: Hi Mper, There's not really a way to "whitelist" WINE because we don't ship both unpacked and packed executables of the game. It would be a very big security risk to do so. As for the cheating community, we are closely monitoring what they're up to. We are confident in the efficacy of our solution and will address problems as they arise.
Hi Bugcheck, should it at least not be possible to play on qemu or virtual box then? Basically, a full-fledged Windows with processor is emulated there. Thus the encryption should be absolutely no problem. From what I read it's most likely riot checking the system deeply? I wonder if this is even legal then... Shouldn't it be possible to whitelist virtual box or qemu then?
: "The idea of free software is that users of computing deserve freedom. They deserve in particular to have control over their computing. And proprietary software does not allow users to have control of their computing." -Richard Stallman
There is a reason why large companies are increasingly not storing their data on Windows systems and even more virtual machines are being used.
: As a programmer who has developed for most every platform, I know how hard cross platform support is and I'm sure it is even harder when attempting to create an optimized gaming experience. I love playing this game, but Linux is the only OS I use for work and play and these new changes completely break it (I currently use the latest version of Wine on Arch Linux). Judging by the fact that it also breaks QEMU, I'm assuming that the game is checking for abnormal hardware on startup. Surely it isn't too hard to white list Wine and virtual machines or for us to declare when we are installing that we are using Wine/VMs so that it can be reported and handled properly? While we would love native support, at the very least we just want to be able to keep playing. I would be happy to test things as I have both the live and PBE clients installed and a pretty deep programming background. We just want to be able to play and enjoy the game, but for a lot of us, this can't happen if we are actively prevented from doing so.
I was able to find several articles on the subject on the Internet. Looks like LOL is encrypted & deeply interfering with the system now. I am not a good programmer, but if I understand it correctly Riot could whitelist Wine though. But that's probably gonna take a lot of work. Would be absolutely understandable for me that Riot does not go for this step... But in these various forum posts you can already read that the "professional" cheaters already have solutions against the new security updates. To be honest, it seems as if only the wrong people are seriously affected by this patch. I hope Riot thinks twice before releasing this Patch {{item:3070}}
: Even if there was plans for Linux (idk if there is) it would take years to make, at least 3-4 years. So unless a rioter responds, you're stuck with the current solutions. Or you can buy yourself a cheap windows laptop, since LoL is extremely well optimized. Just look up the recommended requirements and get yourself one. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
There are no official plans for Linux, which is understandable with a playerbase share of maybe 0.2-0.5%? The Mac client doesn't get much love either, from what I can read. The existing solutions work really well these days (WINE,QEMU). Therefore I ask if the existing solutions for Linux (especially WINE) are still tolerated. It looks like the new security update is preventing the gameclient from starting.
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: If League of Legends doesn't run in WINE anymore, and RIOT games doesn't give us a native client for GNU Linux, I must say good bye to this game. I am very sad because I like this game a lot, but I won't install MS Windows nor Macintosh on my computer.
VirtualBox isn't working either. Is their anything that will be supported for GNU Users?


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