: Greetings, Where as I like the idea, I don't think it will work in reality. First, Riot would lose much of their profit if this was put into action. Two main reasons as to why. One, more people would be buying from the auction house instead of full price which not only means that riot would only make half from the sale, it would only make half from the discounted price. The loss from this would be greater than 50% for EACH champion and thus lower their revenue. Second, as long as Riot has been in business they have NEVER set up a way for players to naturally get RP without using money. With this process someone could spend IP, buy a champ from the store, and begin to make RP by selling the champion back for RP. So essentially one could transfer IP to RP, which, once again, would be less money coming into Riots pockets. If this doesn't make sense just let me know.
You made perfect sense :D I have some arguments against it, although it is somewhat true what you said. It's a bit long, but I hope you take the time to read it. Of course, it would decrease profits - but not by 50%, and certainly not for very long. The loss percentages are determined by the prices of auction house items - which will have a set minimum, and a set profit margin as I explained earlier. Not to mention that there is a pretty good chance that the player base would increase if a auction function of similar properties was made. People who cannot afford to pay for skins or champions would be elated to see something like this come out, as long as it is abuse proof. Which, by the way, I am trying my best to make it so. Because everyone would be allowed access, at some point and after much time spent playing the game, to premium purchase items(specifically skins) the player base should increase. For some reason, people are obsessed with cosmetics - but not everyone is willing to spend money on it. Team fortress 2 is actually a very good example of my proposition in effect - except it uses a different game-earned currency, and it takes a long time to save it up for what you want. However, it is a popular service for it's community, and the community shows it. I hope I am making some good arguments - I just don't think that the idea is altogether impossible, and even if temporary losses are suffered early on, in the long run I honestly believe it would be worth it.
: in that case someone like me who has about 100k ip on the live servers and owns every champ could just keep selling champs I've earned with ip for rp and buy skins, this would lower the "value" of skins, because really who buys champs with rp? rp is for skins and skins alone.
But you've earned it, because you have played so many games that you built up that much. Sure, you'd be able to use it to sell champs - but that will only last so long. It's only fair that the people who spend more time on playing and earning money get the better rewards. =)
: Auction House Idea.
I'm having a problem using the Bold and Italics in the post. For some reason when I do either to a word or sentence, that word or sentence completely disappears from my screen after I refresh the page to look at it all. I can't figure out how to fix it. So, guys, I'm sorry for the disorganized manner of this post. If you like the idea in general, don't forget to press the +1 button at the top left of the post. If you don't like it, please leave a comment explaining your reasoning so I can figure out how to make the idea better =) thanks!
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: Master Yi vs. Cho'gath with ulti running.
Interesting! See if you can replicate it and gives some statistics on how often it occurs. Ima see if I can, as well.
: I see what you mean,but there is a difference...in your card example you have 1,9% chances of drawing the card you wanted,but you only have one draw (unless you intent to draw until you get the card you bet on) LoL example : At the start of champ select twitch and lux get 1 vote each after a few seconds lux gets 2 more votes after that xin gets 1 vote,pantheon gets 1 vote,xin get the second vote etc etc etc until twitch is the only one left with 1 vote the chances of twitch getting picked SHOULD be reduced to a minimum with every vote that he didn't get
It is reduced to minimum. He has 10% chance of getting chosen - while others have higher. It's not broken or anything o.o he has the 10% chance. That's the LOWEST it can possibly go. 10 people = 10 votes. 1vote=10% of 10votes.
