: This is insanity. WHY ARE MAGES THE ONLY MANA GATED CLASS IN THE LATE GAME? The utter contempt the balance team has shown for mages since season 5 is disgusting. Hashinshin would have had a heart attack if he was a mid laner. I'm so infuriated with these waves after waves of mage nerfs being an endless onslaught since season 5. I thought I would quit then and I did effectively not play for a year. I'm not going to write a 25 page essay AGAIN breaking down the math of why mages are by FAR inferior to every other class in the game (especially tanks) BEFORE these outright nerfs being touted as "changes". I'm sick of giving detailed explanations, and by that I mean verifiable facts, of why mages have been dumpstered when no one listens. I'm simply going to say I quit if these nerfs go through. I have enough games in my Steam library to last a lifetime. YOU ARE GOING TO SEE THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS WHO QUIT AND DON'T RETURN INCREASE DRAMATICALLY AND I HOPE YOUR COMPANY SUFFERS SEVERELY FOR IT! You thought lots of people quit after playing Urf mode and realizing the game is too slow for their taste? Wait until you see how many quit and don't come back after this you pompous frauds.
Season 6 started with mana potion removal and Will of the Ancients going away - its only been downhill for mages since. If the changes go through I see absolutely no reason to use a mage with how difficult it'll be. If the number of mage picks drops dramatically they'll revert it, but the damage will be done. Try this new change vs zed, yasuo, akali, talon and tell me if you survive 5 minutes right?
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
I think this is going way, way too far. Mages are difficult enough to manage and to use when their counterparts in AD can basically two or three hit kill them later on in game, such as Yasuo, Yi, Zed, Talon, etc. These changes would continue to weaken mages until they are about as useful as a caster minion going up against the Elder dragon, and sadly I'm not exaggerating too much on that. PLEASE do not nerf mana any further than you already have. Doran's ring wasn't all that great to begin with for certain casters, and frankly if you're going to make it much worse for mages then nerf blade and shield too. These changes for the sake of change -have- to stop! I play mages often and I fight mages often. I love all the classes, but I find the last two years to be massively unfair to mages overall. Like the original poster showed, players like Zed, Akali, and Yasuo can easily push waves with no cost abilities or low cooldown abilities and the mage would have to hug a turret and hope to pick off one or two minions at best and avoid death. How about a reasonable compromise - make manaflow band like Presence of Mind only 20% mana restore on kill/assist and not the ult cooldown part, and the current presence of mind for AD users be the 25 mana per ability until 250 then some small regen like the 1% per 5? I'm joining the majority of people who think this is a bad idea and to ask you guys to please reconsider, its too much.
: An Update on Chromas
I'm actually a big fan of Chromas, purchasing a few different sets (mostly for champion defaults but a few for skins as well) and I like what I see with the three new samples, definitely going to pick those up when they come out. Will champions who have nearly no skins be prioritized for a chroma, such as Swain, Yorick, etc? I'd love to change the look of people I have that are limited to only 3 or less skins. Dark horse champs need love too!
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: Just Kled
From what I can tell, that crit build is what a lot of people are using as opposed to a tank so we might end up having another Riot intervention like with tank ekko vs ap ekko, in this case ADC Kled vs tank/fighter Kled. Not sure if they want to do that, I like the idea of having another top lane yordle who can be an ADC similar to OLD Poppy!
: My first views of KLED and low survival, buff or nerfs?
I haven't been able to play Kled much (they still have that ridiculous restriction despite only 4 game lobbies being open at the moment of "unusually high demand") but from what little I have thus far... I think his movement speed needs a boost when Skarrl decides to turn into a coward and rush off. He should at least have 320 movement speed on dismount! Possibly the best fix is to give him the general movement speed and perhaps a bit of extra range, just long enough to be able to ensure his own survival but not too much to make him invincible poking from afar. We definitely need separate health bars to show which is which and perhaps a tooltip that you can't use a health potion as Kled, but only when mounted. I would like to see the ult have a more accurate representation of how far you can go and such - it gives a large area but only travels a small distance which makes it look a bit misleading. Overall, however, love the champ and look forward to his release next month on live. He's going to cause quite the commotion!
: Your idea is brilliant as well!
Well, I've always thought a ranked and regular 1vs1 or 2vs2 mode would be an excellent idea on League overall, simply because of the enormous amount of people who have no interest in working as a team as much as padding their k/d/a during a game. It also would allow people to have a chance at higher ranks without afks, troll players, and the like bogging your games down if you were good enough.
