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: Adaptative helm sems like a Killing blow to teemo
: These item changes are awful. They just take away the possibility of building items on certain champions. Like Banshee's Veil, no longer will AD champs be able to get it to block a brand W, or Malphite/Zed ult, so they basically just lose for going near these champions meaning they can't ever kill them. Guardian Angel is a big one, a build I use very often is Trinity Force, Steraks, Guardian Angel, the items have a nice synergy with each other, taking away the MR ruins the build which is best on so many champions. Skarner, Jax, Irelia, Vi, Udyr (Of whom already is getting big nerfs) and so many more. I mean this update makes squishies slightly tankier, and supportive tanks might be okay since they provide more utility but this change is just a big fuck off to Fighters. I don't see +40 MR being added to any of the champions I listed, not even any compensation really. I also don't see any Banshees replacement for AD/tank champions. We can probably live with the Banshee's change since there is so many AD/MR items and one of them has a simular effect but the GA change is beyond garbage, it feels like CEO of Riot has been on an Adc playing spree and is just trying to get an edge by making the item more beneficial to him. Even the new item that doubles your hp, since it kills your damage it means any tank using it becomes unthreatening and gets ignored, but if you're an Adc out of position, it's like another type of GA yea you can't do damage for 4 seconds but you gain so much more out of it because your value is much higher to the enemy.
Just want to point out the the Udyr changes are in no way a nerf, with around ~300 AD late game his new tiger stance has ~500 damage DoT over 2 seconds which after 3 autos is turned into a burst of damage and reapplied, also all of his abilities cost less mana late game than they did before.
: Play freely with any champion idea
I really like this idea, i think it would be neat for them to at least test it and if it doesnt work then id be okay with them dropping it.
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: This skin is awesome but I don't think it's worth 1820rp, definitely more than 1350rp but not 1820! * The recall and death animation are quite bland tbh especially for a legendary skin. * I do think her hood should be a toggle, and I feel as though her cape should be longer but becomes more transparent towards the end. * Runaans interaction needs to be fixed. * I think when she has 4 stacks of focus her cape should glow and once she casts q she gets a tint of purple on her arrows and model so clarity is better defined as well.
Yes, these suggestions are perfect
Im curious to see if other people have the same opinion as me but i think the login art and the splash art should swap, i love them both but love the no visor one slightly more and would rather have that loading slice for the rest of time instead of seeing it temporarily when the skin is released. What do you guys think?
: Hey, i know you have your opinion but to make everything more clear and stop posting threads without bugs, errors, glitches you should post your opinion about **PROJECT: Ashe** [**here (click me!**)]( . Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bugs and/or feedback thread in one of the sub-boards. Have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
ah thanks wasnt sure where to post ill re post over there
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: 1. somewhat agree 2. her 5 shot q is very strong and I think it's fair trade off for having significantly reduced power but gain movespeed. The worked ground lets her chase and kite and emphasizes her need to move around to deal damage. 3. Her ult is incredibly strong, I've used it constantly in games. You can use it to catch up to someone, cut someone off, gank, run away if you manage to get away for a short period. She's designed to be a roaming laner who ganks lanes, kind of like what tf does. all her skills make it easier for her to get around and makes you want to move around to maximize her kit.
You're the first person ive seen on the boards with positives to say about her Q and R, its interesting and it could just boil down to practice on the champ and maybe she just doesn't fit my play style. All in all i need to get more games in as/against her, these were just my first impressions.
: Taliyah feedback thread
I made a post yesterday here and admittedly I fell for the "Bad Feedback" style but i can summarize my feelings. 1. Her passive felt boring and blase, there was no wow factor (maybe there shouldn't be?). 2. Her Q felt like i was fighting against myself more than the opponent because the single shot felt like a punishment for using my Q earlier and i very quickly ran out of ground space to get the 5 shots off. 3. Her ult never felt worth it, i think i cast it maybe 3 times the whole game, i can see where it can be powerful (around jungle objectives and such) but ultimately it felt useless for the entirety of laning phase and most of game. Instinctively i tried many times to use it as an escape which obviously does not work but i still found myself trying. Some pros: I really like the synergy between her E and W really fun to use and rewarding to land. Her whole theme and character design is awesome, loved the story and the video really help give her good personality.
: Yep this is my thoughts too. Her Passive is so worthless My thoughts on her Q is to make the last shot do +50% bonus damage So if you use it with the 5 shots its 100%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 100% (if you hit all shots) if you miss all but the last you get 150% damage (still less then if you got all) If you use it on Worked Ground it is the last shot so does 150% damage. This made the poke mean something.
I really like that idea, it would feel rewarding for actually being able to land it. Because as it is now even with 5 shots landing them all is very hard.
: Taliyah's W should smart cast like Viktor's E or Rumble's R
: Regarding Taliyah's Q and Worked Ground
I agree 100% a cooldown refund or even just more damage would be better than the way it is now.
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: Bit clingy to the past though, isn't it? Can't we have some new items with new identities? And come on, if the item's related to the Hydra and Tiamat, it has to have a dragon name.
I like the idea of giving ommage to Atmas but since it does aoe instead of single target damage I think "Atma's Cleaver" sounds good
: the -movespeed on judgement seems really stupid of a change{{summoner:3}}
It keeps him in check from picking an enemy, spinning on them and forcing flash. BUT I think he should have that either removed or halved or something if that enemy is the Villain. That would play more into the passive and feel much more satisfying while semi getting rid of the nerf-ish
: Maybe they can make it to where max stacks = armor reduction. Would make sense thematically for being riddled with impure bullets, I can see a sort of corrosion take place and would kinda work like {{champion:22}} 's Q focus stacks do.
I really like this idea! makes sense thematically and it has much more impact on the game.
: Miss Fortune feedback thread!
I don't know if im the only one here but i feel that the removal of GW is more of a nerf because the instant strut is not equal in usefulness when in comes to dueling/ team fighting. Strut is easily canceled so it doesn't really feel like an equal trade off. I dont have any ideas about how to change W but i feel like it should be more combat oriented instead of an escape tool. I feel like this ultimately nerfs her when she already isn't the strongest pick.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: The rogue slaughter fleet - Aatrox, Garen and Quinn!
Just played a game as Quinn, has her valor model been added for this skin yet? Because every time i ulted i didnt transform/stayed with the quinn model. other than that loved the skin, looks great in game.
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: I don't have video of it, but I've noticed while playing ARAM on PBE that some skillshots from Fog of War seem to come from a very high altitude. It was most noticeable against Ziggs, also I was west side.
Ive also seen this mostly with Aatrox if he jumps from the fog of war he goes flying straight up off screen.


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