: So basically you don't care about those 40%,you just care what the other 60% think,because they disagree with the first 40%... The chances that a champion gets 60% in a non premades game is so small that every time,a random champion will get picked.... You and another player voted for twitch,everyone else voted for 8 different champions....there is clearly a better reason for twitch to get picked.....but no,it doesn't happen,le blanc gets picked You just say to yourself,"meh,i wasn't lucky,it's le blanc" how do yo feel at that moment? happy?disappointed?angry? You can't just simply say "Nvm,let's play"....it would be inhuman to just ignore went something wrong happens
You missed @MrYosh792's point. I'll make a different one. Have you ever drew a card from a deck of cards after shuffling it? You have a 'chance' of drawing a specific card - and if you were to bet on drawing a certain card you would most likely lose the bet. Because the odds are AGAINST you. However, just because those odds are against you does not make it impossible to draw that card (without force shuffling, ofc). You have a 1.9% chance of drawing the card you bet on. You can get lucky and draw it, or get unlucky and get a different card altogether. But, that 1.9% chance STILL exists, and it is STILL a chance, albeit a small one. Its a matter of Odds. Just because the 10% chance gets chosen doesn't mean it's "wrong". It had a 10% chance and got lucky and won. It's meant to be that way.
It still has the MR. It was never 'lost'. The 20 MR was simply put into aura form (which still benefits you, as well) so that it may benefit the whole team near you.
: i realy dont see a reason to look @ something below challanger here i mean sure she stays around 50% in all elos but why would you look @ people that cant play the game/champ ??? if you cant play the champ you are picking you will loose regardless of what champ you are playing but on the other hand if you pick a champ you can play and your enemie is playing that other champ and this one is winning more then 50% of the games then you have a problem :)
You would look at people who 'can't play the game/champ' because they make up 80% of the entire league of legends population. Thats why. I'm a bronze player, so I found that comment offensive, and it's not because I'm bad. I play maybe 12 ranked games every season and that's it. Rank doesn't show your skill, it shows your devotion. I've been pitted against diamond and plats and still won the games.
: Hello?
Money is important. This is going to be a really huge income maker for riot, if it goes out into the real servers. Making it IP could happen, but they would make it cost much more than RP - as they should. Most people would not think that it is worth the IP. Players with RP more than likely wouldn't mind spending it that much on the battle boost, however, because it's a much smaller number. It is very unlikely to happen, because riot needs money just like every other human being on the planet.
: Harsher Punishments
You should check out some of the posts in the Mirror match thread itself. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/kWgYoAq1-one-for-all-mirror-mode-enabled-on-pbe One of my posts asks for the same thing - though I think you may have beaten me to it. Promise I didn't know before hand :P
: [Suggestion] - Singed Kit Rework?
I agree with you on this. +1, singed appears boring when compared to the lore Singed.
: [Suggestions] Making many Champions better by adding little things to them.
: i have a few things ive noticed.
Here's how I see it. {{champion:412}} can build all HP, but he will be effectively useless to his teammates by doing so. He can offer some crowd control, but once he uses his skills he is out of the fight for average 8 ~ 10 seconds. He can be effectively ignored, and his teammates will die because he has no support items to make use of to further assist his teammates. As for his damage... his skills are not meant to nuke, only to hinder. He is not made for damage, nor does he do any. His soul scaling comes very, very slowly. It's not a threat to {{champion:412}}'s balance or fairness. Now, considering {{champion:76}} ... sure, she may have some really strong spears. However, it is what makes her {{champion:76}}. She is a punisher and a finisher. Consider the fact that she has absolutely no crowd control, and very little teamfight damage without putting herself in the front lines and risking immediate death by anyone stronger than her squishy self. Her ultimate gives her mobility, but only slightly more damage than a support in a teamfight. It balances out.
: braum balance nerf suggestion.
I actually like this idea for the counter... it would be nice to turn the tables one a {{champion:201}} team every now and again. Or at least have a chance to.
: This mode should stay on PBE forever. No more "OMG I wanted to pick Braum but someone else already locked him in so now I'm gonna ragequit!". It's not ideal for testing, but in the early days of a champion on PBE, I think we will find a lot more bugs (and no I am not saying this just because I like the new mode.)
If we get some variety and refinements put into it (like 1 or 2 of the ideas I proposed), then it could easily be put into the Official servers as a legitimate release to stay. =) People have the ability to love this idea, it just needs to be put out correctly.
