: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Little Devil Teemo!
Only Thing that makes this skin not as great as i would expect it to be is the fact that he still has his normal laugh, instead of his Demon laugh thats only in recall/death animation. The devil laugh would be awesome if it was the laugh emote instead of the squeaky laugh
: Feedback and bugs for new skins should be posted on the official thread for said skin. [Here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/1ndAkUio-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-little-devil-teemo) is the one for Little Devil Teemo.
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: Kled vs Darius ulti = wat
it does that with turret aggro as well, his Q also doesnt break tether when Master Flea Qs. hes a good champ, just buggy
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: [Ryze] - Rune Prison and Spell Flux not generating runes
yup, was about to make a post about this, randomly, Overlords passive doesnt like to work
: Rageblade has no changes on the PBE, thus feedback around it is to be posted on the live boards or reddit.
the changes dont go live for a little bit. so live servers wouldnt be the right place for this
: Please don't let the jungle changes go through.
the jungle timers are not fun, I'm not excited for it. I hope they dont go live The XP bonuses are insane but darn its fun to run all over laners when youre Lvl6 and theyre lvl4 especially if youre WW ---- OF COURSE I HOPE THIS DOESNT GO LIVE BUT MAN AM I HAVING FUN
: Vladimir Rework Impressions
Laning against new Vlad is very frustrating now, on live servers, Mundo walks all over vlad in lane, but this new Vlad is monstrous compared to him now. Outputs more damage than mundo heals with spectres cowl while ulting.
: New Bloodrazor is So Bad
the minimum damage to monsters needs to be upped a bit(maybe 10 damage), and needs a minimum damage to champions, or lifesteal. I was told that i was crazy by someone whose played since season 2 when madreds bloodrazor was in the game, but the problem is, is that item gave armor, attack speed, AD, and then onhit magic damage equal to 4% of targets maximum health. which is a lot and was expensive and wasnt cost efficient. now lets look at Feral Flare, 30 attack speed, 12 AD, 25 magic damage onhit that stacks infinitely. which provided a very unfun playstyle of farming and barely ganking. but the item wasnt -bad-. Armor being as cheap as it is, makes the physical damage from 3% maximum health just weaker. tanks are having upward 160 armor and 3,000hp every game, will take about 56 damage after resistance,not including penetrations or any other damage amplification. now this damage stacks ontop of the auto attack. I've played with this item on udyr and might i say, hes fairly beastly and his phoenix nerfs are really nullified by this build: bloodrazor>mercs>frozen heart>spirit visages>triforce> and Botrk, if you want more MR, wits end would be good, and banshees is cheaper now so theyre both not bad last pick items this item by itself isnt as strong as i would hope it to be, but it has a ton of potential and is easy to balance around. once you get a Botrk, you shouldnt be seeing a problem in the damage department come late game especially when you have more damage items ontop of it.
: I think Riot forgot Righteous Glory existed.
: Cassiopeia and Vladimir seem too strong
Cassies W should scale in length like Anivia wall, and vlad is pretty damn strong now, his kiting is unbelievable once he gets rylais and rocket belt. hurts my head.
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: Jungle Exp, BloodRazor Item, Guinsoos Rageblade, Elemental Dragons
to make bloodrazor a better buy would to give it a a flat damage amount(like 30 magic on hit or 30 AD or something), then make the passive of % health damage to stack from 1% to like 4% or something that can only be done from killing champs/dragon/rift harold/ or baron or even have it be a time base stacking similar to RoA. I do enjoy the item, I think it has an okay amount of power but games dont last long enough to see 3% of physical damage to actually do anything, this item plus BoTRk is strong though. Every game i played tonight, i was able to be monstrous while using it on Udyr. I feel like theres potential and it can be balanced pretty well too. ON A SIDE NOTE, dragons are fine, i do enjoy them as well. I havent used the new guinsoos but the magic damage on hit doesnt scale with bonus AD/AP like the on Live does, the bonus hit i believe is a tad bit much, maybe changing it so the extra Auto does magic damage based off of bonus AD/AP rather than making it a sated passive.
