Same problem, windows 10 x64 with i7 3770 and gtx 660 16 gb ram^^
: Ah ok :) I just wanted to declare that I did not like the new concept.
just incase you want a prove for the placeholders [click](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3ppgkc/the_new_ranked_borders_are_horrible_and_theyre/cw8jnz3))
: Season 5 Ranked Borders
Riot confirmed they are just placeholders^^ No need to worry, they will hear our critisism and fix them
: Windows 10 compatibility
Where does your trouble start? / When does your trouble start?
: When I look at my wait time...
same :D waiting for 3 hours now, estimated time increases^^
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
I really like the gameplay of Bard, but I feel he is a trollchamp (not a bad thing) - just funny to play! The spells Q to R I am not sure if the stun of "Cosmic Binding" is to long, i think it could be a bit less. Nice disengage possible if more enemys in a row! The "Caretaker's Shrine" is really nice in laning phase, you just place it where the enemys have no vision and you can easily bait them to fight you, you just walk back and heal. Well, "Magical journey" is one of the funniest skills i have ever used, really funny to play with premades but also very usefull for ganks/engages when enemys have no vision about you. Don't know how the name of ultimate skill is, but it is really nice to knock down enemys AND to save your teammates. I think the duration of the effect is a bit to long, but i don't know yet! Overall i can say Bard is a really funny champ to play, maybe some balances, but we will see after few days/weeks. He is new so probably no one has "mastered" him yet. Curious about the champ going to live servers! PS: Sorry for bad english i am not native english speaking!
: Bard Bug Report Thread
Some "Bugs" I have found yet: - No joke/taunt/laugh sounds + no sounds on critical hit - targetable during magical journey + sheen doesnt proc during magical journey(sheen and gauntlet tested) - Bots can't use the maagical journey portal (they try to do but they just stand in front of it, doing nothing) - no description in champ overview and abilities page - the visual thingy of magical journey is sometimes wrong placed - no splash art for elderwood bard (not sure if bug or not, i am new on PBE) That's it! PS: Using Windows 10 if that matters!
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: [Store Purchase Bundle] The Purchase button is off to the side.
Exactly same issue here, using Win 10 if that matters - I got the account yesterday, of course i could buy all champions but it would really take some time^^ I am way to lazy to buy them runes 1 by 1 :)If i only got the time {{champion:26}} EDIT: After reinstalling still same problem. Thought adjusting resolution will help tried on 4k Screen as well but didn't work.


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