: Gunblade is bad at everypoint for Shen : He don't have any AD scaling His AP scaling are really, really weak Since you will not deal a great amount of damage, you will not regen a lot too. The active is cool but cost à lot at this price :p ! A viable choice is to take BotrK (as unique offensive item) versus champions you have a chance to duel (don't do it vs mundo, darius, garen, etc ...) even if they are rangeds.
Ah, thank you very much for your wisdom. I'm probably not going to be playing him until some changes/buffs get added, since I'm very skeptical of his ability to perform close to his old self after a few games with him.
: Riot's only problem with PBE + My Solution
Easy solution: Add a PBE only 1vs1 mode so two friends or randoms can test out the same champ or take turns using the champ against each other, counted as a PVP mode so you have no 3+ person restrictions. We could just use the mode to test champions in cases like this. I really do love the PBE and have tested the modes, items, and champs for a while now - it is a good way to gauge the future of League and we're the first line of feedback Riot has before it goes live.
: Thanks to share your opinion ! _ I don't think his Q damage should be changed into physical. Him doing mostly magic damage is an aspect i really like on current shen, i'd rather like to see his taunt going back to magical damage._ As explained to another one, the physical damage is here to open for more CDR option in priority. Without that, Shen will need a buff on his E (but only for late which can be complicated to do) or a new CDR item designed for tanks. A friend think that a Ryze-like passive on Shen ult can be a good idee (something like 5/10/20% CDR), but it can be too strong for free imo). About the sword, i don't think Riot will change it again (it will be another small rework), that's why i try to find issues with the actual kit to make it stronger / less boring. But i agree, the best solution will be to rework Spirit Sword mechanic overall.
Did you ever try Hextech Gunblade on him given the new changes? It does seem to provide a supplement to health and regeneration that was basically removed with the changed Q. Would it be a viable option or something you would consider not a smart choice?
: [Master Shen EUW][Toplane] The most complete and explicative feedback about the recent Shen update.
My personal opinion on the Shen rework is that it was absolutely poor. It isn't very far from the champion we have now, but the new abilities? They seem to make him even weaker along with the changed stats. His E no longer reduces damage, either, which makes no sense since he's purposely tanking damage. If we -have- to change him for the sake of changing him, I'd just do a little tweak here: Passive: Ki Blade Allow the shield to be based off a fixed percentage of Shen's health. His spirit blade should also do a little more damage when it contacts champions. Q - I have no idea why Shen cannot heal off of these three hits, or perhaps at least the ones that have the champion hit by the blade? Could be a fixed amount of health, that scales with max health or AP, or a percentage. W - Good concept, good idea overall, but it should also do something to block dashes or charges like Poppy's new W given how relatively low the period of protection is. E - Diminish basic attack damage by 50% during the taunt, obviously. Why this wasn't carried over is beyond me. I believe very strongly in the idea of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and I didn't see much broken with Shen. "He's not fun to play" - according to whom? I love the old Shen and will not be playing the new one at all after this.
: Once again, can you remove the player restriction in custom games now? It's been 3 days now?
Yeah I prefer to test champions in a custom because of the people who refuse to play anybody else.. also there are people who are good with the champ and then force you to play a custom with them and just go out of their way to destroy you rather than give you a chance to play. They really need to take the custom restrict off, its 12:30 pm e.s.t and there were 7 rooms for custom games, most of them 1 person each.
: The explanation as to why Shen's Rework is so utterly disappointing.
I actually really like playing as Shen (on live, soon to be "Old Shen") and frankly the rework seems like a rework just for the sake of one. His kit's pretty awesome, he's not OP, but changing it seems to be a mistake. Also, the lack of damage reduction on the E is just absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, its best not to fix what isn't broken as the old expression goes.
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: Possible balance to Yasuo?
Best way to fix Yasuo, honestly? Remove his double critical strike, buff his passive shield by a small amount of AD in addition to level scale, put a higher cooldown on how often he can cast his E on different targets and remove the 15 seconds of bonus armor pen on ult. but add extra AD scaling on the ult damage. Easy stuff. At that point he still has a shield, a projectile blocker, an on-hit effect applying whirlwind from 5 body lengths away, and a decent cooldown on his dash that won't inhibit damage but won't allow him to keep destroying people since it currently has a 0.5 second cast time. Yes, it can only be cast on the same target after nine seconds but there's plenty of minions and such in lane so any decently experienced Yasuo can keep moving and critting anything. In short: remove double crit chance, buff his shield to scale with AD as the game goes on, add cast time to E, remove ult's bonus armor pen, and increase the ult damage AD ratio to compensate. Strong, but not too strong.
