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: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error when trying to log in
: And it's fine that RoG is datamining. The problem is that with unrestricted PBE account access, a lot of that misinformed reaction gets posted to a forum that is meant for discussion of what is actually on PBE which leads to people discussing changes that lack proper context or are plainly incorrect which is useless for providing feedback. PBE needs to be cleaned up so that proper discussions can be maintained for the purpose of providing feedback and only people who have access to and actually play games on the PBE are qualified to give that feedback.
someone needs to get down from their very very high horse
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: No point to the new Wriggles
this item is clearly ment for the insane clear speed junglers like Yi and Shyvana. As far as saying the lane phase is over before buying it, in my last game on Master Yi i had wriggles before the second blue had spawned and was farming fast enough that the jungle was clear almost 100% of the time
: [Suggestion] Popstar Ahri Name Change
dear god why is this not already a thing!!?!?!?!
: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
I like the colour changes but prefer the old style
: [Feedback] Will of Ancients PBE Changes
gotta agree. There is no reason to buy this as a support and it has useless stats for the characters that will buy it (Mord/Vlad). Neither want the mana regen.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
must admit, i do like the new Nasus, the new voice's auto attack VO is a little terrible. The rest is pretty cool. And i do feel that the old VO should be preserved in a classic skin maybe. ISSUES: Dread Knight Nasus has some clipping issues on his back. Youre probably aware of this already though.


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