: I'm in the mood for writing a wall of text so here goes. My opinion on these changes: {{item:3010}} Looks pretty good. Altough it sounds like only singed or swain will really get the best out of it. {{item:3070}} Looks amazing. This might make going tear into manamune viable again for a lot of top-laners. {{item:3028}} I'm starting to doubt here. The fact that it suddenly regains HP instead of mana bothers me, since you can't choose wich one and might be horrible. LOST CHAPTER: passive is really strong if it procs at the right time, other than that, it does not offer that much. With little for it to build into and being good only in a few situations, i'm not sure if it'll be worth buying. Also new tear will be so good this one'll be forgotten. {{item:3165}} Mana regen is a lot more valuable in the laning fase than flat mana. Yes lategame you can't wait on regen but you'll have that mana anyway. Also it's not really slot efficient, so i'd propably go for something more expensive. {{item:3174}} Like more people already said, the amount of champions this would be good on in this state is really low. It used to be good on all AP midlaners untill nerfs+morello's took its place. Right now on those champions this is designed for there are already a lot of items that just sound better, and they don't need even more mana regen than they already have acces to. Also not very slot efficiënt. {{item:3145}} Can actually shoot now? awesome! HEXTEC ROCKET BELT: Sounds pretty dangerous. Personally i wouldn't go this on mages but on the tanks those mages are trying to escape from. The hp makes it possible, combined with a lot of burst coming from a tank (Think sejuani, rammus..) If this is viable on tanks like that it's broken. Frost Cannon: looks a bit like old {{item:3092}} , but for mages instead of supports. {{item:3027}} Looks fine to me. Can't add much here. {{item:3157}} Cost change was needed for a long time. Also happy to see the cdr onto it (makes sense, being a time manipulating item). Not sure about the AP ratio, but much higher would be too strong in this state. {{item:3001}} Looks good. the 10 mr it gets traded from its AP seems really good. It seems like a very good item now, as it looks pretty slot efficiënt as well. Hextec items in general: Having a shared active cooldown sounds like a bad idea. It makes buying a second Hextec item bad by losing out on an active. Perhaps make the CD longer but not shared, so combining them does not become OP. {{item:3211}} I honestly do not like the cost increase. For top tanks who don't go hexdrinker this was the sollution for most of their early problems, given that they could get atleast some farm after getting it. That said, requiring more gold means longer having to be in-lane for it. Honestly just keep the hp at 200 and lower the mr to 30 if you want to nerf it slightly, but the cost is really painfull. {{item:3102}} The big thing here is, again, it's slot efficiëncy. You're making it 350 gold cheaper while losing 200 HP. This looks like a really bad tradeoff. Again, if you want to nerf it thats fine, but please don't make it slot-inefficiënt like this. {{item:3065}} I actually like these changes. By increasing the health regen and buffing the passive it becomes great for champions who actually use those stats, while others who barely had any regen might not really go for it anymore given the mr decrease. In general i think these are mostly intresting changes. The only things that are pretty bad are Athene's and Banshee's. The changes to tear are amazing and better acces to cdr on mages is a great thing. I just wish cdr would also become more available to manaless tanks.
As a Udyr main, i love to take him top, max W and just sustain through damage, it saddens me that manamune is no longer a toggle though because i wont be able to trade properly without going oom and its a sad day on udyr when hes oom :( BUT SERAPHS IS STILL VIABLE FOR HIM :P
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: Riot continues the: Nerf the Item -> Nerf the Champ cycle again this time with Udyr
how about the Phoenix nerf? i want to see the winrates of devourer and cinderhulk udyr and compare them to that of the RE winrate for him.
: Riot continues the: Nerf the Item -> Nerf the Champ cycle again this time with Udyr
The RE was literally made for champs like fiddle who were struggling due to mana problems whom felt clunky needing to AA between spells. It was great for those AP Jg like ekko, elise, eve, fizz, diana, you know the AP carry champs. Tanks can abuse that item, its a sad day when cinderhulk is a bad buy because RE is just so much better now. you dont need the health from Cinder because of strength of the ages. As a Udyr main, I royal dislike having RE as the meta item, its lame. But the utility is just to valuable for udyr specifically. I saw the passive nerf coming from a mile away, ive been waiting for it, i knew the AoE flame could be nerfed but i rather it be the ratio instead of the base damage so that Cinder and Devourer make a come back for him. Again the Movement speed is too important. The base health regen nerf bugs me the most. His passive needed the nerf, he got to much stats to quickly. and besides, early clears you shouldnt be spamming your abilities until you get hunters potion and upgraded smite which allows you to sustain as much as need be. He's probably going to see steady nerfs until they decide to rework masteries or give him an entire rework.
: This belongs on the live boards, not PBE since Akali currently does not have changes to test. Riot has already told us that her E procing her mark was deemed unhealthy, I highly doubt they will return that functionality.
im really bad about knowing where to put things. Im fairly new to the whole forum thing ;n;
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: [Client] - Champion Select Crashes Masterpost
What i have found that works, if you select the champ you want, it will automatically pick it for you, if you are banner and it crashes, you might as well re login but for the sake of this post, if you are first pick and the client crashes, just let it wait through everyones picks gets into load screen, so you'll either need to refresh op.gg a few times until it says youre in game, then re log back in. youll be able to play that game, and sometimes when it crashes, if you just wait, it will work, so if youre final ban and you are play with friends have them wait out the bans until last second so that jesus magically fixes your client.
: Full text: > My one complaint with the new champion select is how it shows the enemy team who your intended champ is immediately when it's your turn. For instance, [when the other team's player 1 pick pops](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe4hMva5R3c&feature=youtu.be&t=302), she's auto-selected on Janna. > > **This is going to destroy any potential of early picking a champ for someone, as your desired pick is displayed to the enemy, leaving you open to a free counter or stolen pick.** > > A proposed change: don't show the champion to the enemy team until > > 1. You click on any other champion, > 2. You lock in your champ, OR > 3. ~10 seconds have passed > > (EDIT: OR, just don't auto-select your declared champion. I'm sure it's set up as a convenience/feature thing, but removing that would solve the whole problem.) > > So, using the champ select from the video as an example: > > - Janna didn't click on any other champ for 16 seconds, and took > 20 to lock in. Thus, at 10 seconds, her champ is displayed. > - Sona locked in after 6 seconds, so her champ is then displayed. > - Lucian clicked on another champ after 6 seconds. That new champ (and any subsequent selections) are now displayed. > > I don't have a PBE account, so I can't post this to the PBE forums. Rito plz. :(
i havent experienced this, instead my client or other persons clients crash every que
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