: Customs still in "requires 3 players+" mode?
Last 12 hours its been 5 or 6 custom games only listed and yet, it still says high server load and temporarily requiring 3+ users to make a custom. Try a co-op game, someone locks Kindred instantly. Hopefully you can lift the requirement so some of us can actually try the new champion?
: Zed Shadow Bug, stays forever, stays usable all game and becomes like a ward
I wasn't able to use the shadow outside 10-15 seconds, but it also remained there when I tried a quick PROJECT: Zed test vs a Fiddle int bot. Stayed there all game, but the new Zed skin rules!
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Having played the final stage of Doom Bots a few times now, I can definitely say we need a few changes before it goes live on the server, I'm thinking this is a Halloween time mode from a few of the skins and general design? - AoE on turrets and minions needs to be cut. Seriously, its just too much overkill. Its one thing with the minions but them AND the turrets catching fire and being damaged by it? I'd even settle for the turrets not being damaged by the fire, but, its ridiculous right now the way it is. Games end sometimes in 15 minutes just from the turrets going down that easily. - Possible way for the human team to disable some doom? Perhaps a way for the human players to actually disable for a few minutes the more ridiculous and OP bot features? (Egg passives, 20 Ezreal ults, etc) Perhaps in the form of a quest that could pop up when all human players hit level 6, 11, and 16? Could be a dragon slaying or something randomly chosen and if the team does it, the bots take 3 or so minutes of being nerfed for a change and then it returns. Could also be an item players could buy and if they kill a champ with the item in their inventory it disables that champion's bonus doom for 3 minutes, like: "Egg Scrambler" - for 3 minutes any bot with the Anivia passive is unable to use it, or "Clone Crusher" - for 3 minutes no champion can use Shaco's ult. Perhaps this item could be a trinket? - Change some combos to be impossible to occur. It might sound funny to you to have Annie, Blitzcrank, Wukong, Ezreal, and Lux all on one team but its really anything but. Some combos should be kept from ever appearing together or else it'll be a quick match with a lot of angry Riot users. Also a big suggestion: Ban jungle items/smite from this mode so people don't go into the jungle and cost their team a man advantage knowing full well that'll occur. I've noticed a lot of people jungle in these matches and cost their team that 1 on 2 in top lane, which inevitably leads to a push that ends the entire game. Perhaps by ensuring its 2/1/2 we can be assured of a full 5 vs 5 fight rather than 4 on 5. Actually, in at least 15 matches so far I've seen with a jungler in doom bots V, every single one ended in a loss so perhaps discouraging jungling during this mode with item/spell bans might be useful!
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Okay, basic feedback best as I can do: The first Doom difficulty level was well-balanced, difficult but not overwhelming, it was a good introduction to what to expect from the next two levels. Second level, however, introduced a few changes. One of the main bad things was the Paranoia screechy, horrid sound that played during a Doom Paranoia appearance. I'd seriously hope these noises get reduced in volume and duration because that was just absolutely horrible to listen to. The bots overall were beatable, but a bit too difficult at the opening level - especially Wukong and Amumu who are nearly able to 1 on 3/4 from level 1/2. Third level I never got to finish yet, sent the bugsplat report. The difficulty early game is... ridiculous. I seriously recommend that you guys tone down the level 1-6 damage early on because we lost our towers in 10 minutes and died within 15 due to the crashes and the overwhelming damage - if the early game is nerfed somewhat, it'd give people a good fighting chance later in the game so they could get through and have some hope it might be winnable! Lol. I love the idea of the mode and the first and second, especially, because this is such a total Halloween event idea its not even funny and fits perfectly. I love the OP nature, just its overdone some on the early levels. Once the human players are decently fed, it will be tough but not overwhelming to take out the bots. Can I also add one suggestion: Allow a "Revenge" mode where the PLAYERS get all the buffs of the bots, vs the Doom Bots or regular intermediate versions of the doom bots - I mean, after all of this... we need some revenge!! I think it'll end up being a real fun, awesome Halloween experience when it comes out overall - Also, the turrets being on fire and damaging people is a tad much early level also. Another addition, possibly, would be unlocking some "buffs" of the human team during the game to help counteract just how powerful these things are - such as bonus buffs for Baron, Dragon, and perhaps killing at 5, 10, 15 killed bots each player that'd allow for one of the doom buffs to be removed against that player. Might help even the playing field just long enough for a good comeback! Look forward to testing in the near future!{{champion:17}} Gonna need to bring the only champ who can handle it.


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