: I'm open for the "random" button that allows any crazy thing to happen. It would also be the "fill in" button. You'd be given a champion and a team that you can choose to go to or jump ahead. As I suppose, if you use that, you'd get an immediate game into a room that is waiting for a loooong time but it should do wonders to fill those less wanted teams.
So... like team builder xD It's the same thing, you're proposing. Only, you're assuming the game will be ready to play once just the one person joins. I don't believe it'll work that well for 'variety'. Because if you join random rooms, it'll be the ones put together in a 'teambuilder' function, and those games will most likely be the ones with champions that are USUALLY already picked by players. That's not variety. We need something else to pick champions for varieties - AI, not players. Your idea would work, yes, but it's just another teambuilder... only difference is you, yourself (the random players) are not choosing who you want to play, the game host is. That is... if I understood you correctly.
: I'd go more into the team builder adaptation towards this. It seems much better as, that way, everyone wins as all thought on the same champion since the start of it and no one was forced to take one due to the majority.
This is semi-true. You would have to wait on 9 other players to pick the exact same champion as you, and that would take a very, very long time if you pick somebody who is not commonly played - like mordekaiser or galio. Nobody would pick these champions and your queue wait times would be excruciatingly long. A way to dissolve the huge wait time would be to just increase the variety of champions played using natural methods, like I proposed, because then everyone who joins would have to, one way or another, play the champion chosen - even if it's a bit random or odd.
: I really like your way of thinking, there should be some randomness in the availability of the champions, because it gets frustrating to play the same champ again and again. I have not played this mode yet, but this problem was at last One for All mode as well. Or RIOT could choose ~20 champs for a day, and for the next one another 20, or something like this.
I don't believe the daily pick idea would be that good. It would require too much manual imput from Riot themselves, and that's not what they are there for :P
: Besides the fact that Battle Boost should cost IP instead of RP, this mode tends to get boring after a short while, because you basically tend to end up with the same champion like 5 times in a row which can get very annoying. I tested in the last two days and I got stuck with {{champion:157}} Yasuo 4 times in a row and I somewhat ragequitted after that match. It's fun how {{champion:55}} Katarina can proc other Katarina's Q-passive though. I got a triple kill only because someone proced all of my Qs.. However, I would appreciate if you somehow manage to do anything about the risk being damned to play the same boring champ x10 ({{champion:115}}) over and over..
I proposed a couple reforms in my comment. You should check it out, I think you'd agree that it would help lower the odds of repetitive gameplay. =)
: One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!
After playing this mode for a while, I noticed that there isn't much variety to the champions that are played and that players dodge ridiculously often. So, to fix this, I propose two reforms to the game mode. Here they are : 1: At the start of champ select, each team gets to ban 3 champions. (Person who bans is randomly chosen/randomly chosen after each ban). AND (not or) 2: The AI randomly chooses 5 ~ 10 champions that the players have to vote on, rather than the players picking. The champion that gets the most players votes would be the one picked/has the highest chance of being the one picked. I think this would increase the variety of champions played, decrease player dodge chances, and lower the chances of 2 hour long games with champions such as Soraka, Nidalee, and Braum. EFFECTS : Bans : Decrease dodge chance, increase variety. AI's Choice : Increase dodge chance, increase variety. Dodge chance balances out and doesn't change much, but variety is strongly affected for the better. Another effect would be that the champion selection process will take about 30 ~ 60 seconds longer (for banning/voting), but considering that it is extremely quick right now (and could easily be made 30 seconds shorter), it certainly shouldn't be an issue. UPDATE EDIT 1&2 : I also think there should be a more focused, or steeper punishment for 'Dodging' this game modes queues. After played for the past couple of days, I notice that it is agonizingly common for people to dodge the queues just because they don't get the champion they want. There needs to be a way to discourage this even further... however, this is not necessary if it were to go live. I don't believe many people would risk dodges with 15 minute wait times in the real servers. Perhaps because this is PBE people are more likely to dodge. Made it easier to read this post.

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