: > Due to the removal of flat mr, champions who rush flat pen (sorcs/liandrys) can basically deal true dmg in the mid game very quickly which means they can snowball very hard. You already get mr per level if that's not enough then rush null mantle/negatron like you should be doing in tough match ups. I don't know how you got away with not rushing seekers vs an ad assassin if your only concern is ap assassins because currently on the live server if you don't rush seekers you should be getting deleted by ad assassins when they go for the all in. They should be able to punish you for going glass cannon.
runes mainly affect early levels and the mid game. ad is less of an issue because armguard builds into zhonyas which is good on basically any mage and ad champions can build tabi. on top of this, as mentioned in my post there is a global +9 armor buff to all champions right now to make up for the lack of runes. +9 armor is a fair amount and without lethality users would be even more rampant than they currently are on PBE. the MR per level is very low. you get like 0.5 mr per level. so by level 18 you only get 9. in mid game at level 9 you have 4.5 mr so 34.5 mr. which is pretty low. if a mage rushes liandry's/sorcs they are basically dealing very close to true dmg to you. its pretty intense to be honest. thats where I think the issue is. not only that but adcs get fucked super hard in lane by mage supports right now or any primarily magic damage dealing supp (read: most supps). I'm not saying there aren't answers, but "just rush a null mantle" is not a good solution because you are still paying 450 gold and not get the full 25 from it you would have gotten before since you are making up 12 mr from your runes. its like paying 450 gold for 13 mr on live right now to put in perspective. I just think there needs to be a global mr buff OR the resolve tree needs to get a good mr rune option thats not "+3 mr" .
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: They may have removed the pen, but they added way more offense at the start in the runes. Its way more on the offensive side already.
this, i wouldnt mind the removal if the resolve tree was stronger (outside of grasp) basically outside of grasp the resolve tree is a total joke.
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: Update on Sewn Chaos
in general, if you are going to release the 750-975 skins I think releasing a group of a theme works the best. as the world breaker skins, food themed skins, etc show I think if you release around 4 or so at a time of the same theme you are forced to get some creative juices flowing. I think these skins weren't bad. they just weren't memorable in any way. All the food skins for example recently don't even have that many new particles or voice overs or anything, but are great because each of them individually is hilarious. The world breaker skins all look pretty cool, but just don't have fancy particles so they are great if you want a cool looking skin but dont wanna shell out tons of money for fancy particles. (especially on champs that don't necessarily have crazy opportunities for particles). Amumu I think honestly has enough low price skins and not enough high quality skins. all he has really is surprise party. blitz in general already has a slew of middle of the road skins. blitz could honestly use a skin where hes maybe an alternative fantasy and not as robotic. would be cool. he already has a ton of skins under his robot theme.
: An update on Championship Riven
why championship zed. the only way he has been relevant is that he was perma banned for a long time after the changes to QSS and then gutted. he has been completely irrelevant in pro play other than a couple patches where he was a pocket pick into azir.
: Twitch has a bug, but maybe it can become a buff.
the reason you can't allow him to insta stealth like vayne is because his stealth lasts so long. you would have to nerf stealth duration to make him similar to vayne which would just make him more like vayne. He needs buffs probably, but insta stealth isnt the way to go in my opinion.
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: i think this is an indirect nerf to lux, indeed. she kind of oppressive when she can manage her mana, so they are making it harder for her to do that. and also basically forcing lux players to get a mana item as first items [while before some would get straight ap, which was in turn very oppressive early game].
this, as a lux main I think this is their way of indirectly nerfing Lux. This will force most Lux's to either Rush Chalice, or go double dorans and make real good use of their spells efficiently. Currently, as a Lux main I rush Luden's and buy mana pots until I can get chalice right after, but this might make me just get the chalice before going into full on Luden's.
: Zephyrs Removed
because it really has little to no place in the game sadly. Zephyr was an overall great item with actually damn good stats and tenacity to boot. but it didnt have the one stat to make it all worth it: Crit. And if you gave it ANY crit. even 10%, it would be overpowered and bought every single time.
: On the zhonyas nerf
they have already said this is unintended. they plan to fix it.
: Yasuo in pbe
being able to get 100% crit with a cheaper attack speed item and one component item is just not ok.
: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
when does this go live? is it up on PBE yet? I really feel inclined to help out with this PBE cycle as I feel after the juggernaut issues I want to at least have some feedback on changes before they hit live. I am eager to test.
: Lack of Replay Value in Nemesis Draft, Lets try to give it some volume.
The real issue is the lack of diversity. I feel this may be less of an issue live as not everyone owns all champs on the live servers as they do on Pbe
: You shouldn't be able to dodge in nemesis.
I think the biggest problem with nemesis isn't dodging, but the fact that the games feature the same 10 champions seemingly every time. Its a slew of supports and the top 5 or so unpopular champs. Singed, Shyvana, Poppy, Braum, etc. I feel all champions are balanced and the game turns out well, but really the biggest issue is that the games so far have all been very samey.
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