they put on Ascension and others repeatedly because they're working on coding for other RGM's, such as One For All. Legit ANY Summoner's Rift RGM would be better than Snow Battle ARURF. If anything, a seasonal RGM should be slightly above the other RGM's on a 'joy scale'. For example, Invasion. It was made for a huge event, and it most likely will come back with a few updates for the next batch of Star Guardian skins. Have you ever thought why they're 'trashing' Riot for Snow Battle ARURF only and not the other RGM's? Think of this situation like this; you're in a restaurant and you ordered soup, they brought you the soup(I know it's cringe but bare with me), but without any liquid in there, so you complain to the person in charge and demand what you want. Also, running around posting that everyone is a child is not a solution to the 'trashing'.
Yeah agreed, i dont get what this Sarah person is talking about.
: AURF Thoughts
Tanks would be less oppressive if there were more champions available. Trust me, games certainly wouldnt last long enough for tanks to build up with the likes of wukong,zed, or vayne early game.
: trust me she's not a riot fangirl lol, you're not making any point either apart from pointing out how immature you are
>she's not a riot fangirl Oh, thats even worse LOL. Means she's just a sad human being who apparently thinks everyone here can't read :thinking: Not as immature as Sarah :) >If you're bored, don't play it! :oo Wow magic! Look at that passive aggressiveness! Nice friend you have there
: If you're bored, don't play it! :oo Wow magic!
Lmao, now you're just being an ass on purpose. Do you even play PBE? Go be bitter elsewhere, because it honestly would make everyone's lives better.
: I'll say it once more.This is **Snow Battle ARURF** not ARURF.
Are you just delusional or actually confused? Because I clearly said my intentions earlier. You're acting like everyone can't read, we know that.
: we know..... but that doesnt change the fact that right now snow battle arurf has a limited champ pool
Exactly. Acting like we cant read or something, "ok then".
: This is its own mode. Stop saying new ARURF. ARURF won't change as it's its own mode too.
Stop with the semantics, jesus. We obviosuly know this isnt replacing old ARURF as they said its for a limited time. Do you not get that we all can read? thanks. Everyone's main gripe is the limited amount of champions we're allowed to play.
: what's ur deal? sarah's making a valid point
"a point", she's not making any point but being a shill for Riot.
: Please for the love all of things fun. Stop limiting the champion pools. It's so depressing and anti-fun. When will you guys realise?
and what do you know, it is extremely underwhelming..
: Toy soldier GP is in the line up, so I don't see why renektoy and moo cow alistar shouldn't be.
Man, what a clusterfuck this gamemode is. limited champion pools and not noticing every skin line which makes less champs. just great
: People asked for ARURF. So that's why everything is ARURF. Also ARURF is more popular.
I didnt say anything for wanting original urf. My main gripe is the stupid decision to limit the champion pool just for the sake of seasonal skins.
: Old URF or new URF
literally the only thing everyone hates about the this new arurf is the limited champion pool
: TriHard op only wants the op champs which are awful to play against TriHard
people using twitch emotes outside of twitch is legit confusing as hell
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
Everything about this mode is fine and dandy except for one thing... Limiting champion pool is a huge mistake. It disallows people to play their favorite champions simply.
: No they didn't. This game mode is its own thing. This doesn't affect the original ARURF.
This post is still right though. It's crazy enough that URF is random, but limiting the champion pool even more is ridiculous. They clearly have the technology to implement santa hats on everyone since they were able to do something similar for Draven's head event.
: just don't buy them. its just until tuesday.
"just until tuesdays" sucks the best time to play for the weekend isnt available.
: Same issue here, I've been troubleshooting connection problems for the past 4 minutes but even the client says the game never happened.
it does happen, just that your teammates remade the game
: Runes Reforged not on PBE this week?
they are, you have to wait for it to fully update. And restart client if they are still not there. i can customize my runes so not sure what these guys are saying.
: Ornn unavailable in the store!?
: Disable Edge of night in URF
playing against nocturne/sivir with it is even worse.
