: Feedback on the new Vandal Brand's splash art
he looks like hes in a drunk stupor in the old one, dont really get the intimidation vibe youre talking about. new splash gives the creepy fire mage voldemort i dont give a crap lol eff you \*boom fire splosion\* ha ha ha Thing + human torch (fantastic4) vibe and i like it a lot.
: Her Q prioritizes the last championed auto'd if in range but will hit minions if they are closer than her target. This is so have to auto after every Q and stay close to your target. This was never intended as a poke tool. This is why they heavily recommend jungling with them.
i like how you say them, makes me laugh. much more like lamb and her arrows than "them"
: Kindred gets released like this?
the fact that wolf is told to be like an equal partner but is actually just a fancy pixie is very frustrating.
: Basically, it's more like Lamb taking control over the champion, and Wolf being Lamb's pet (like Lulu and Pix), rather than Lamb and Wolf being perfectly equal (in terms of role and position). When I first heard that Riot is creating a champion with 2 equal counterparts, I was thinking something like DhaMa: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/8hhT41YP-champion-concept-dhama-the-force-of-balance , and I was really excited for this champion because it's the first champion in League, having 2 parts with equal share of position and abilities, but instead, they gave us this. I can't be more disappointed.
you said it perfectly, wolf feels like lambs pet
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: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
So I just want to apologize up front for this post, I haven't done this in a while so it will not be fluid in any way, shape, or form. I am just going to list through my issues with kindred right here and hopefully it all goes well. And as the title suggests, pretty much everything that bugs me about this champ is its lack of fluidity. -- lamb identifies more with the bow than the wolf. She shoots her E ability with her bow, and then you have to shoot the champ with her bow for the wolf to move in, and after it moves in it just flies back next to you for you to continue to attack with your bow. FIX?: I think her E should start by wolf going in, and then playfully flying around the marked champ, taunting it. once the third mark is applied the wolf dives down for the bonus damage and flies back to lamb. -- another complaint about the bow, lambs q shoots three arrows. this is great, but we already have an item that throws three arrows on every auto attack. why not keep the same functionality, but instead make the animation be wolf sweeping in and attacking each target as he flies by. If wolf is next to lamb when this command happens, lamb kind of grabs wolf and almost throws him at the bad guys. if wolf is attacking people in its circle, he just flies through real quick and goes back to attacking. POSSIBLE BUG: kindreds q doesn't add stacks to E, very annoying since shes attacking with her bow, i am expecting ALL arrows to add stacks. if of course you change it to wolf flying in it would make sense and nobody would care. -- lambs w is perfect, love the thing. but theres a BUG when you attack something just outside of the range of w. wolf will run to the edge, and when he hits it he vanishes back next to you and runs to the edge again. over and over. I think it would be cool if when he ran to the edge, he sat there pacing back and forth until the enemys come into range, or something like that. -- lambs ult is great, super cool visuals. -- i saw wolf used to attack towers, and now he doesn't. makes sense to me but just making sure its not a messup. If you don't want him to attack the tower, maybe have him dance around it. also BUG: even when there are minions in range and i cast w and attack the tower, wolf just sits there. because he can't attack the tower anymore. I'm hoping that kindred will be my favorite champ, love the idea of it.
: Wolf flying around turrets is a little unnecessary and can always cause coding issues or just more work. Also have to take in displacement and vision if wanting Wolf to go around champions constantly. Maybe Wolf can start to change eye color (glow) or something of the sort [growls louder each time and moves quicker around] when more bow stacks are added. I believe they are changing Runaans in the near future with the Marksmen update, so that point could be overlooked for now. Might want to list the bugs separately in the right section to get the most out of reporting them.
i dont think you completely understand my words. also, i am pretty sure wolf doesnt even grant vision at the moment and the wolf creates no displacement, if it does then that must have been an insane amount of useless work by the developers. rather than say i am wrong please provide meaningful input outside of LEDs on the wolfs face and putting further emphasis on lambs bow. maybe we should just turn the wolf into the bow because at this point the wolf visually and practically provides no meaningful value to the game.
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: Bots in a live match?
just making sure it got seen, sorry mom :S
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: [Gameplay Idea] A special ping that means "there's an enemy ward here", or "We need a ward here"
: Request: Screenshots of Jungle Stats
I jungle with reksai, my route is typically start on my blue buff, steal their red buff, take my red buff, dragon. I can run through it on beta and put up a screenshot later today. EDIT: just played a game on pbe, the counter wasn't there for me to screenshot
: ^ This. I don't mind playing a few normals but to get the info out as quickly as possible I'd rather play customs where the environment is controlled and random events don't make you take detours. As of now I feel like champions that are meant for the jungle should be able to jungle without a leash. At high levels of play the bottom lane has to take a bot side lane camp meanwhile the jungler has to take some other camp all by themselves. Leashes are good but should not be necessary for a good 4 camp clear.
they want to get realistic data, wouldn't be helpful to them to get a bunch of specialized scenarios
: Switching From PBE to live
ive been encountering this even without opening PBE inbetween launches of the live server
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: Could not pick a champion during champion select
: reksai tunnel in combat
should ahri's charm be dragging me all the way back through the wall though?
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: reksai tunnel in combat
its not the getting charmed while tunneling that this is about, its more of being 'blocked' from using my tunnel
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: [Lissandra] – Can not chose this here
had this issue too. log in and out of league. youll become level 30 when you log back in and have lots of moneys. and youll be able to select champs just fine.
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