: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pizza Delivery Sivir!
I'm allergic to pineapple, would it be possible to get a pineapple free version? If I had to play with it I'd be offended.
: I totally agree that crit animations, among others, can feel really good when executed well, and that's where I feel a lot of legendary skins draw me in personally. For most mid scope skins (975/1350), we generally don't add new animations, unless it was something we'd planned ahead on, or a recall animation/recall winddown. In this case, adding a crit animation wasn't something we'd opted to add, and isn't something that would be feasible at this stage in development, unfortunately. As with older skins, older champions don't have a lot of the new bells and whistles in terms of tons of VO, animations, etc., which is why Champion Update is a wicked important part of Riot; they're able to be an entire team dedicated to breathing new life into a champion, and pushing them up to par with the current state of the game. The downside is that, we can only work on updating so many champions at a time.
Thanks for getting back. I'm totally aware of the development cycle, Riot has been getting a lot better on the transparency so brownie points to you guys. Just something that as someone who really enjoys playing Yi and doing well with him (including things like W as an auto reset, dodging tthat key cc you need to not get hit by with Q etc) I just feel that he could see some love eventually from the champ up team. You also replied about the Q changes to feel faster. Personally I love the constilation idea but I'd say (as a graphic designer myslef) making the line between them grow brighter upon completion might help with the ability feeling more aggressinve which I believe belongs on an ability like Q not the soft slowness of something that feels more akin to a heal
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Blade Master Yi!
Another thing I hope gets added (to both this and the other skins) is a stronger visual on crits. The entire idea of a crit animation is FEEL more powerful. Trist launches a spiky cannon ball, Draven does his 360 no scope twirl, cait fires a bigger bullet and Tryn slams his sword over his head and onto your face. Yi's Q being crit based just needs something to indicate a normal alpha vs a crit one. May be minor but at the same time would really help how it feels to play Yi this can also go to gangplank Q and yas Q as I'm like 80% sure they don't have crit specific animations
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Blade Master Yi!
The Q is very visually disjointed. You Q a target, move very slowly and the bounce visual effect ends at the 4th target but yet you still end up at the first. Changing the Q animation to visually complete between all targets will go a long way with this. Also it just feels really slow for what the cosmic theme embodies in these celestial beings of power and yet he moves so slow which in itself counters Yi's 'gotta go fast' ideology.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Worldbreaker Trundle!
My only concern with this skin is the splash are does lead more towards Alistar than Trundle due to 1 it looking like he is Pulverizing the ground 2 his club is more in the background and that's like THE trundle identifier and 3 the tusks on his helm look like Ali's horns. Maybe do some clarity work on the splash are so there is no "is the Ali?" moments?
: [6.13 Planned] Adjustments to.. more Stuff! [Part 2 - Teleport / Support Items]
My only question on this is are there any bugs/glitches that may arise by somehow blocking where someone will tp in? Like blue trinketx, anivia wall, azir ult, zyra plants etc? 4 seconds does give a good window to plan something but there could be a lot of problems caused by having a predictable tp location and body/pathing blocking. any thoughts on this? @meddler @xypherous
: #quotingUberDanger ? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Sword of the Occult
I also find removing it a bad call. Think of how many youtubers use this item in their videos to get attention to their channel and also by referral to league of legends. I would be so sad to never see a new UberDanger video having his '20 STACKS BABY" montage
: Which route are you going on Panth?
I've dont both krugs start and Gromp start. Usually my route is first camp w/ leash, buff (red or blue) then scuttle because I need the hp to clear the next buff or I will die for sure. Also have done Shyvana jungle with machette start but talisman is recommended. Same with Zac as I was told by my opponent. Personally I find the new item's very... restrictive? I guess is the term. To me the limit jungle diversity the way Feral Flare did in season 4. Who ever can use these items best will be viable, if you cant then sorry that's not a viable jungle pick. I love Diana jungle, it's my main on live. But I feel bad for picking her. Before full clear and a gank were easy before first back. Now, almost full clear have to back and load up on pots and pray.
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
So far playing against corki feels very... well if he even gets a little ahead you are screwed. Itemizing against him is difficult for some champs due to items the can work on them. I had a jungle diana game where the only MR item I could build was Wits end because abyssal is disabled. So he hurt regardless because I couldnt itemize for his damage. And with damage this high... well i feel he needs a nerf. On Q and ult. Maybe I'm just salty, but I feel like he does way to much damage.
: Hunter's Talisman, Refillable Potion, and Hunter's Potion are undertuned
I agree with the idea that jungle items are really screwed up right now. I main jungle and have tested both starting jungle items with {{champion:254}} and {{champion:80}} . Vi works better with machete which is recommended but Panth has the mana one which seriously hurts his clears. Potions are... meh? The hunters gives mana which on some champs like vi and panth is nice, but also at times really isnt enough hp for what the new jungle requires given how much a full upgrade for smite costs


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