: **EDIT: PLEASE READ THE REPLIES I MADE TO THIS, I PUT A MUCH MORE DETAILED AND THOUGHT OUT RESPONSE THERE** I really dislike these Fizz changes. The ult and Q changes I'm mostly neutral about, but his new W is extremely unsatisfying and feels much more awkward to use. When I'm trying to CS I almost never have 2 entire seconds to sit and wait for the passive to fully charge so I basically am never getting the full damage when trying to hit minions under my tower. Then, if I miss a single CS I have to wait a whole 10 seconds to get it back? That makes his early game and just his laning in general feel terrible. His new Q interaction doesn't feel very satisfying either since it's just a dot and looks visually weak. Honestly I hate his early game and think it feels even worse than on Live because of how bad the new W feels. On Live servers I have no problems using his current W/E/Q to last hit minions under my turret. This new W is not only more awkward to use, but extremely punishing if you miss even one minion. His early game is already his weakest point, this additional punishment does not feel good at all. Also, and possibly just as importantly, you are completely changing his current playstyle with these changes. The W application by other abilities, as well as this absolutely RIDICULOUS 10 second base cooldown at rank 1 heavily punishes you if you don't max W first. The way he's currently played relies very largely on maxing his E, which gives you very good waveclear. And, more importantly, gives him a cool playstyle. Especially in early-mid game, every use of E matters a lot, you can't ever waste them. The mana cost is too big to allow you to mess this ability up often. And, because you're maxing it, it's also a large portion of your burst. This means you have to be constantly making decisions on whether you want to use this cooldown for damage, survivability, or try and put yourself in a position where you can do both. If maxing this skill first isn't a viable option, it's going to trivialize a lot of this decision making and completely change how he feels to play early-mid game in a negative way. This is mostly only applicable to higher level or pro play, but I also don't like how these changes make him feel less consistent. Currently if you want to play against higher Elo players, to get kills in lane you can't just throw your ult out at long range and expect to ever actually hit anyone. At medium range or so, good players have generally learned by this point to dash/flash/etc. out of your ult before it reaches them, and at long range they don't even need to use cooldowns to just dodge it. Usually to get your ult off against good players, you rely on using his Q -> ult combo so that you get closer to them while "hiding" your ult animation since you're casting it during your Q. With these changes this will cause you to throw a tiny little fish at them that does way less damage than the current one does. And you're also using your Q to get in range for this so that's taken away from his burst as well. This is going to limit any sort of kill pressure you have in lane considerably and force you to rely on your jungler/some other laner coming to your lane and ccing them for you so you can actually land your ult at a decent range. The W changes will only further add to this inconsistency, because you are basically doing either very little damage if it's not charged fully, or ridiculous damage if it is, with no room at all in between. I also play Fizz a lot top lane. Usually still AP but have also done different sorts of AD/AS/tank builds since long before they were considered viable. I have no idea how these changes will affect him top lane AP, but I can pretty safely say that this will probably kill off any of his off builds now that his W dps is getting hit even more. The ult losing the damage amp hurts as well but is somewhat made up for by the new change to apply his W at least. I'm also unsure how this is going to affect his jungling. I'm not the best jungler but I have a pretty decent understanding of how he clears in jungle so I'll try that out soon as well and comment again if it's hurt too much by the lack of %damage on his W. I'm glad that you at least kept his damage reduction on his passive as this helps his jungle clear a lot more than most people realize. I have played a LOT of Fizz games on Live servers. I've played him since the day he came out for thousands of games. I don't play very often anymore, but when I was at my best around Season 4 or so I peaked at somewhere in mid Diamond on NA before switching to LAN server for the lower ping and getting Challenger there. I mostly play normal games though. I'm not saying this to try and say I'm awesome at this game because I'm certainly not now, but I DO know a lot about this champion and have had no issues adapting to any changes he's gotten since his release day, including the other mini-rework he got that made him into an AS bruiser for a while, but I can't see myself coming to like this new set of changes at all, which is sad for me because if I did it would have motivated me to play more often again. I'm going to try to play some full games with these new changes to make sure none of these opinions change and if they do I will respond to this with anything new. I would also be happy to talk to anyone to give more feedback if that's somehow possible.
Out of all the posts on this board about Fizz, I agree with you the most of all you have to say. It hurts to see fizz like this as fizz main since late s2.
: I'm going to try the new Fizz update tonight, but just by reading the changes and watching some videos I already can see a few things that definitely hurt Fizz and Fizz players. 1) I mentioned before in this thread, his passive is boring and stale, but I do agree the damage reduction from autos is pretty necassary in lane so I understand that. 2) Fizz's W late game is going to suffer drastically in my opinion because he won't get the reset in fights/picks and also, I know I don't want a 2 second delay on my damage when I try to assassinate someone. It will make Fizz very vulnerable while waiting for his w passive to build up for 2 seconds. 3) Fizz'sultimate is one of his biggest weaknesses now. Before as a Fizz player, you were rewarded for landing your ult by getting bonus damage on your other abilities. Taking away the bonus damage is one thing, but to put that damage in his ult on the longest range just seems unfair. His ultimate already is a hard skill shot to land, and to land it at max range is even harder because it's very telegraphed. Your opponent will have more than enough time to flash/zhonyas/edge of the night/sorcers bane. One of Fizz's bread and butter tricks is to cast his ult point blank through his Q so that his opponent has less time to react or predict what he is going to do, and now Fizz players are being punished for this. Overall, I thought Fizz was already in a pretty weak place, and these updates don't seem to fix his more concerning problems. It seems like the rework was more focused on making tank Fizz unviable, not making assassin Fizz viable. I have 500k mastery points on Fizz between a few accounts, even though he's fairly weak right now, he's still my favorite champ. I'd hate to lose him completely. -Mage Hand
: "Basically it came down to prioritizing the aspects of the kit that Fizz players already enjoy." What exactly do you think Fizz players like about a more micro-intense W and a worse version of the ult? Genuinely confused, because the changes do exactly the opposite of what you describe.
What do you think of fizz's damage outside of ult? It feels lackluster with a much weaker DOT and less AA reliant of a W.
Rioter Comments
: Personally, I'm a huge fan of the new Draft/Ranked mode
One of the most unfun i had on pbe in years. It takes an immense time to even get enough players for a game, almost painful. So many bugs with the new client, people always dodging just add on to the time it takes to get a game.
: Yeah, I understand what they did with Tiamat where Renekton can just sit on Tiamat and then go Black Cleaver or other tanky items like Sunfire Cape. But as a Riven main, it's really damaging to see it get removed, her main source of damage and mobility (Q) is forced to be used for the waveclear and it can put her into a potentially dangerous situation since the cooldown isn't that low compared to what people think. I don't know, it's just really hard to change the itemizations of some champions who are too strong with a certain item without hurting all other counterparts that use them. In this case Riven and Pantheon are hurt the most.
you're forgetting shaco... this pretty much kills his build. You're pretty much forced to fully build ravenous.
: The dodgers are due to a BUG - Champion Lock in can cause crash.
also have windows 10, but it crashed for me way before i even get to select a champ. around ban times.
: New champion selection is buggy and crashes my client
: I dont think I should create a topic about this. But would it be possible to put Dragon Fist Lee as 1IP ? I cant test Lee Chroma because I dont own the skin.
Riot has already changed it. Go to the lee chroma pack and just click on the dragon fist. Should be 1ip.
: Mastery system suggestion
Yeah, hopefully this will be thought out more before it hits live.
: I'm not dumb. I know that. What I'm saying is, instead of one second off the cd, it's 2.
It's actually working as intended. As copied from the wikia. >Relentless Pursuit's cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each of Lightslinger's strikes; Since you used lucian's e, it activates his passive to allow two lightslinger strikes now. thus effectively reducing his e by 2.
: I'm more afraid that they will do to Urf what they did to Hexakill. Putting it on the Twisted Treeline or something, that was just stupid in my opinion.
Unfortunately, i think there's a pretty good chance of Riot adding a twist in this month's urf/gamemode.
: During Nemesis I ended up having a lot of fun with Thresh ADC, and I will definitely be trying out Bard ADC soon enough. =O
He just relies too much on chimes for damage, so mostly fun on customs only haha.
: Bard and his Quartet of Meeps
Play him adc with statikk Shiv. His burst potential is much higher than ap. He kind reminds me of thresh but much more burst if he has enough chimes.
Rioter Comments
: [gangplank] Q + item 3582
: So where do you think Bard can go
Probably only support and maybe jungle, but thats pushing it. His q would be pretty pretty interesting for ganks but his clearing would be pretty bad as since he himself cant utilize his e. Depending on his passive, that'll determine if he's viable in the jungle.
: New PBE Player Here
Just the fact that you are posting on the pbe forums is pretty good on it's own. Some users abuses the pbe and dont do anything helpful. Just play the pbe , and report a bug that you find when in game. To be even more helpful, be actively trying every champ and testing things in custom mode. But the latter is much more time consuming.
: Play with friends and earn bonus IP with Party Rewards!
: [Item 3285] Gameplay&Strategy Feedback
All very good points. Personally I feel if riot wants this kind of item in the game; it should be it's own seprate item rather than a replacement for the 120 item. More importantly is for Riot to address the mana issue. Grail is extremely nerfed and morellonomicon is lackluster and shouldnt be built for only mana regen and or cdr. But rather it's unique passive, grievous wounds.
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